More Details About Maria Kanellis’ ‘B Movie Mayhem’ DVD Series

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Code Red DVD has revealed more details about former WWE Diva and Playboy cover girl Maria Kanellis‘ upcoming “‘B’ Movie Mayhem” horror series:

CODE RED is proud to announce that a TV superstar will be the hostess for our new exclusive horror line! Former WWE superstar, 2009 Diva of the Year, Celebrity Apprentice contestant, Singing sensation, and April 2008 Playboy cover girl MARIA KANELLIS is back for more! Maria will host Code Red’s MARIA’S B MOVIE MAYHEM, and the first round of her horror/exploitation DVD releases will street in September! Maria will bring you the gory horror cult classic MARDI GRAS MASSACRE, the Native American horror flick HAUNTED with Aldo Ray, and Double-bills of SCREAM / BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD and LOVE ME DEADLY / CURIOUS CASE OF THE CAMPUS CORPSE. Then, on 9 more releases, Maria will host many other exploitation films including NIGHT OF THE DEMON, VAMPIRE AT MIDNIGHT, CAGED MEN, VOODOO DOLLS/MADONNA: CASE OF BLOOD AMBITION, RIOT ON 42ND STREET/BAD GIRLS DORMITORY, TEENAGE HITCHHIKERS/TEENAGE TRAMP, and more! All will feature Maria introducing the film, and appearing again after the film is over. The films will all be uninterrupted and uncut. Some of the DVDs will feature extras, as well.

They also say that “Maria is a great gal and she had a lot of fun hosting this upcoming DVD series. Many wrestling fans are also horror fans so hopefully this can turn many wrestling fans onto CODE RED product. Having one of the most popular former WWE divas hosting our films is truly an honor.”

In addition to a public service announcement from Maria promoting the series (see below), CODE RED’s blog has also uploaded some behind the scenes shots of her, as well as DVD cover art.

m05 m06 m1 m02 m03 m04 m010 m07 m08 m09

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Tampa flavors prove tempting for wrestling stars

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Wednesdays are cheat days for WWE superstar Christian.

That’s the day he and other Tampa-based WWE stars fly home to Tampa from performing on the “SmackDown” tour.

The Bay area has been a haven for wrestling’s elite for more than four decades. The Canadian-born sports entertainer (the term “wrestler” is out of vogue, we’re told) lives in Westchase. To celebrate his homecoming each week, he strays from his strict low-fat, high-protein “clean eating” diet and grabs a little comfort food at Wright’s Gourmet Deli in South Tampa.

A five-time world champion, Christian can deploy an inverted double-underhook facebusting killswitch to win a 20-man battle royale, but he can’t resist the California Reuben.

“It’s my favorite sandwich,” he says. “It’s the best I’ve ever had.”

The legendary Wright’s cakes? The ones big enough to fill up Christian’s fellow entertainer, the 485-pound behemoth called Big Show?

“I just don’t look at the cakes. I put my hand up next to my face as I walk past the cooler.”

Instead, Christian (whose name out of the ring is Jay Reso) and his wife visit D’Lites Emporium on Dale Mabry Highway to grab a low-fat, reduced-sugar ice cream, with carob chips substituted for chocolate chips. For dinner, there are occasional trips to Maloney’s in Westchase for some high-end Irish pub grub.

“Of course, you have to get a pint of Guinness,” he says.

Whatever the regimen, it doesn’t appear to stick to the 37-year-old former hockey player from Toronto. An adherence to egg whites, low-fat proteins and silver-needle tea has kept his body chiseled and championship belts around his waist

“Fans ask me a lot,” he says. “They’ll come up and say, ‘What do you eat to stay in shape?’ “

The answer to that question depends on which Superstars (men) or Divas (women) you speak with.

Before a recent “WWE SmackDown” show at the Forum in Tampa, a handful of local sports entertainers sat down to talk about what they eat, where they eat and how their food contributes to their success in the ring.


The 30-year-old British-born WWE Intercontinental Champion stands 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 250 pounds. Still, Barrett has to fight to keep weight on. Ten years ago, he pushed the scale to only 170 pounds.

“I’m actually naturally a very skinny guy,” he says. “I’ve got a high metabolism, so I’ve got to eat to keep the size on me.”

That means packing on high-protein, low-fat calories at least seven times a day. He’s not much of a cook beyond throwing steaks and chicken on a George Foreman grill at home, so he frequents Ranch House Grill near his Gandy Boulevard home. If he’s straying from the diet, he’ll go next door to Hooters.

“The waitresses are very nice there, too,” he says.

Barrett moved to Tampa in 2008 to train with Florida Championship Wrestling, one of the WWE’s developmental schools. Now that he’s graduated to the bigtime, he can live wherever he wants, but chooses Tampa.

His diet includes six or seven small meals a day with about 40 grams of protein at each sitting. Protein shakes help keep the weight on. A lifelong athlete who grew up in Preston near Manchester in the United Kingdom, Barrett said he realized early that diet was important.

“The thing about sports entertainment is that how we look is very important,” he says. “For things like baseball or football, it’s about performance. In WWE, it’s purely about aesthetics. We’ve got to make sure we look good at all times for the part we play in the show.”

On show days, he avoids what he calls “blow-up foods” that make him feel heavy and slow.

“Things like junk food,” he says. “Sometimes when I’m on road, though, I’m forced to eat it because it’s 3 a.m. and nowhere else is open.”


Natalie Neidhart, known better by her WWE Diva stage name Natalya, got her advice on eating from her grandfather while growing up in Canada.

“He always said, ‘Anything that swims, runs or grows out of the Earth is fine to eat,” she says.

Her grandfather was Canadian wrestling legend Stu Hart, who founded the notorious training cellar called “The Dungeon” that produced such stars as “Superstar” Billy Graham, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho. Natalya is the first female third-generation wrestler in the world and the only woman ever to train in the Dungeon at Hart House in Calgary.

“If you’re a holy person, you go to the Vatican,” she says. “For us, you go to the Dungeon.”

The 28-year-old WWE Divas champion moved to Tampa four years ago and recently bought a house. “I want to make this my home. It’s a great place to live.”

After starting her training at 19, she began focusing on her diet to fuel her career in the ring, where appearance for women is everything, as well as power-lifting and marathon running.

“You can’t be here doing this in the WWE without making nutrition important,” she says. “My body is my vessel. It’s my tool. It’s my ability to make money and to be the best I can be. You can’t just do that eating chips and cake. I have to be very careful.”

An avid cook, she’s best known for a Greek salad she makes with cucumbers, tomatoes, pitted kalamata olives, avocados, cottage cheese, a little feta, red onions and red bell peppers with some kosher salt..

“I almost mash it so that it’s all one color, avocadoes and olive oils and tomatoes are the dressing,” she says. “It’s absolutely amazing.”

Water is vital as well.

“If I didn’t drink as much water as I do,” she says, going into Diva mode. “I wouldn’t have the luscious, beautiful skin I do now.”


After moving to the United States in 2005, the Italian-born Anthony Carelli had to reduce his carbohydrate-rich diet of bread and pasta.

A two-time Intercontinental Champion, Marella enjoys cooking at his apartment in Tampa’s Old Hyde Park neighborhood. His specialty: a meat sauce that starts with pork shoulder, pureed tomatoes, onions and garlic. He stews it for at least five hours to get it “to just the right consistency.”

Cooking, which he learned from his parents and grandmother is, “an excellent tool to win over the ladies. They really enjoy this skill.”

Home meals include lots of grilling, including chicken and steak. He makes salads with baby spinach and different types of lettuce, nuts, tomatoes, feta cheese, goat cheese. A glass of wine sometimes accompanies the meal.

“On the road, the most important restaurants for us are diners,” he says. “There, you can get eggs any time of day. That’s the kind of protein we need.”

At 33 years old, the 5-foot-10, 233-pound Marella is more careful about what he eats than when his career began. He starts most mornings with oatmeal and a protein shake, followed by several meals throughout the day.

Aaron Reed, a trainer at Powerhouse Gym in Tampa created a diet for him that allows him to eat carbohydrates and fats, just not at the same time. Sugars are usually consumed earlier in the day, while fats are for later dining.

On the road, he gets creative. When the tour bus stops in the middle of nowhere, you have to be flexible and make the best of natural almonds, jerky, peanuts, and water.

“We call it Tthe Gas Station Meal,” he says.

Since coming to the States, Marella developed a taste for barbecue while visiting places like St. Louis, Memphis, Kansas City and North Carolina. He also loves southern-style turnip, spinach and collard greens.

“My genetics are such that I have to eat very clean to be lean,” he says. “If I eat junk food, it shows. I have to be more strict than I ever have before.”

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WWE RAW Preview: R-Truth apologizes,John Cena, and Capitol Punishment hype

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WWE is two weeks away from the Captiol Punishment PPV with not matches confirmed, and only one match likely to get set tonight. Look for several feuds to roll  tonight on RAW into match-ups for the Washington,D.C. event on June 19th. Plus prior to RAW at 8pm C/9pm E is the live finale of WWE Tough Enough with Stone Cold Steve Austin being live on RAW, so it will be eventful. 

Truth must say ‘Sorry’ but John Cena should worry

Last week, R-Truth continue to establish himself as the new hot heel on RAW. With the lack of talent depth, Truth who has over 10 years of expierence has gotten the call up from the mid-card and he’s really running with it. If Truth says he’s sorry to the WWE Universe for his harsh actions last week which included throwing soda in a fan’s face and yelling at a young child in the audience. Truth will do what he has to do to finally get his WWE Championship opportunity that he has pursued since April. Cena will continue to be the knight in white armor, but expect Truth to get the upper hand tonight heading into a title match at Capitol Punishment. 

Stone Cold announces the Tough Enough winner

Stone Cold Steve Austin will be on hand with the entire cast of this Tough Enough season to announce the winner. With the contest down to Luke Robinson and Andy Leavine, who will win? Read our full TE Finale preview with special photos showing the two finalists before they got their big shot at the WWE.

Tough Enough Finale Preview: Luke or Andy, who will win?

WWE Tough Enough Photos: Luke Andy before Wrestling

Riley and Miz: No longer Awesome friends

Alex Riley who broke out of the Miz’s shadow two weeks ago, is now on his own as a WWE superstar and no longer under a “personal service” orginzation.  Last week, The Miz got his comeback last week with help from still-heeling Michael Cole. Yet Riley was still standing at the end of the confrontation on RAW last week. Expect these two to obvivously get a match at Capitol Punishment, but expect some stipulation or curveball to be thrown to add some spice. Riley who stood out on Season 2 of NXT but slithered as a stooge for the Miz, is getting strong fan reaction since turning face. With the Miz being so hated, Riley does not really need a character beyond the guy who turned on the Miz. It’s one of the more interest storylines on RAW. 


What will happen with the Divas now that Kharma is gone?

The Divas scene on RAW will get a fresh start due Kharma’s revalation of her pregnancy last week. The DivaDestroyer who was formerly known as Awesome Kong in TNA Wrestling, cut her monster push short to leave WWE action for a year or more to give birth to her child. This will change everything for the women on RAW as the whole story was built around Kharma with the ladies. Expect someone to step up against the Bellas to challenge for the Diva Championship. Beth Pheonix is always game for a great match. 

Punk Mysterio

CM Punk whose heavily rumored to be leaving the WWE when his current contract expires in September, had a big victory over Rey Mysterio last week. Punk and his Nexus cronies will have the 619 coming at them tonight, but look for Rey to have someone behind him. Look for Mysterio to tangle with Mason Ryan, David Otunga, or Michael McGillicutty.This could spiral into a match for the PPV on the 19th. 

Bourne to Win

The high-flying Evan Bourne had a upset over Swagger last week, and stole his thunder after a victory the previous week. The program is simple, two wrestlers with opposite styles and attitdues playing a game of one upmanship. Expect Swagger’s hissy fits to continue as the human jet that is Bourne gets the better of the All American American. Maybe these two could be paired with Punk and Mysterio respectively in tag match on RAW tonight.

PRO WRESTLING EXAMINER ON FACEBOOK – Join fans to talk about WWE RAW live tonight

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School of hard knocks prepares Leavine for WWE Tough Enough finals

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Andy Leavine is tough enough, but whether he wins WWE Tough Enough is 50-50.

Those are very good odds, considering the weekly reality show started with 14 contestants, training to become a WWE superstar or diva. He is one of two remaining in this contest to win the coveted Tough Enough title and a rare WWE contract.

The final show in the series – taped at FCW, WWE’s developmental group in Tampa – is 8 p.m. EST Monday, June 6 on the USA Network, and the winner will be announced live during WWE Monday Night Raw which follows at 9 p.m. on the same network from Richmond, Va.

WWE Hall of Famer and Tough Enough host Stone Cold Steve Austin will be in Richmond with his group of 14 to congratulate the winner and each other for a ratings pleasing effort. Because of its viewership success, WWE will probably produce another Tough Enough run for the USA Network.

Leavine earned everything while growing up. He was not handed nor owned many material possessions like other kids, but he did learn qualities more kids these days should exhibit.

Leavine is from Brooksville, a small town near Tampa, known as the former home of the tangerine. Also from Brooksville is WWE superstar Huskey Harris, the son of former WWE star IRS/Mike Rotunda, grandson of Blackjack Mulligan and nephew of Barry and Kendall Windham.

Leavine played sports for Central and Springstead high schools. He had four years of high school varsity wrestling experience with more than 90 wins. He was an All-County football player at Central his junior and senior years. He also competed in track and weightlifting in high school and holds FIU’s power clean record of 365 pounds.

Leavine started 12 games at left tackle as a true freshman for NCAA Division I FIU in Miami. He ended up starting more than 40 games for the Golden Panthers at left tackle or left guard, finishing a solid college career in 2009. He graduated with a degree in sports management/parks and recreation.

After a very successful football career at NCAA Division I Florida International University in Miami, the 6-5, 270-pound Leavine tried the NFL, but it just didn’t work out for this hard working offensive lineman.

That’s when he turned to another love, professional wrestling. The 23-year-old knew he had to make his own mark, but he also had an in, someone he could turn to for some guidance, which he did.

His cousin, Dan Spivey, who wrestled internationally and nationally for the WWF, WCW, NWA, UWF and All Japan as Dangerous Danny Spivey, Starship Eagle or Waylon Mercy, also played college football. Spivey lettered for the Georgia Bulldogs from 1972-74. He currently lives in Odessa, neighboring the town of Leavine’s parents and also close to Tampa, home of FCW, the developmental group to WWE.

Leavine had some training at FCW, before his selection to WWE Tough Enough.

Speaking of WWE, Spivey teamed with Johnny Ace during his Japanese tours. Ace, a key member of WWE, is John Laurinaitis, WWE’s executive vice president of Talent Relations. Ace is also the brother of WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal (Joe Laurinaitis and uncle of former Ohio State Buckeyes star and current St. Louis Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis.

• What did your former FIU football teammates think of you on Tough Enough?

Leavine: “I got feedback from my former teammates, guys who graduated a couple of years before me and guys who are still there. They’re all real supportive, and they’re all excited to see me on TV. It’s really cool.”

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Tough Enough Finale Preview: Luke or Andy, who will win?

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This Monday on USA Network at 7pm C/8pm E, WWE will crown a new Tough Enough winner on a live season finale and grant them a WWE contract. The revived reality show which pitted 14 men and women in a competition that involved challenges both in and outside of the ring, has been widely praised for it’s improved production values and the intensity of host ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. So with only two competitors left in the cocky Luke and the big ‘n tall Andy,  who will be the winner?

Let’s look at what these two have brought to the competition so far and which one can win the whole contest. You can chime in with your thoughts about Tough Enough and who will win, in the Facebook comment box at the bottom of this page. You can also join the conversation on the Pro Wrestling Examiner Facebook page.

Luke Robinson has a five years of independent wrestling expierence under his belt, and has a background as a personal trainer. From the beginning, Luke established himself as the leader in this competition and bragged that the contract was his to win. He has embraced the idea of traveling and taking on the sacrifices that come with being a WWE superstar. He has displayed an attitude that is cocky and arrogant, but confident overall. He believes he belongs in the WWE, and has done nothing but compete aggresively for the opportunity.

Luke has a lot going for him in terms of his look. He reminds some of a younger Randy Orton and looking like a movie star does not hurt your chances in the current ‘entertainment’ focus of today’s WWE. His look is a distinct advantage that has quietly played to his hand during this season.

Athletically, Luke has been a sound “mechanic” in the ring, showing he has the talent to perform. Yet like other TE comepetitors, he has made clear mistakes during the in-ring skill challenges. Luke’s overall finesse in the ring could be lost in the editing process of making episodic TV, but Luke’s wrestling on Tough Enough has been good but it never showed a flash of true brilliance. The announced challenge for Monday’s finale of seeing the two finalist in a singles match at FCW, will allow Luke to show he’s more than a technican who can go from A to B.


Andy Levine is the 6’5 heavyweight former college football star from Florida. Much like Luke, Andy has a look that WWE tends to be attracted to with new talent. Andy’s limited wrestling experience prior to Tough Enough has hurt him but his standout size and natural athletic conditioning have allowed him outclass more seasoned wrestlers in the contest. He has gotten this far because of his hard work and reserved passion.

Being reserved almost cost Andy’s spot in the contest several times with Austin grilling him about not showing his passion and fire when it counted. The confrontations during the ‘bottom three’ segments between Austin and Levine have some of the most heated of the season and real highlight of the show. To be able to stand up and verbally hold your ground with an intimidating figure like Austin shows Levine has a presence of character. This specific characteristic is something that Luke fizzled out with when Austin challenged him on his faults.

Reality shows with a competition element tend to weave in the family-back-home inspiration that the competitors have. Andy’s wife and children were never shown on the show but appeared to be always present in his actions. Andy refused to drink alcohol because he promised his family. This distraction from the task could hurt Andy in the long run, and his big heart could be his downfall.

Coming into the second-to-last episode which aired last Monday, Luke Robinson seemsed to be odds-on favorite as he was for most of the season. Yet in the final three segment, Luke seemed to be giggling like a school girl and not displaying the eye of the tiger that kept him in the competition. Andy developed more spark and talent during the season which shows he can trained and molded into the star that WWE may want him to become one day.

The Pro Wrestling Examiner predicts WWE will side with the dashing and braggadocios Luke over the quiet-but-strong Andy as the Tough Enough winner.

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Mecca Pro Wrestling to be represented in Maximum Pro Wrestling

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Local independent pro wrestling organization “Mecca Pro Wrestling” will be represented in one of Canada’s top promotions “Maximum Pro Wrestling” on Saturday, June 18 at the Morrisburg Arena in Morrisburg, Ontario. Representing Mecca Pro Wrestling will be none other than current reigning and defending MPW Champion FireStorm and Cornwall native “The Rage” Randy Berry, one half of the MPW Tag Team Champions. Both men will square off in a No Disqualification Match for the coveted MPW Title. Also featured on this huge supercard will be former WWE Superstar Robbie MaCallister (of The Highlanders) and former TNA/Impact Wrestling star Jon Bolen. Tickets for this event are $12 in advance or $15 at the door. Family packs of four will also be available for the low price of $40 in advance or $50 at the door. Bell time is scheduled for 7:30 p.m.

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WWE News: Jim Ross Responds to Kharma Throwing Him Under the Boss

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WWE News and Jim Ross Responds to Kharma Throwing Him Under the Boss

Last night on Monday Night RAW, Kharma announced that she will be taking a year long hiatus from the wrestling world because of her pregnancy.

During her final speech to the crowd last night, Kharma talked about her dream of being a WWE superstar and how former RAW announcer Jim Ross called her ’fat’.

JR said this during the filming of WWE’s Tough Enough when Kharma competed for the chance to join the WWE. Ross said she wasn’t Diva material during the show and expressed that she wasn’t what the WWE was looking for.

Must Read: WWE News: Kharma and the 23 Most Unstable Wrestling Personalities in History

JR took to his twitter to address the matter:

Kharma will never be a standard issue wwe diva. She’s a wrestler. And a keeper. JR shout outs always welcome on Raw. :)

Lots of angry folks. Ask @Kharma the story. She’s a wrestler not a typical WWE Diva. King havin fun w/ OKC Thunder. Yes, I’m fat. Duh.

Kharma My fat arse getting all kinds of evil Tweets. I’m a Kharma fan BTW. Does every female wrestler HAVE 2 be a ‘Diva?’

Thnx to those that understand the @Kharma issue. I met her 4 1st time 3 yrs ago @ CAC w/ Steve Austin we both endorsed her to WWE.

Jim Ross is not a stupid man, but he should have been able to see this one coming from a mile away. The women’s division has been dying for a legitimate powerhouse wrestler.

The idea of just pushing models as wrestlers is fine if you want to keep it a joke, but Kharma is a real wrestler. Karma, Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix are the only real wrestlers in the women’s division and there has to be a point where they put looks aside and make way for real wrestling.

Check back for more on the WWE as it comes, and check out Bleacher Report’s Wrestling Page to get your fill of the WWE.

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Tigerfest draws Dutt back

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Sonjay Dutt at Wrestlefest: Season’s Greetings in December 2010. Photo by Christine Coons

Winning championships and touring around the world is something that every aspiring professional wrestler dreams of, while proud that he has achieved such landmarks former Ring of Honor star Sonjay Dutt sees being able to lend his craft in aid of those who are less fortunate, something that ranks among the top of his proudest accomplishments.

This coming weekend, Dutt and many other top wrestling names including former WWE superstars Bushwacker Luke, Robbie McAllister and Tatanka, will be appearing at the second annual Tigerfest event part of Downtown Milton Street Festival in Milton, ON.

Dutt, 29, was a part of the first Tigerfest event which took place last year and it’s safe to say he can’t wait to appear again.

“When I was asked to perform at the Tigerfest event again this year, I jumped on the chance,” Dutt told SLAM! Wrestling. “I really enjoyed doing the event last year, talking with all the fans and signing autographs, it was great.

“It’s very rare that you can do something like this as a professional wrestler which is why the event is so special. It’s a great chance to give something back to the people, give back to wrestling fans that support you and the business and it’s so good to donate your time and your craft for such a great cause.

“I think that the beauty of this event is all the wrestlers are attending off their own back and donating their time to help out the community of Milton.”

Initially setup by Tiger Jeet Singh and his son former WWE superstar Tiger Ali Singh, last year’s Tigerfest event saw all proceeds go to the Milton District Hospital.

This year will see all proceeds go to the Japan Relief Campaign, Salvation Army, Halton Learning Foundation and any money made will also be used to deliver toys for patients at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

While performing at a charity event is always rewarding for Dutt, the fact that the Singh family organised this was an extra incentive for him to be a part of Tigerfest, as Dutt has always been close with the Singh family since they first met.

“I consider the Singh family as my own family, we are that close. I wanted to do anything I could to help them.

“We go back many years and we’re both from the same culture and speak the same language, there aren’t many wrestlers from India. Tiger Jeet Singh is a living legend, he has had such great matches over the years. I was so excited to be able to perform for the Milton community, even though I’m not from there or from Canada, I wanted to help those less fortunate than myself.”

It’s a busy double weekend for Dutt, as he will also be appearing in a 3-way dance at Maximum Pro Wrestling and Squared Circle Wrestling’s Summer Showdown 2011 against 2011 Adrenaline Cup Champion Jayson Cypruss and “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin on Sunday June 4 in Toronto, ON.

While Dutt has wrestled Elgin before and will know what to expect when the two meet again, Cypruss is a complete unknown and while some may be apprehensive, Dutt sees this as a welcome challenge and will make sure he is well prepared for the contest.

“It’s hard to go into a match with someone who you don’t know a lot about, but I am eager to meet him and match up in the ring, it’s a good challenge for me. Elgin I wrestled just a couple of months ago in Toronto so I know what I’m up against there but Cypruss is a different matter.

“Elgin’s a big powerhouse, he’s a little different to what you’re used to on the Indies. He is a shorter guy but he’s very muscular and has a big frame. He can move around the ring well and do a little bit of everything — power, technical wrestling and he can even go to the air.

“I think fans that come to this show are going to get an amazing night of professional wrestling, true wrestling fans will appreciate the product and it’s so great every time I’ve wrestled there because it’s a close show, the fans really are in the thick of the action and it’s so good interacting with them all.

“I hope a lot of fans come to both these events this weekend and witness some real good wrestling action.”

Tigerfest takes place as part of Milton Street Festival on Saturday June 4th with bell time at 5 p.m. While Maximum Pro Wrestling and Squared Circle Wrestling’s Summer Showdown 2011 takes place at 75 Carl Hall Rd. (Downsview Park), Toronto, ON, Sunday June 5th with doors opening at 2 p.m. and a bell time of 3 p.m.


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  • More on TigerFest in Milton, ON, on June 4th

    Darren Wood is a freelance journalist in the United Kingdom, working for various publications including SLAM! Wrestling, Fighting Spirit Magazine and The Wrestling Press (

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    WWE Divas Need a Boost: A Thought on a Dying Division by the Mind of Mambo

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    One of the biggest current sensations in the WWE seemed to bring life to the promotion’s Divas Division. Kharma, better known as Awesome Kong, was dominating every Diva she ran into since she debuted.

    Kharma didn’t have to wrestle in an official match to capture everyone’s attention. All the former TNA Knockouts Champion had to do was attack every Diva who dared to stand in her way. Every member of the powerful, sexy pack of superstars has fallen to her might. Kharma seemed to be an answer to the question of a “dying” divas division.

    Unfortunately, the boost ended yesterday.

    At least for now.

    The rumors of a pregnancy halting Kharma’s run to the top were confirmed.

    On yesterday’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Kharma stated that there were two goals that she wanted to accomplish. One was that she wanted to be a WWE Superstar. That dream was obviously realized; the word “superstar” was arguably an understatement from the moment she debuted.

    The other achievement has put her career on hold. Kharma is pregnant.

    Many of us are hoping for a good pregnancy, happy birth and eventual return to the ring. We want the best for the dominating Diva.

    Still, as fortunate as life will be for Kharma outside of the ring in approximately nine months, we’d rather see her in the winning matches and bringing back interest in her respective division.

    I’m certain that many fans of the WWE who were familiar with the brighter days of the Divas Division are disappointed. It’s understandable. I am as well.

    The WWE Divas division has seen better days. People could recall the brighter days of WWE female superstars in the ring. It might even be hard to pinpoint what years were the best.

    In the 1980s, the reign of Fabulous Moolah came to an end. This helped bring other female performers over as WWE Womens Champion.

    The likes of Wendi Richter and Velvet McIntyre were able to claim the historic, coveted belt. Later on, other WWE female superstars emerged to the top of their division.

    Until her departure for WCW, Alundra Blayze headlined a division that also featured Bull Nakano and other female wrestlers.

    The womens division seemed to die a morbid death after Blayze threw the WWE Womens championship in the garbage during her first appearance in WCW. Thankfully, interest sparked again when the title was reactivated in 1998.

    The Attitude Era and “Ruthless Aggression” periods were the height of the WWE Womens Championship in the modern era of the promotion. Stars like Jaqueline, The Kat, Sable, Chyna, Ivory and even WWE heir-apparent Stephanie McMahon held the Womens Championship in the Attitude Era.

    After the Attitude Era, success continued. Trish Stratus and Lita headlined a division that probably reached its peak in terms of in-ring talent. Combine the wrestling talents of the Divas with their good looks and one would find that the WWE Womens division was definitely at its best.

    Unfortunately, even as other talented divas took the place of the departed Lita and Stratus, the division went into a decline. In my opinion, the end of the WWE Womens championship and the lack of attention to the Divas Division overall has put it on the back burner.

    I am someone whose hoped to see the Divas Division receive some adequate booking, but the good booking has only come in small sprites of brilliance from the creative staff.

    The Bella Twins reign is evoking some heat, so they are, in a way, worthy of being Divas Champion. At the same time, I never really saw them as anything other than the typical “eye-candy” material that belongs to managers only. Then again, they do have wrestling abilities so I will not belittle them or their reign thus far.

    Other wrestlers are waiting for their due. I’m vexed that women like Natalya, Gail Kim, Melina, Kelly Kelly and others aren’t pushed to the top of the division, considering that they only helped the division when pushed correctly.

    The WWE creative staff had something going on with Kharma. Her presence created a story that could have run for months without losing its vitality. Unfortunately, the personal life of Kharma has prevented the Divas Division from receiving the boost that it needs.

    Will the division suffer? No, it shouldn’t. The Bella Twins are doing a solid job as heels, and Kelly Kelly looks to take the title from them in the near future. The division should be in good hands.

    As for Kharma, her time will come again. She’s said it herself. As she glared at the Bella Twins while leaving the ring, she made a proclamation about her plans for them. Apparently, she has a third dream in which both sisters are the stars.

    Hopefully a fourth dream will come along. Then again, she’s probably been doing it all along. The divas division has received the boost that we as fans have been waiting for.

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    WWE Raw: Kharma speaks, reveals she’s one bad mother (to be)

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    On Raw Monday night, Kharma broke her silence and cut a promo in which she confirmed that she is indeed “with child.”

    I congratulate her on her pregnancy, and being a mother certainly takes precedence over her career, but as a fan, I’m a little disappointed that the original story line had to be scrapped before it could play out. Kharma’s arrival on the scene was the best thing to happen to the Divas division in quite some time.

    Faced with a sudden need to come up with a Plan B, WWE did a good job of adjusting on the fly. The bizarre segment last week created a buzz and likely had viewers tuning in Monday night out of curiosity.

    Kharma, speaking in her natural voice, cut a babyface promo about having two dreams. One was becoming a WWE superstar, and the other was to become a mother. She then said that she was pregnant and needed to take some time off.

    She did a very nice job on the microphone and the crowd reacted favorably to her. I was afraid that she was going to get the “What?” treatment, and I give credit to the fans in Omaha, Neb., for having the class and good sense not to do so.

    The Bellas then interrupted and made fun of Kharma’s weight and her pregnancy, basically playing the “mean girls” role that would have been perfect for LayCool if Michelle McCool and Layla were still around.

    Brie and Nikki Bella delivered their lines well and they got a lot of heat from the crowd. Kharma said that she hopes the Bellas are still around when she comes back in a year.

    I wish Kharma the best and look forward to her return.

    Other thoughts on Monday’s show:

    I felt bad for Jim Ross when Kharma said that when she tried out for the second season of Tough Enough, he told her that she was “too fat to be a WWE Diva.” The crowd booed Ross for that, but I don’t think it was fair to him. Of course I wasn’t there for the conversation in question between Ross and Kharma, but he has always struck me as a decent guy, and my guess is that he was just saying that she didn’t fit the Diva mold, which is certainly true. After hearing Kharma’s promo, Ross wrote on Twitter: “Kharma will never be a standard issue wwe diva. She’s a wrestler and a keeper. … I met her 4 1st time 3 yrs ago at [Cauliflower Alley Club] w/Steve Austin we both endorsed her to WWE.” …

    I wonder if Kharma was chewed out backstage for saying “wrestling” a couple times in her promo. …

    R-Truth was highly entertaining in the opening segment, and I especially liked his interaction with the father and his young son (who were plants, obviously) in the crowd. It’s a shame there were technical difficulties for a good portion of the segment, but that actually plays into R-Truth’s conspiracy theory. I was glad WWE replayed much of the segment later in the show. R-Truth tossing a drink in the father’s face at the end of the show was a nice touch, and the father’s reaction was good. If the little boy had acted more upset – he completely no-sold his father getting humiliated on live television – the angle would have gotten even more heat. …

    The match between R-Truth and John Cena wasn’t really much of a match, but it wasn’t supposed to be, nor should it have been. It was simply a means to set up a rematch between the two for Cena’s WWE title that will take place on the Capitol Punishment pay-per-view on June 19 in Washington, D.C. R-Truth kept bailing out of the ring, a tactic that paid off when he lured Cena outside the ring and ended up winning the match by countout. The match at Capitol Punishment was announced by the anonymous Raw general manager to the live crowd after Raw went off the air, with the stipulation that R-Truth must apologize next week for his actions Monday night in order to get the title shot. …

    Cena giving his armband to the father – a grown man – after R-Truth doused him instead of the little boy was pretty funny. …

    Alex Riley and The Miz had another heated brawl, and for the second week in a row, Riley got the better of his former mentor. It looks as if WWE may have a new babyface star on their hands in Riley, and who would have believed that was possible just over a week ago? I thought Riley had potential after watching him on NXT Season 2, but I really didn’t think he’d get over to this degree this early in his career. …

    It was announced that the Raw GM had re-signed Riley after Miz fired him from his personal services contract last week. I thought Riley was officially part of the Smackdown roster. …

    Michael Cole cut a good promo on Riley. I was surprised, though, to hear him refer to Riley as a “bastard.” It seems as if the restrictions regarding language are being relaxed a bit. …

    Speaking of WWE’s content perhaps becoming a little less tame, there was a close-up of Eve Torres’ cleavage as she was stretching backstage before her match. …

    The Divas tag team match in which Kelly Kelly and Eve defeated the Bellas wasn’t bad. By the way, it looked to me as if the Bella who was pinned nearly popped out of her top. …

    WWE may have banned the word “wrestling,” but it appeared by watching this show that “wrestling matters” on Raw. There were two really good matches: CM Punk beat Rey Mysterio in one, and Dolph Ziggler defeated U.S. champion Kofi Kingston in a non-title bout in the other. …

    Speaking of Kingston, a co-worker of mine who is a casual viewer noted that Kingston “sure does lose a lot for being a champion.” Indeed, he does. …

    I thought Cole and Jerry Lawler were too chummy for a couple of guys who wanted to kill each other a week ago. I’m not saying that I want them bickering non-stop for two hours, but there should have been a little more tension than there was. On a side note, while I think Josh Matthews does a serviceable job as an announcer, I didn’t really miss him this week. …

    I really liked Alberto Del Rio’s promo, especially the line about him sending The Big Show the bill for damaging his car. …

    I’m hoping that Jack Swagger’s loss to Evan Bourne will lead to Swagger re-focusing [in the story line] and getting a push. It was noted in commentary that Swagger losing to Bourne was a “major upset.”

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