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By James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor

Sunday night’s WWE Raw brand house show in Houston confirmed several things about the state of affairs on WWE’s top brand and also exposed areas where WWE is weak and needs work.

The show also provided a regular look at how the audience is receiving certain characters and simple, basic, often-times generic stories. WWE’s version of wrestling is not a sophisticated product, which allows WWE to draw in a wider audience, but also limit emotional investment, which impacts WWE’s ability to draw money. Compact that with bad short-term and long-term booking habits on TV and it magnifies the importance of John Cena to this brand.

The following is a break down of the line-up, looking at the depth chart of Top Heels and Faces. (Read my Raw house show report here.)

Main Event

– John Cena (face): On the Livecast, we get that question quite often about whether Cena will ever turn heel. It won’t be happening anytime soon (as in years) until people stop buying merchandise, people stop caring about Cena, and WWE finds another cash cow #1 lead babyface. Gauging the crowd Sunday night, the cash cow is still producing for WWE.

The Toyota Center was filled with Cena Red merchandise, there was a swell of energy when Cena came out, kids were intensely into Cena, adults were intensely against Cena, and there wasn’t another babyface on the show who elicited a response like Cena. Rey Mysterio is a clear #2, but he’s not in Cena’s league. I’ll get to Rey below, who I believe is misplaced right now, but it’s clear Cena is the most valuable asset in WWE.

Is there another way to promote wrestling in 2011 where Cena’s act would be a detriment? Certainly, but WWE is in the “John Cena business” right now and it’s working to keep business stable in-between WrestleManias.

– R-Truth (heel): At 39-years-old, Truth has finally found himself as a character. Truth was terrific on the mic (drawing laughter from the adults entertained by his act and passionate, passionate, passionate boos from the kids who wanted to see Cena drop him with the AA).

Truth is above a “bit player” heel, but not a heel who can draw money. He was great working with Cena, but I don’t think he would be as strong of a heel with another opponent. He’s good for house shows, but not for TV or PPV main events, as evidenced by Capitol Punishment last Sunday. He’s a typical WWE 2011 Heel – not strong enough to be a money-drawing heel, but good enough to work with Cena on house shows.

Semi-Main Event

– Big Show (face): Show is Show. He gets the oohs and aahs from the crowd due to his size, but he’s past his days being in the main event scene. If Cena were need to time off, Show could rotate in for a short-term run, but he’s a good novelty act to have on Raw.

– Alberto Del Rio (heel): Del Rio thrives in the environment WWE has created: a simple, easy-to-pick up product that appeals to an audience made up predominantly of kids who don’t see through the charade and are completely invested in the stories. Del Rio followed Vickie Ziggler, C.M. Punk, and The Miz in a procession of heels easily working up the crowd on the mic. Often-times, Del Rio’s mic work doesn’t translate to TV, where the stories are often-times over-written, but Del Rio playing a cowardly heel after pretending to be Show’s friend was as simple as it gets for a live audience. He’s not positioned as a main event heel, but he’s right behind Punk as #2, with Miz and Truth battling for #3.

Sixth Match

– Alex Riley (face): Riley seems to have a long future ahead of him, so it’s early to evaluate his babyface run, but this needs a lot of work. The audience simply doesn’t have a connection to him other than “he’s not Miz.” It’s similar to Randy Orton’s character on Smackdown not having much depth. Orton gets away with it due to longevity and having a strong connection to the audience. Riley doesn’t have much of a presence in the ring and WWE needs to draw something out of him. Otherwise, his current run with Miz could be his peak as a face.

– The Miz (heel): I feel Miz’s work has become repetitive on TV, but he seemed more engaged in his character with some freedom to explore riling up an easy crowd. Also, based on the crowd response, Miz is firmly entrenched as a main-eventer. Now, that’s a relative statement. In today’s WWE environment, where the formula is WWE Brand + Cena = money, he’s not in a position to draw money as a heel despite being a “main-eventer.” He’s credible enough to seem like a threat to Cena (or another top face), but there isn’t a deep, emotional attachment that leads to people opening up their wallets to see him get his comeuppance. Like most heels in WWE, Miz has a surface-level connection with the audience, but Miz plays his character very well when he’s engaged.

Fifth Match

– Rey Mysterio (face): I’ve said this on the Livecast since the Draft that Mysterio is misplaced on Raw. WWE is obviously trying to fill his shoes with Sin Cara, but Rey should be right up there with Cena as the top star on Raw, but there wasn’t a strong sense of connection with Rey at this show. The connection was there, but it wasn’t like I’ve seen and “felt” at previous WWE shows when Rey was really over and Mysterio masks were everywhere. I didn’t see much of that Sunday night, but I was blinded by a sea of Cena Red. Rey could be more valuable to WWE as a main-eventer on Smackdown rather than a weak #2 on Raw.

– C.M. Punk (heel): Punk seemed to be enjoying himself playing a heel in front of such an easy crowd. All he had to do was stand in the ring with a mic in his hand and the crowd showered him with boos. That’s quite a satisfying feeling for a heel, and he played it up perfectly. Punk is also the most credible in-ring wrestler on Raw’s heel depth chart, which translated into one of the best matches of the night working with Rey.

I would have liked to have seen Punk work with Cena to get a sneak-peek at Money in the Bank, but Punk was clearly the vocal male fan-favorite with this audience, which will be more intensified in Chicago on July 17. During the match with Rey, Punk could have selfishly gone for more “cool heel” cheers, but he instead heeled on the fans cheering for him in order to put the focus on Rey as the star of the show. Punk is clearly the most-well-rounded heel in WWE, which could lead to some strong TV leading to MITB (and potentially after MITB if Punk remains with the company).

Fourth Match

– Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston (faces): Bourne seemed to be more over than Kingston on this night. It might be different on a different night in a different city, but that Air Bourne move is so over that the audience seemed to react to Bourne’s music and his arrival just anticipating getting a photo to post on Facebook.

Looking at Kingston facially, he needs about three-to-five years to age some more in order to develop a “main event look.” Also, his offensive moveset isn’t quite at that “ritual stage” like it is with Cena where the audience anticipates, knows, and wants to see the whole routine. Kofi just needs time, which is difficult for business when WWE’s roster is so thin. He’s fine where he is right now.

– Vickie Guerrero Dolph Ziggler (heels): I put Vickie and Dolph in that order because of crowd response. As soon as Vickie’s voice was heard in the arena, the boos came down hard. Vickie could be a main event heel manager, but she could also eventually help Dolph achieve main-event heel status on Raw.

Vickie has a certain charisma Dolph is missing, but I saw something from Dolph before, during, and after the match that showed he can get there; he just needs time. The way Ziggler carried himself connected with the crowd more than I’ve seen with TV audiences. Perhaps WWE needs to re-evaluate how they present Dolph on TV, as he carried himself with a certain charisma that connected with the audience beyond Vickie doing the “excuse me!” routine for easy heat.

Rest of the Card

– Kelly Kelly (face): Kelly was the most-popular Diva in the six-Divas tag match. She’s a good face to be positioned as an underdog fighting against an imposing heel, which would have been Kharma’s role. WWE needs to build up a monster heel to feud against Kelly if WWE plans for her to be a long-term champion.

– Chris Masters (face): Not enough from Masters in a two-minute match with Jack Swagger to evaluate him.

– Jack Swagger (heel): The audience seemed to be impressed with his physical build, but, again, not enough from this match to evaluate whether Swagger can be anything more than a second-match act on a house show.

– Santino Kozlov (faces): Santino’s entire act is over on that Hornswoggle level appealing to kids, but not at Cena’s level to where people will pay money to see the act. Santino is just a very good opening-match babyface getting the crowd excited and into the action. It’s a valuable role.

– New Nexus (Otunga McGillicutty) (heels): Otunga got plenty of catcalls for being “Mr. Hudson,” as he wasn’t taken seriously at all by the audience. He’s not in any position to move up, but WWE has obviously figured out how to get audiences interested in his matches by pairing him up with Santino Kozlov. He’s a heel whose role is simply giving the audience someone to laugh at. Again, that’s a valuable role on a show with main event, mid-card, and lower-card acts. Should he be holding a Tag Title belt, though? No, but WWE doesn’t see tag wrestling as anything more than lower-card action.

Faces Depth Chart break down

(1) John Cena (cash cow)
(2) Rey Mysterio (misplaced)
(3) Big Show (featured attraction)
(4) Alex Riley (needs work)
(5a) Evan Bourne (needs an opportunity like summer 2010)
(5b) Kofi Kingston (needs 3-5 more years)

Heels Depth Chart break down

(1) C.M. Punk (most well-rounded)
(2) R-Truth (found himself as a heel)
(3) The Miz (strong live, but repetitive on TV)
(4) Del Rio (not positioned as a credible main-eventer, but could be)
(5) Dolph Ziggler (there’s a drop-off from 4 to 5, but Ziggler is like Kofi needing more time)


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3-Hour WWE RAW Power To The People Results

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3-Hour WWE RAW Power To The People Results

Posted on June 21st, 2011 by Cassidy Haslett

Just one night after a controversial and hard-hitting Capitol Punishment, a special three-hour RAW Power To The People came to you, live, from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, MD. For the entire three-hour extravaganza, the WWE fans would be in charge as fans the world over cast votes, via text message, to control the entire show.

Match Results

  • Divas Championship: Power To The People: Kelly Kelly def. Brie Bella (c) by roll-up to win the Divas Title.
  • Power To The People: Mason Ryan def. Evan Bourne by pin following the House of Pain.
  • Power To The People: Arm Wrestling Match: Kane def. Mark Henry by DQ.
  • United States Championship: Power To The People: 2-out-of-3 Falls Match:
  1. Dolph Ziggler (c) (with Vickie Guerrero) def. Kofi Kingston by pin following the Zig Zag on the outside of the ring.
  2. Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler (c) by pin with the S.O.S.
  3. Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler (c) by DQ following a microphone shot. Dolph Ziggler (c) retains.
  • #1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title: Power To The People: Falls Count Anywhere: CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio Alberto Del Rio by pinning Alberto Del Rio following the 619 and Splash by Rey Mysterio to become the new #1 Contender for the WWE Title.
  • Power To The People: No Count-Outs: Daniel Bryan def. Cody Rhodes by roll-up.
  • Dance Contest: Power To The People: Michael Cole def. Vickie Guerrero
  • 6-Man Tag: Power To The People: Elimination Match:

Order of Elimination

  1. Christian elim. Alex Riley by pin following the Skull Crushing Finale by The Miz.
  2. John Cena elim. The Miz by pin following the Attitude Adjustment.
  3. Randy Orton elim. R-Truth by pin following the RKO.
  4. Christian elim. Randy Orton by pin following the Spear.
  5. John Cena elim. Christian by submission to the STF.

Detailed Results

One night after picking up a big victory over Rey Mysterio at Capitol Punishment, the show kicks off with the leader of The New Nexus, CM Punk, as Punk declares that the fans cannot control his career before proclaiming that he is the “best wrestler in the world”. Punk then claims that, after “soundly” defeating Rey Mysterio at Capitol Punishment and “soundly” defeating WWE Champion John Cena last week, he is the new #1 Contender for the WWE Championship! CM Punk then tells the anonymous General Manager of RAW to inform everyone that he is the #1 Contender and that he will have his shot at the WWE Title in his hometown of Chicago at the Money-in-the-Bank pay-per-view! After a short wait, the anonymous RAW General Manager would chime in with an email that advises CM Punk to leave the ring, but after repeatedly refusing, the GM reveals that he was going to announce that CM Punk was the #1 Contender later in the night, but now Punk must compete in a Triple Threat Match against both Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio with the winner earning the #1 Contender’s spot! Can CM Punk defeat Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio to become the new #1 Contender for the WWE Title or will Del Rio or Mysterio earn that right?


The opening match of the night would see the Divas Championship placed up for grabs in the first Power of the People determined match of the night as Brie Bella, with Nikki Bella in her corner, defends the Divas Title against the fans’ choice of opponent, either Eve, Kelly Kelly, or Beth Phoenix. Garnering 53% of the votes, Kelly Kelly was the Diva selected to challenge Brie Bella for the gold. In the end, it was Kelly Kelly outmaneuvering Brie Bella and, before Nikki Bella could interfere, Kelly Kelly rolls up Brie Bella to pick up the win and become the new Divas Champion!


One night after notching a second victory over Jack Swagger at Capitol Punishment, the high-flying Evan Bourne was in action on RAW, but the opponent was up to the WWE fans as Bourne would face either Jack Swagger, Mason Ryan, or Sin Cara. With a total of 51% of the votes, Evan Bourne’s opponent was the powerhouse of The New Nexus, Mason Ryan. Despite an impressive effort by Evan Bourne, the power of Mason Ryan proved too much for Bourne as Ryan plants Bourne with the House of Pain en route to picking up the win.


Before going one-on-one with Kane, “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry speaks about sending Big Show through the Spanish announce table at Capitol Punishment. Henry states that, at Capitol Punishment, Big Show got “punished” before saying that, when Big Show walks the earth, the earth “shakes”, but when he walks the earth, the people “shake”. Henry continues, saying that “bigger is not always better” before stating that “someone’s gonna get their ass kicked”.


One night after demolishing Big Show by sending “The World’s Largest Athlete” through the Spanish announce table with the World’s Strongest Slam at Capitol Punishment, “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry faced “The Big Red Machine” Kane in the fans’ choice of match; a Body Slam Match, Arm Wrestling Match, or Over-The-Top Rope Match. The fans would end up casting 52% of the votes for an Arm Wrestling Match between Kane and Mark Henry. In the end, it was Mark Henry opting to throw out the match in favor of attacking Kane as the two monsters brawl before Mark Henry blasts Kane with the table used for the Arm Wrestling Match! Mark Henry then proceeds to dismantle Kane, sending “The Big Red Machine” spine-first into the steel ring post before dismantling the announce table and delivering the World’s Strongest Slam to Kane through the table! After destroying both Big Show and Kane, how will the giant former WWE Tag Team Champions respond? Who will Mark Henry go after next?


One night after a young John Cena fan would throw water in his face, costing him the WWE Title at Capitol Punishment, R-Truth appears on the three-hour RAW as Truth states that he got “okey doked” by “little Jimmy”, citing that all the “little Jimmies”, the “big Jimmies”, and the “Mama Jimmies”. Truth is then interrupted by Christian, who calls Power To The People a “joke”, saying that the fans caused him to lose the World Heavyweight Title five nights after winning it. Christian then “blames” the fans, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, and the referee for the World Heavyweight Title match at Capitol Punishment. Christian then shows a picture of his foot being under the bottom rope at the conclusion of the World Heavyweight Title match, saying that it isn’t “fair” and he should be the World Heavyweight Champion. Christian then “demands” that “justice be served”, saying that he needs “one more” opportunity at the World Heavyweight Title. Truth tells Christian that at least Christian got to be champion while he was cost the title by a kid at ringside.


Former WWE Champion The Miz then interrupts as Miz states that his gripes are “legitimate” because the referee “handed” the match to Alex Riley at Capitol Punishment. Christian tells Miz that, while Miz faced his “apprentice”, he and Truth were in title matches. Miz then asks Christian “how dare you?” and Christian asks “how dare me?” and asks R-Truth “how dare you?” and Truth responds by asking “how dare me?” and “how dare you?” Miz, Christian, and Truth then exchange “really” to each other, which leads to Christian telling Miz “Riley” and Miz telling Christian “Randy” before R-Truth jumps in with “Jimmy”.


SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long then interrupts and announces a 6-Man Tag Match with Christian, The Miz, R-Truth facing World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, Alex Riley, WWE Champion John Cena with a stipulation voted on by the WWE fans! What will be the stipulation of his huge main event?


One night after an assist by Vickie Guerrero allowed him to be crowned the new United States Champion, Dolph Ziggler, with Vickie Guerrero in his corner, defends the United States Title against former champion, Kofi Kingston, with the fans choosing the stipulation, either making the match a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match, a match with Vickie Guerrero banned from ringside, or a Submission Match. 51% of the votes would deem the match a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match between Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston for the United States Title. The first fall of the match would go to Dolph Ziggler as a distraction by Vickie Guerrero allows Dolph to hit the Zig Zag on Kofi Kingston on the outside of the ring before rolling Kofi into the ring and pinning Kofi for the first fall. Later on in the match, Kofi Kingston evens things up by hitting the S.O.S. on Dolph Ziggler to give each Superstar one fall a piece. After narrowly avoiding defeat by Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler heads to the outside of the ring, grabbing the United States Title belt, but Kofi ducks the belt shot, hitting Trouble In Paradise on Dolph. Despite this, Dolph was able to get two fingers on the bottom rope to prevent the pin from taking place. However, a desperate Dolph Ziggler lures Kofi Kingston to the outside of the ring again, where Dolph intentionally strikes Kofi with a microphone, getting himself disqualified to retain his United States Title. After the match, Kofi Kingston takes out his frustrations on Dolph Ziggler by blasting Dolph with Trouble In Paradise.


Before competing in a Triple Threat Match to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE Title, Alberto Del Rio states that Ricardo Rodriguez running over Big Show was just “destiny” and, when he defeats CM Punk and Rey Mysterio to become the new #1 Contender, it will not be an “accident”, it will be “destiny”.


Then it was time for the Triple Threat Match to determine the new #1 Contender for the WWE Title as the leader of The New Nexus, CM Punk, “The Master of the 619” Rey Mysterio, and “The Mexican Aristocrat” Alberto Del Rio with a stipulation determined by the fans as the match will either be a No DQ Match, a Falls Count Anywhere Match, or a Submission Match. The fans would ultimately cast 66% of their votes for a Falls Count Anywhere Match to determine the new #1 Contender for the WWE Title. In the end, it was Rey Mysterio hitting the 619 and Splash on Alberto Del Rio, but CM Punk would interrupt the pinfall and throwing Rey shoulder-first into the steel ring post before stealing the pin for himself to become the new #1 Contender for the WWE Title. After the match, CM Punk proclaims that July 17 will be a “historic day” for the WWE as, at WWE Money-in-the-Bank, he will defeat John Cena for the WWE Title in his hometown of Chicago.


The new #1 Contender for the WWE Title, CM Punk, then makes the earth-shaking announcement that July 17 is also the last day on his WWE contract and, when the clock hits midnight and July 17 becomes July 18, he is leaving World Wrestling Entertainment and he will be leaving with the WWE Championship! Can CM Punk really leave the WWE with the WWE Championship when his contract expires? Will we really never see CM Punk again after WWE Money-in-the-Bank?


After being attacked and having a paper bag placed over his head by Cody Rhodes on SmackDown last month, “The American Dragon” Daniel Bryan faces Cody Rhodes in either a Paper Bag Match, a No Count-Out Match, or a Collegiate Rules Match. The fans then vote 51% in favor of a No Count-Out Match between Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan. In the end, it was Daniel Bryan catching Cody Rhodes with a roll-up to pick up the win. After the match, Cody Rhodes tries to attack Daniel Bryan, but Bryan counters Rhodes, locking in the LeBell Lock on Rhodes. However, Ted DiBiase makes the save for Cody Rhodes as DiBiase and Daniel Bryan brawl before Cody Rhodes joins in as the two-on-one beat down allowed Cody Rhodes to hit the Alabama Slam and the Cross Rhodes on Daniel Bryan before placing a paper bag over Bryan’s head once again.


The Power To The People was not restricted to matches, however, as the fans would vote on a unique dance contest pitting Vickie Guerrero against the fans’ choice of Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, or Booker T. Before the dance contest, Vickie Guerrero touts that she has “fifteen years” of dance experience and she is an expert of “ballet, jazz, and exotic dancing” and her stage name used to be “Peaches”. Vickie then takes her turn on the dance floor with the host of the competition, Matt Striker, dancing a little bit before laying a lip lock on Striker. The fans’ votes then reveal that 47% of the fans voted for Michael Cole. Cole then does his best version of dancing before mocking Booker T with a poorly executed Spin-a-rooni. Being judged by the loudest boos, the fans boo Michael Cole to victory, leading to Vickie delivering a slap to Cole.


It was announced during RAW that next week will see the return of RAW Roulette, where a spin of the wheel will decide the fate of the WWE Superstars and Divas. Not only will next week’s RAW feature the return of RAW Roulette, but it will feature the return to RAW of none other than 2011 WWE Hall of Famer “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels! What does Shawn Michaels have in store for next week’s RAW in Las Vegas?


Then it was time for the huge 6-Man Tag main event as WWE Champion John Cena, Alex Riley, and World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton face their respective rivals, R-Truth, The Miz, Christian in either a One Fall To A Finish Match, a 20-Minute Time Limit Match, or an Elimination Match as voted on by the fans. The fans’ votes reveal that a unanimous 79% of the fans wanted to see an Elimination-style 6-Man Tag Match. During the match, all hell breaks loose in the volatile match as all six men are in the ring at the same time, but while the referee is detaining John Cena, The Miz catches Alex Riley from behind with the Skull Crushing Finale, allowing Christian to eliminate Riley from the match. The next elimination saw John Cena even things up by delivering the Attitude Adjustment to The Miz en route to eliminating Miz from the match. This was followed by Randy Orton hitting the RKO on R-Truth to eliminate Truth, but as soon as Orton turned around, he was blasted with the Spear by Christian as Christian pins the World Heavyweight Champion. However, the excitement over pinning Randy Orton costs Christian as John Cena hoists Christian up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Christian fights out of the move, but is unable to avoid the RKO of Randy Orton. After being hit with the RKO, Christian was then locked in the STF by John Cena as the WWE Champion forces Christian to tap out to win the match for his team!

What did you think of RAW Power To The People? Post your comments in the box below.

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Jim Ross comments on WWE Capitol Punishment’s two World Title matches, a …

Posted by Joe Wrestling on June 20, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights.

-Ross on John Cena vs. R-Truth: “Cena vs. Truth….WWE Title…Cena likely wins but if Truth upsets Cena as I mentioned earlier in the week the Raw deck is reshuffled considerably. Without question, this is Truth’s biggest professional opportunity ever IMO. The newly minted villain has only one chance to make an impact in his first ever, WWE PPV main event.  How Truth comes out of D.C. is intriguing.”

Powell’s POV: I’d love to see WWE surprise us by having R-Truth go over, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Rather, I expect to see a finish that keeps the feud going, as Truth is on too much of a roll for this to be a one match program.

-Ross on Randy Orton vs. Christian: “Orton vs. Christian…World Title…might be the show stealer especially now that Orton has been cleared of concussion issues. It would be interesting to see Christian win (Sheamus??) as Orton feels as if he would be a nice fit to ‘chase’ Christian for the World Title. Bottom line is that these two have the potential to have a great match. I like this paring because it can realistically go either way.”

Powell’s POV: This is the main reason to order the show. They’ve had some excellent matches already, and if Orton is healthy, this match should be no exception. Overall, this looks like a good lineup on paper even though the WWE pay-per-view push left a lot to be desired. Join me for live coverage tonight beginning at 7:00 p.m. CT.

-Ross on Muhammad Ali cutting pro wrestling promos: “MMA purists/internet geeks who enjoy damming my opinions about their beloved sport largely because I’m a ‘wrestling guy’ will someday realize that the MMA fighters who are organically able to verbalize will have a better chance to become big earners and it won’t have any thing to do with ‘cutting pro wrestling  promos.’ Muhammad Ali did it quite well for many, many years although he was comfortable enough with himself to admit that watching pro wrestling as a kid helped him mold his in ring persona. Ali once told me that he realized he could earn more money getting fans to buy tickets to see him lose than to see him win.

Powell’s POV: I laugh at the MMA fans who look down their noses at pro wrestling, yet can’t spot a pro wrestling influenced promo when they see it. A fighter cutting a pro wrestling influenced promo doesn’t mean the fight is fixed, it just means the fighter is savvy enough to know that he has to sell the fight.

Other topics include full picks for the WWE Capitol Punishment card, Saturday’s Stirkeforce show, and more.





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Rasslin’ Roundtable — WWE Capitol Punishment

Posted by Kari on June 19, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

WWE Title Match: R-Truth vs. John Cena

Steven Gepp: I’ll give them this – it’s some one new in the main event scene. People have been complaining for so long it’s the same old faces doing the same old things. Well, R-truth’s there and as a heel he seems to have really found his straps. Now, if we go by Cena Formula Matches 101, he should get a load of offence before the superhuman comeback by Cena for the win. Shame the match will be a standard Cena cookie cutter one, but at least it is some one else in there with him.
Winner: John Cena

CB: Simply put, R-Truth has been a true REVELATION during this first long stretch of a heel run that has been perfectly executed, technical difficulties notwithstanding. From creating the persona of a “Little Jimmy” to ridicule to seceding from the WWE Universe while wearing a Confederate Uniform to engaging with / mocking Cena’s fans and even turning the horrible fake Obama press conferences into something actually funny and worth watching, Truth has just been amazing. And while he will never be a great in-ring technician, he just might have found his niche that could put him all the way at the top of the card — something none of us ever expected — if he beats John Cena on Sunday. Here’s to wishful thinking, mainly because Cena is just so freakin’ boring as THE CHAMP and also because I don’t want to be a Little Jimmy…
Winner and NEW Champion: R-Truth

Jonah Kue: I’ve been beating this dead horse for the past few weeks, but redundancy is necessary at this point. R-Truth has been the most intriguing character we’ve had on ‘E in a long time. And though one can argue that Del Rio should be the one chasing the Champ at this point, the fact that Truth’s character centers around his conspiracy theory against the company. Who better for him to face than the ultimate company man himself, John Cena? All that catering to “little Jimmies” in their red shirts and hats, and you’ve got the perfect foil to Truth’s character, and vice versa. To be honest, the vendetta Truth has against a company who’s done him wrong is very reminiscent of a certain bald rattlesnake.
Given Truth has yet to prove himself on a main event level in the ring, but this is his chance. The obvious outcome here is a Cena victory, probably due to a Morrison run-in. But one’s got to wonder how much validity Truth’s character may gain if ‘E threw us a curveball. Simply based on that blind optimism….
Winner and NEW Champ: The Truth

Rhett Davis: This is one of the few feuds I’ve been able to follow throughout, but the end should be no surprise. Does anyone really see R-Truth win this match? Especially since he has one-upped Cena at every corner and hasn’t wrestled a match since Over the Limit? Oh well, as long as R-Truth talks about Little Jimmy this match will be worth it. Cena should win to move onto Alberto del Rio which would be an even more interesting feud. Or this feud could just be moved to the next PPV since that is only in a few weeks right?
Winner (and STILL WWE Champion): John SuperCena

Patrick Spohr: is it…is it possible that I actually LIKE R-Truth now? The goofy dude with one-too-many facial piercings who dances to the ring? Impossible. But his heel turn has been a breath of fresh air amidst so much stale programming on the ‘E. Unfortunately, I don’t see Cena dropping the title until Summerslam at the earliest. Expect another infuriating Super-Cena comeback here (PLUG: check out Caught in the Ropes on Monday when I talk about the Super-Cena character).
Winner: Cena

John Cena: 3   R-Truth: 2

World Heavyweight Title Match: Christian vs. Randy Orton

Steven Gepp: Yeah, sure, another rematch between them. Two things stand out here. 1, what other heels are there to go against Orton on Smackdown, and 2, will they learn from successful wrestling history and realise the money is in the chase? I am going to give everyone the benefit of the doubt here and pray and hope beyond all hope that they do what would make a more intriguing storyline (in my opinion!).
Winner: Christian

CB: While R-Truth has had the most buzzworthy heel turn, Christian has done a fine job himself after turning on Randy Orton. My problem with Christian as a heel though is that I find myself still on his side because I think he actually does have valid claims against Teddy Long, who for some reason has annoyed me more than usual lately. Or maybe I just can’t bring it upon myself to rally behing Orton over Christian because after 17 years of waiting, Christian lost the Big Gold Belt 5 days later to a guy who has had a little too much time — and many, many chances — to run with the title. Here’s to more wishful thinking…
Winner and new champion: Christian

Kue: This feud has been damn near flawless. Well-put together promos, logical storyline progression, and stellar matches; what else could you ask for? And because of Christian’s turn, this rematch will defintiely feel fresh. Either man winning would be fine, but with all these rumors of Orton’s physical health circulating, I must say….
Winner and NEW Champ: Christian

Rhett Davis: This is actually another compelling storyline and this will likely be the MOTN. I could see this one going either way, but Randy Orton can’t win can he? I mean… there is no way that this feud is over. Who would Christian fight if he lost? Daniel Bryan? Sin Cara? It wouldn’t work and would kill Christian’s momentum that SmackDown has worked so hard to maintain.
Winner (and NEW World Heavyweight Champion): Christian

Patrick Spohr: I have to admit, when Sheamus and “Sexual Chocolate” Mark Henry (I’ll never let him live that down) got involved in the SD main event, I started to worry that the ‘E was just going to bury Christian again. Luckily, with a big win over Sheamus going into this PPV, the dude is looking strong. I’m torn, though; SD needs to shake things up in order to get people interested, but Randal is the #1 guy on the show. I’ll go with Christian getting some sweet, sweet revenge in DC.
Winner: Christian

Christian: 5   Randy Orton: 0

Intercontinental Title Match: Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett

Steven Gepp: No Corre? So Barrett’s now a total idiot? Hmm, they’re not on the show elsewhere… so I’ll go out on a limb and say they do interfere… and cost their former mentor his title, leading to some sort of bizarre feud between heels.
Winner: EJ

CB: Thankfully, The CORRE has been put out of its misery. Hopefully Nexus is next. I like Wade Barrett but could care less about this match. Maybe Wade can hold onto the IC belt and make it worth something as a straight singles competitor, but they probably give it to Zeke in this spot and wipe the page blank with Wade.
Winner and new champion: Ezekiel Jackson

Kue: I’m a bit sad at the developement of this feud. I know this is simply to get Zeke over, and I’m all for that, but Wade’s been buried in the process. Just one year ago, he was seen as so tactical, he could give Jericho a run for his money. Now….sigh. Zeke’s been denied the title long enough, so, with that in mind….
Winner and NEW Champ: Big Zeke aka Lex Luger with a tan

Rhett Davis: Yawn. I like Ezekiel Jackson, and I like Wade Barrett. This feud has been treacherous and nothing is interesting when every match ends with DQ or Countout. Now that The Corre is finite, Ezekiel can win cleanly and move on to better competition.
Winner (and NEW Intercontinental Champion): Ezekiel Jackson

Patrick Spohr: Poor Wade Barrett. I thought the SD move might be good for him, but he’s been dropped down to mid-card hell. And, let’s be honest here, he hasn’t looked strong in this feud. I’m going with Big Zeke for the win and the IC title here. I will, however, take this over a Bella Twins match any day. I didn’t even notice that there wasn’t a Diva’s match on the card until just a moment ago.
Winner: Zeke

Ezekiel Jackson: 5   Wade Barrett: 0

WWE United States Title Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

Steven Gepp: Sorry, but this whole thing doesn’t excite me. There is a chance the match will be more than watchable, and there is a chance the match will pop the crowd, but, I don’t know. Both these guys seem mired in the morass that is midcard purgatory.
Winner: Dolph

CB: Haven’t we seen this match A MILLION TIMES already? The same could be said for Punk and Rey, too, but Punk and Rey are BRILLIANT together and they could wrestle every day for a full year and make it work. Ziggler and Kofi, not so much. I have kind of been waiting for a mid card shakeup of sorts, but it seems like we’ve hit holding pattern season. Kofi wins so that the gazillion generic mid card heels on Raw have something to strive for.
Winner: Kofi Kingston

Kue: You know, I consider myself environmentally active. But this is the type of recycling that’s considered hazardous. The biggest problem that ‘E has now is how boring and stale their overall product has become. Reliving a Smackdown feud on Raw for another mid card title isn’t solving that problem. It would be different if there was any type of build to this feud, but besides the mediocre commentary from Mr. Ziggles, there really hasn’t been anything to make people care about this match. Toss a coin, folks.
Winner and STILL Champ: Kofi Kingston

Rhett Davis: I’m okay with this match, but it’s time these guys moved up into the Heavyweight Title scene. They’ve been in this same predicament for years. They need to change something… get in a tag team, move up, or turn face/heel. Something to change it up. It looks like the winner will be Kofi Kingston just because I can’t see there being three title changes on one show. Well I hope not anyways.
Winner (and STILL United States Champion): Kofi Kingston

Patrick Spohr: has anyone’s star fallen further faster in recent memory than Dolph Ziggler’s? Man, moving him to Raw was like fitting him with concrete shoes and dumping him into the East River. I guess Kofi is just used to being stuck in the mid-card at this point. Both of these guys are too talented to be utilized the way they are, but since they’re not 260-pound shaved gorillas, Vince doesn’t want to use them. Too bad, because this could very well be the match of the night along with Randal vs. Christian.
Winner: Dolph, why not?

Kofi Kingston: 3 Dolph Ziggler: 2

The Miz vs. Alex Riley

Steven Gepp: This has to be the most effective face turn in years. The crowd so wants Riley to be the new “one”. And, you know, if they do go that route, why not have a R-Truth win, and then A-Ri chase him? Hmmm… Overthinking again?
Winner: The Miz

CB: Miz-Riley is one of my three favorite matches on the card, along with Truth-Cena (because Truth deserves it) and Punk-Mysterio (because they are genuinely amazing against each other). Riley hasn’t just turned face by beating on Miz lately, he has turned SUPER-FACE thanks to some really supportive live crowds that just may have turned some heads in WWE Creative. While I always liked Riley since NXT and thought he could break out, I didn’t know if he’d ever really be able to pull it off as a face. At the same time, there are two huge reasons the fans are rallying for Riley, and those reasons are: 1. The Miz; and 2. The STORY between he and The Miz. There are rare moments — especially in these days — where WWE actually lets a story be told in the type of honest and organic fashion that makes the fans buy into the entire program — and this is one of those moments. You have two guys that helped each other get to the top of the WrestleMania card — one as champion and the other as protege — and NOW you have the perfect timing for their fallout now that things have gone south after they peaked together. The moral of this story is that sometimes it’s better to tell a basic story like this brilliantly rather than to try too hard to break new ground. That is why this is one of my favorite feuds of the year, and I hope WWE, The Miz, and Alex Riley are as invested in this as I am and give this angle some time to really become something special. Riley should score the upset win here, and, much like Jericho when he first snapped way back when after losing a couple of matches early in his WWE career, I hope this opens up new doors and new layers to Miz’ character that we can truly enjoy as they unfold and he unravels.
Winner: Alex Riley

Kue: Why push a face turn for Riley when he not only has no established character, but has been jobbing to every person (sans Evan Bourne) on the freaking roster? My latest shout out, Mr. Gojira, pointed this out. Lack of faces. So, the trigger has been pulled. And the crowd actually has gotten behind Riley. Still, I think that’s more a testament to the Miz’s heat then anything else. Of course, Riley will lose, but through some sort of trickery from Miz, I’m sure. That way, they both come out looking somewhat credible, and everybody go home a-happy!
Winner: The Miz

Rhett Davis: I’m so torn about this match. Miz needs the win to not lose all of his momentum of being WWE Champion for so long, but A-Ry needs the win not to fade into obscurity. However, if A-Ry can beat Miz down until he can barely compete and then Miz cheat somehow then Miz will keep his momentum and A-Ry will look like a force to be reckoned with. Therefore, Win-Win.
Winner: The Miz

Patrick Spohr: A-Ri’s freak rise to baby-face stardom has been something to see. The Miz has really given this guy the rub. And with a roster lacking in main-event faces, he has come along at a really fortuitous time. A lot of people are picking The Miz to win this one, but I’m not so sure. With the pop Riley’s been getting from the crowd, they might speed up his development and get him into the main-event, or at least the upper-mid-card. I’ll be conservative and say that this feud lasts until MITB or Summerslam.
Winner: The Miz

The Miz: 4   Alex Riley: 1

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show

Steven Gepp: What’s the deal with Del Rio? Who did he refuse to blow back stage? Winner of the Rumble to fighting Big Show in a nothing match? Oh well.
Winner: Del Rrrrrrrrrrio

CB: Del Rio should win here mainly because Big Show is teflon these days when it comes to wins and losses. I sense the opposite will happen, though, so Show can get his REVENGE —— FISTPUMP! (credit: FDSwayze)
Winner: Big Show

Kue: Filler feud cannot be opitimized by anything more than this one, kids. But hey, it got Mark Henry doing a stretcher job, which gives us hope for a Henry hiatus, right?
Winner: Alberto del rrrrrrrrrrrRIO!!!!!

Rhett Davis: I just haven’t been able to get into this feud despite loving del Rio. Del Rio has won every week in this feud with the exception of last week, but now there is no Ricardo Rodriguez to interfere. If Alberto moves on to Cena next month then he will win, but there is the off-chance that they will just extend both this feud and the Cena/Truth feud until the next PPV and then do Cena/del Rio at SummerSlam. So… I think Big Show will lose this one by DQ when he gets carried away beating del Rio to a bloodless pulp. This way del Rio can move on to Cena by winning a #1 Contender’s match and Big Show could possibly get involved and make a triple threat.
Winner: Alberto del Rio (DQ)

Patrick Spohr: Why, why, WHY?! Why are the putting Del Rio in a program with the Big Show? It’s like the kiss of death; this was the same feud that killed CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society and weakened the already largely irrelevant Corre. Del Rio has done the best that he could here, but I just don’t see how they’re going to put him over the Giant. I can hope, right?
Winner: Big Show

Alberto del Rio: 3   Big Show: 2

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

Steven Gepp: Again!? What, is it “these guys have nothing to do, set them on each other” time? Okay, so it’s not TNA bad where they have the same match for 6 months, but it’s verging on it.
Winner: Punk

CB: As I said above, I don’t care how many times CM Punk and Rey Mysterio go at it, mainly because they are just magic in the ring together. They are two of the best in the ring in terms of both performance and psychology, and one is the ultimate heel while the other is the penultimate face. I would love this to be 25 minutes of genuine back and forth, but we’ll probably get 12 minutes instead. As for who wins, I honestly have no clue, so here’s to coin-flip thinking…
Winner: Heads Rey, Tails Punk … it’s ……….. Heads, so Rey wins.

Kue: See my description of Kingston/Ziggler. No back story. Just a recycled feud between two supposedly bitter rivals. The match will be great. And forgettable. Thanks, Vince.
Winner: ummm, Punk?

Rhett Davis: My comments on this match should only be as relevant as this feud is. Since the feud isn’t, the winner shouldn’t really matter. If Punk wins, then he looks more like a dominant leader. If Rey wins, then the fans will have one of their favorites win and they can go home happy. Oh and WWE loves to screw over Punk, hence the non-inclusion of an actual storyline.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Patrick Spohr: Haven’t we seen this feud before? Like, a few times before? I was complaining about the length of the Angle/Double J feud before Slammiversary, but this Punk/Mysterio feud has been running just about as long, with a few breaks here and there. With Punk leaving some time soon, unless the ‘E is willing to make some real concessions to the guy, I just don’t see him picking up the win here. It’s a shame.
Winner: Mysterio

CM Punk: 3   Rey Mysterio: 2

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Ex-WWE Developmental Wrestler Still Claiming To Be Father Of Kharma’s Unborn …

Posted by Kari on June 10, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

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Ex-WWE Developmental Wrestler Still Claiming To Be Father Of Kharma’s Unborn Child – Says “Truth And Proof Will Be Shown”

Posted by: Kenny Williams of on Jun 09 2011

Ex-WWE developmental wrestler Byron Wilcott is still claiming to be the father of WWE Diva Kharma’s unborn child. Last night, a fan commented about the claim on Wilcott’s official Facebook page, and Wilcott responded with the following statement:

“Andrew please support my family in this trying time The truth and proof will be shown in the very near future. Right now all I can say is thank you for ur support as we sort out a few issues”

As previously reported, Kharma has officially denied that Wilcott is the father of her unborn child, calling any and all reports saying so “completely false.”

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Kue’s Korner: Anonymity, thy name be…Fruity Pebbles? (WWE, TNA)

Posted by Kari on June 7, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

Bring it on home, guys and dolls. And by home, I do mean my humble abode we’ve come to call “Kue’s Korner”. I’m your main resident, Jonah Kue, and we’ve got a pretty brisk column for you today. Consider it a decent manifestation of the current state of ‘rasslin’. In any case, let’s begin with the latest edition of Kue’s ReKall in Autotune! This week, our beat pays homage to the Palace of Wisdon and John Morrison.


Twitter: @jonahkue

Blogger: Kue’s Korner Lite

Youtube: Jonah Kue

Jonah’s Jumpstart

Anonymity, thy name be…Fruity Pebbles?

To be honest, this boy tries to steer clear of fantasy booking. It’s not for the sake of it being overdone (let’s face it, oversaturation is as common as a botched move in a Diva’s match), nor for the sake of my being “too good” for it. The reason is more based around the idea of fantasy booking getting my hopes up for an angle I can get invested in (to say the least) only to realize, in the current state of pro wrestling, it will never come to pass. However, my containment of this little imaginative booking failed. So, if you wouldn’t mind my borrowing your imaginations for a bit.

So, the notion being pushed down our gullets is that R-Truth is our esteemed lunatic, raving about pretend conspiracies and whatnot. But what if they turned out to be true? What if, through some odd turn of events, it’s revealed that the anonymous GM turned out to be none other than….John Cena.

Now, think about this, friends. Truth has been speaking of conspiracies concocted by Cena and the fans to keep him down. But what if the real conspiracy was Cena keeping up this overtly fan-friendly persona to keep those merchandise sales going and that, as the kids say, dough rolling in? With this cover being blown, Cena can embrace a heel role that, not only bested the blindly-cheering marks, but the supposed smarks who jeered him as well. And in an economy such as this, no heel will garner more heat than a manipulative, scheming cover artist who played the public for fools for a steep profit. And as the Raw GM, Cena can also embrace a roll that will keep him in power, preferably keep him away from the title picture, and boast a maniacal megalomaniac not seen since Mr. McMahon himself. Think about it, ladies and gents.

Total Nonstop Articulation

I can’t talk about TNA this week. I try to keep a relatively level headed persona when it comes to this ‘rassling thing. But this past Impact (fuck you, I’m not calling it ‘Impact Wrestling’) was a giant middle finger to any of us who felt a hint of optimism for the future in this potential competition for Vince. Instead, it was a shitfest. A bonafide toilet.

Blair, Swayze, you were right, guys.

Blue Streak

It’s finally come to pass. For weeks, we’ve pined for it, and it’s finally come. Christian has turned. And the reaction was….muted. Well, more like piped. Apparently, from what I’ve heard through those in attendance, there was a huge pop for Capt. Charisma when he branded Orton with the belt. There was even an audible “Christian” chant. However, through the magic of non-live television, apparently, production piped in a good amount of jeering when the events occurred.

Look, I’m all for manipulating a few things for the sake of story. But the fact that crowd reaction is being completely overturned is a horrible backwards move, especially for this particular angle where Christian is validated to a freaking fault. I suppose we can’t have the crowd validating Christian, since it legitimizes him. That would make him a ‘tweener. And we all know that shades of gray is the first step towards TV-14.

So, arguably the four best wrestlers on the blue brand are in the same program? I love it. Obviously, they’re building to Bryan/Rhodes for the next PPV, but the involvement of Sin Cara and DiBiase makes this exciting on a weekly basis. I’m rather looking forward to the tag match that will inevitably occur on a Smackdown involving these four.

I know I sound like a guy who voted for Obama for all the wrong face value reasons, but it’s good to finally see a brown guy getting a push who is actually a pretty decent worker. Jinder Mahal, keep it going, man. Brown power!

Seeing Red

Nice to see Vince back on television. But the show stealer was, once again, the Truth. The opening promo, involving Vince, Austin, Miz, Truth, A-Ri, and Cena, was definitely a more exciting one than others in recent memory. It set the stage for this edition of Raw to be a spectacle sort of show. This was fine, but we’ll get more of the same next week due to the three hour special. Redundancy has become a rather predictable pattern in ‘E.

However, one redundancy I will not get tired of is Mysterio and Punk. The chemistry here is undeniable, and it seems fresh every time these two mix it up.

Finally…FINALLY, ZACK RYDER HAS COME BACK TO….job? Really? Well….damn, should we take what we can get here? I’m not sure if I should be outraged or contempt.

Booker T is in the ring and going over actual wrestling talent. Eh, beats hearing him on commentary. Right there.

This episode was more inclined to give people a feel-good feeling rather than advance storylines and have the right people go over. The trouble with this setup being on RAW is that it feels a bit cheap. The weekly shows should be used as build up towards a PPV or some type of ending where the face extravaganza happens.

Also, this appears to be an episode where everyone has forgotten how to sell Stunners.

‘Round the Bend

Cock back and unload the first shot of the Ryder Revoltion! As told on “The O’Really Report”, courtesy of Rhett “Radman” Davis.

Optimism in darker days is the theme of Mike Gojira’s “The Stomping Ground” this week.

Joel Leonard takes a stab at some analysis of the Divas division in ‘E via “No Chance”.

Homegirl Kelly Floyd gives a lush breakdown all her own of the completion of Christian’s heel turn in her Smackdown Recap.

Blair A. Douglas and THE BEST F$^*ING TNA TEAM EVER had the displeasure of recapping the vomit that was this past week’s Impact, and their commentary is, as always, blindingly hilarious. Check out That Being Said. Guys, thank you for your sacrifice.

And finally, James Alsop has a phenomenal and rather unique perspective on our favorite cult leader, CM Punk on his “Keynotes and Keyholds”.

Klosing Thoughts

Can I be frank? Nah, I’ll just be Jonah (wakka, wakka). Maybe it’s simply due to the newly-busy schedule in my life, or maybe it’s simply old age coming to claim me, but it just seems that nothing stands out anymore. Besides Truth and Christian as heels, nothing in pro wrestling is attention grabbing as it should be. Everything seems like backwash, running through a routine so overused, it’s like Pam Anderson at a has-been rock star convention. It’s not a lack of talent. The fault lies in, you guessed it, the booking. Start and stop pushes get frustrating, and seeing Cena and Orton lose the belts only to know they’ll inevitably get their lengthy reigns back within a matter of a couple of months is just…..rancid. I know if I’m getting a bit fed up with this, I can only imagine how the rest of you cynical bastards of the IWC are feeling. Here’s hoping for change.


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WWE RAW Preview: R-Truth apologizes,John Cena, and Capitol Punishment hype

Posted by Kari on June 6, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

WWE is two weeks away from the Captiol Punishment PPV with not matches confirmed, and only one match likely to get set tonight. Look for several feuds to roll  tonight on RAW into match-ups for the Washington,D.C. event on June 19th. Plus prior to RAW at 8pm C/9pm E is the live finale of WWE Tough Enough with Stone Cold Steve Austin being live on RAW, so it will be eventful. 

Truth must say ‘Sorry’ but John Cena should worry

Last week, R-Truth continue to establish himself as the new hot heel on RAW. With the lack of talent depth, Truth who has over 10 years of expierence has gotten the call up from the mid-card and he’s really running with it. If Truth says he’s sorry to the WWE Universe for his harsh actions last week which included throwing soda in a fan’s face and yelling at a young child in the audience. Truth will do what he has to do to finally get his WWE Championship opportunity that he has pursued since April. Cena will continue to be the knight in white armor, but expect Truth to get the upper hand tonight heading into a title match at Capitol Punishment. 

Stone Cold announces the Tough Enough winner

Stone Cold Steve Austin will be on hand with the entire cast of this Tough Enough season to announce the winner. With the contest down to Luke Robinson and Andy Leavine, who will win? Read our full TE Finale preview with special photos showing the two finalists before they got their big shot at the WWE.

Tough Enough Finale Preview: Luke or Andy, who will win?

WWE Tough Enough Photos: Luke Andy before Wrestling

Riley and Miz: No longer Awesome friends

Alex Riley who broke out of the Miz’s shadow two weeks ago, is now on his own as a WWE superstar and no longer under a “personal service” orginzation.  Last week, The Miz got his comeback last week with help from still-heeling Michael Cole. Yet Riley was still standing at the end of the confrontation on RAW last week. Expect these two to obvivously get a match at Capitol Punishment, but expect some stipulation or curveball to be thrown to add some spice. Riley who stood out on Season 2 of NXT but slithered as a stooge for the Miz, is getting strong fan reaction since turning face. With the Miz being so hated, Riley does not really need a character beyond the guy who turned on the Miz. It’s one of the more interest storylines on RAW. 


What will happen with the Divas now that Kharma is gone?

The Divas scene on RAW will get a fresh start due Kharma’s revalation of her pregnancy last week. The DivaDestroyer who was formerly known as Awesome Kong in TNA Wrestling, cut her monster push short to leave WWE action for a year or more to give birth to her child. This will change everything for the women on RAW as the whole story was built around Kharma with the ladies. Expect someone to step up against the Bellas to challenge for the Diva Championship. Beth Pheonix is always game for a great match. 

Punk Mysterio

CM Punk whose heavily rumored to be leaving the WWE when his current contract expires in September, had a big victory over Rey Mysterio last week. Punk and his Nexus cronies will have the 619 coming at them tonight, but look for Rey to have someone behind him. Look for Mysterio to tangle with Mason Ryan, David Otunga, or Michael McGillicutty.This could spiral into a match for the PPV on the 19th. 

Bourne to Win

The high-flying Evan Bourne had a upset over Swagger last week, and stole his thunder after a victory the previous week. The program is simple, two wrestlers with opposite styles and attitdues playing a game of one upmanship. Expect Swagger’s hissy fits to continue as the human jet that is Bourne gets the better of the All American American. Maybe these two could be paired with Punk and Mysterio respectively in tag match on RAW tonight.

PRO WRESTLING EXAMINER ON FACEBOOK – Join fans to talk about WWE RAW live tonight

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WWE RAW Preview: Kharma speaks! John Cena faces the Truth, and more

Posted by Kari on May 30, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

Kharma breaks her silence
The web has been lit up with reports of WWE diva destroyer Kharma being pregnant. The relatively new female bruiser who previously wrestled in TNA Wrestling as Awesome Kong, came out to the ring last week in Portland. After weeks of running through the Divas and becoming the most talked about women in WWE, Kong fell to her knees in the middle of the ring surrounded by all the women on roster. She broke down and cried. It was a complete change of character for Kharma who was being primed for big things. Now it’s widely reported she will address the pregnancy rumors tonight on RAW, and speak on WWE TV for the first time.  Will Kharma and WWE address the pregnancy rumors? Will Kharma dismissed off RAW in some embarassing fashion?  No matter what happens, this will be water-cooler moment from tonight’s show. What do you think will happen? Post your thoughts in the Facebook comment box at the bottom of the page.

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Paying Tribute to Macho Man Randy Savage

Posted by Kari on May 26, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

Paying Tribute to Macho Man Randy Savage

Oooohhhh Yeaaahhhhhh. There was only one way to start today’s entry. I still remember when Randy Savage came to the World Wrestling Federations. No one had ever heard of him. This was in the days before internet newsgroups and any kind of underground rumor mongering. Macho Man got the same push that many superstars get when they make their entrance. The difference is that his push never ended.

He entered the WWF with an air of legitimacy and took off from there. There was never a doubt that he was a top draw even from day one. His battles and ensuing partnerships with Hulk Hogan came with a full helping of cheese, but Savage’s intensity pulled Hogan’s weak theatrics and Ms. Elizabeth’s demure personality right through it. It was never the same once he went to WCW, but it was that way for many wrestlers, just ask Brett Hart.

Thank you Mach Man, for taking all the corny stuff from the Rock ‘n Jock era and making it all a little more real. 

I was supposed to give you a rundown of the state of TNA Wrestling this week, but I’m gonna hold off. Mick Foley has just been brought in as the mysterious network executive and he promises that wrestling matters once again. That’s good, because the Days of Our Lives approach with Blair Witch Project camera styles just wasn’t doing it for me. Let’s give them a few weeks and revisit what they put out.

Another puzzling night on Monday Night Raw as the big push for R-Truth continued. Jerry Lawler started the show center ring to gloat over his toe-tasting victory over Michael Cole. Lawler brought out WWE legend Brett Hart, who had helped keep Cole true to the agreed foot-in-mouth penalty for losing the match. During Brett’s monologue R-Truth emerged from back stage and started whining about his lack of championship opportunities. I couldn’t stand Truth as a face, but he is showing promise to be a relatively amusing heel. Problem is I’m not convinced the off kilter psycho bit is an act. He’s got me convinced that all is not well upstairs. Just when I thought he was going to attack Hart, champ John Cena came limping out. Cena gave props to Hart and basically made light of The Truth. Just when Cena decided Truth need a beatdown, we heard that now famous, you’ve got mail notification. The anonymous GM of course announced a main event tag team match consisting of R-Truth and C.M. Punk against Cena and Rey Mysterio, with Brett Hart as the special referee.

Later in the show, Kane and Big Show lost the tag team belts to the Nexus combination of David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. Of course C.M. Punk and Mason Ryan had their hand in the title change. Then backstage, Big Show was hit by one of Alberto Del Rio’s cars driven by Ricardo Rodriguez. I don’t really get the angle here. I’m guessing Show was probably due for knee surgery anyway, so they stripped him of the titles and explained away his likely absence.

Another angle that has me a little confused surrounds the monster diva Karma. Up to this point she has destroyed everything in her sight, but Monday was quite different. She came out to interrupt an eight-girl tag team match, assumedly to destroy them all. When she got to the ring, though, she sank to her knees and began crying … and the WWE left it at that. No explanation and no doublecross where she then demolished everyone. Very strange indeed.

One high point was when The Miz blamed his recent losses on his personal assistant Alex Riley. Riley finally had enough and pummeled Miz into a slobbering pile of goo. I’d be happier about this, but it probably means we’ll have Riley shoved down our throats for the next three months. Riley does some good things in the ring, but he has the personality of a potato dipped in rice pudding. It’ll be interesting to see if he can be a little more compelling on his own. The Miz is done with title shots and falls back to his more deserving role as a mid-card heel. He’s been pretty entertaining over the last few months, but it’s gonna take a face turn before he’ll get back in the title picture.

The show ended with the aforementioned tag team match. Cena, still hobbled from his “I Quit” match with the Miz the night before, took even more lumps, before Rey Mysterio won in with a 619 on Punk, who was then put in a sharp shooter by Hart. I don’t really get how the angle was advanced. I was expecting a last minute brutal attack by Truth on Cena, but the night just peacefully ended with glad hands all around between Cena, Mysterio, and Hart.

The WWE seems to be a little lost right now. With the main event for next year’s Wrestlemania already slated to be The Rock vs. Cena, it’s left them little wiggle room in some current story lines. Cena has already said he’ll keep the title all year, so that Rock can have his shot. So basically we know Cena won’t lose a title match until then. I guess R-Truth and the jabronis that will follow him are just window dressing. Needless to say, I hope WWE is able to build a little more momentum in the coming months. They’ve really struggled since Wrestlemania 2011.

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The Rager – Over the Wrong Limit: The Post-Wrestlemania Lull

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Salutations to all those seeking to fulfill their rage quota of the week. As always, I’m Chris, your sieve that sifts through that pesky, sticky swamp of rage and delivers unto the masses a more channeled and concentrated dose of The Rager.

Exceeding the Wrong Limit
Figured I’d get this nonsense out of the way first so we can get to the good stuff. I know I wasn’t the only one that was displeased with the pillow-fight-of-a-pay-per-view we all came to know as Over the Limit. I think I’ve nailed down what exactly was lacking and that was predictability. I absolutely hate being able to predict what is going to happen and who wins because, lets be honest, I’m terrible at those Roundtables because I make the easy, effortless picks and it was obvious WEE decided to go the same route. I will say that I was incredibly pleased with the Orton vs. Christian match but that, of course, means we’ll never see it again. This show exemplified the post-Wrestlemania lull and made me feel like Vince is just sitting backstage and keeps checking his watch to see if its April 1st, 2012 yet.

And Just When I Say That…
…we get Raw last night. I’ll be quite honest, with OTL the night before as well as the general lack of anything resembling interesting, I sat to watch Raw just because I felt obligated to and lacked a ton of desire to see it. But that being said, I was pleasantly entertained with Raw this past monday. Everybody got their quarterly dose of Bret Hart to start it off and we got an interesting promo out of R-Heel and Cena to top it all off. Truth was on-point as he has been over the past month and the random “I want my son back” moment (I wasn’t the only one that heard that, right??) has me beyond interested and has opened my mind up to a whole possibility of different ways Truth can go, it just depends on their definition of that phrase and how this mystery son was “lost.” Obviously there’s the morbid route but I think that would be too dark for WEE right now (especially when there’s a lot of death in the wrestling community in real life) and plus from a pure character standpoint, we would lose Truth as a heel because that would put a lot of sympathy in his direction. What I see as the more likely scenario is Truth having a son that has always been a Cena fan and Truth has been trying to do everything right to make his son a fan of what he does but it doesn’t work and Truth snaps but then again that wouldn’t justify a total mental breakdown that includes talking to imaginary people. Who knows, I’m probably wrong, speculation is merely a pastime.

Cease and Desist on Ol’ King/Cole
Its sad how the most interesting and well-thought plot-lines deteriorated into something so despised and repulsed. That being said, it seems like all of our wishes came true and this feud is finally kaput. The Cole apology was exactly what it needed to be and we were reminded what good commentating actually sounds like. My only gripe is that Cole was kinda overdoing it for a while but maybe that was just me as I’m the forgive, forget and never mention it again kind of person and Cole just seemed to be overly apologetic after the segment and, who knows, maybe it was justified for everything he did. Also, Lawler was kind of a jerk about it and kept bringing it up and rubbing it in Cole’s face which seems odd for a face but who needs logic in WEE?

Surprised Stokedness
Woo more predictability with the Miz and Alex Riley feud but what I was surprised about was the energy from Riley after he finally snapped was pretty awesome (see what I did there?). If Riley can bring that to the table during an actual match, I just might buy into the guy.

Re-imaging Drew McInRager
My words that came out of my mouth when I saw Drew McIntyre’s new entrance with pyro were as follows:
Yes, that might have been a overly-caffeinated over reaction (Its called The Rager, what do you think?) but seriously, we’ve all been waiting for Drew to do something…anything to live up to his potential and this new entrance just might be the start of a new attitude for the guy. He actually is the reason this is titled The Rager back when he debuted in the WWE (long story, message me and I’ll explain) and I would love for him to get a push. However, the debut of this new entrance was spoiled by Kofi…sigh.

Misunderstood Kharma?
On Raw we saw something unexpected that actually has me interested in a Divas storyline (now the end is even nigher!). We saw Kharma surrounded by 8 Divas and instead of her ripping every last one apart like we all anticipated, we saw her sit and have a breakdown. This adds a new twist and it has me wanted to take yet another ride on the Speculatory Choo-Choo. Won’t you join me?
I now think Kharma is going to do a story that fits well with the new anti-bullying initiative WWE has been introducing (which is something I couldn’t agree more with). I’m thinking Kharma announces something along the lines of being mocked and made-fun of all her life by women that looked like the typical Diva for acting and looking different and has come to the WWE for revenge or a chance to fit in (which would explain the breakdown).
Another speculation comes from Pulse Wrestling’s own, Joel Leonard:
“I think that she cant talk hornswaggle-style and hitting is her only form of communication. Now she cant understand why all the divas dont understand that she keeps saying I love you.”
I’m sure Joel will expand on his thoughts on his latest edition of “No Chance” coming later in the week right here on Pulse Wrestling.

Random Rages
The Batista chants directed towards Mason Ryan at OTL made my week.

i really thought the medics were gonna start working on the wrong leg of Big Show after Ricardo Rodriguez’s hit and run (Lo hice por The Rock. Alguien?… alguien?)

Kudos to WEE for realizing that Dolph looking like Evan Bourne’s twin wasn’t working.

Speaking of, Bourne does make a great beanbag, doesn’t he?

What do I love about CM Punk? Its the little things like interacting with Bret Hart during his match and showing him how to count to three or mimicking Orton back during Elimination Chamber. GIVE THE MAN WHAT HE WANTS!

Serious note
It was would foolish of me not to discuss whats been on the minds and hearts of the wrestling community and that is the untimely death of Macho Man Randy Savage. I was never a true fan of his so I know there are plenty of people who would be a lot more eloquent with this than I could ever be. I will say that I respect Randy for being something the wrestling world had never seen and may never see again. I respect the dedication he had for this business so that people like myself and all of you could watch, enjoy and talk about here. Forget about being a great wrestler and entertainer, dedication of that stature shows an immense amount of selflessness and is the mark of a great man…a macho one, at that. The death of another person is always incredibly sad but what makes it sadder is when that person still had plenty of life yet to live and I know a lot of people feel that way about Randy as I feel the same way as well. Love him or hate him, he was the truest of innovators and gave us more than we deserved and for that he will always have this lowly blogger’s utmost respect and gratitude.

Feel free to comment on anything you see above as well as anything else you’d like to talk about.
Have a great week!

Chris Sanders

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