FUW Tues July 24 Results. New Champion Crowned

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FUW Presents: Tuesday Night Wrestling
Tues July 24 2012 Doors Open 7:30pm Belltime 9:00pm
Gasoline Alley, 14042 66th Street, Largo, Florida, 33771


Barbed Wire Rope Match
Marc Mandrake Defeated Alex Decay in a brutal bloody match

No Countout Match
Nick Fame Defeated Maxwell Chicago via piledriver. After the match Fidel Sierra came out and said tht Maxwell would get a Cuban title shot right then and there. Cuban fell to the ground, Maxwell still battered and beaten from the piledriver layed ontop of him and got hte 1,2,3. Your winner and NEW CUBAN Heavyweight Champion, MAXWELL CHICAGO

FUW Tag Team Title Match
1st Degree ( Champions ) Defeated The James Boys to remain Champions

Cuban Assassin Fidel Sierra came to the ring to address the crowd. Dontay Brown soon followed and the 2 began to argue about the ownership of FUW. Dontay challenged Fidel to a match next week, Cuban agreed, but insisted that it wouldnt be a regular match, but that it would be an Anything Goes Cuban Street Fight !

#1 Contenders Match
Bruce Santee Defeated Kyle Blizzard. Afterwards Bruce challened Kahagas next week at Gas Alley

FUW Heavyweight Title Match
Kahagas ( Champion ) Defeated Rafi Rex

1st Match in the Bruiserweight Best Of 3
James Alexander Defeated Michael Tarver ( Champion ) to go 1-0 in the best of 3 series

Already Signed for next week

For 100% Ownership Of FUW: Anything Goes Cuban Street Fight
Fidel Sierra Vs Dontay Brown

FUW Heavyweight Championship
Bruce Santee Vs Kahagas (Champion)

FUW Tag Team Title Match
1st Degree (Champions) Defeated The James Boys

2nd Match in the Bruiserweight Best Of 3
James Alexander(1-0) Vs Michael Tarver (0-1)

Cuban Heavyweight Title Match
Maxwell Chicago (Champion) Vs Nick Fame

FUW Tues July 3 Results From Gas Alley in Largo, Florida

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FUW Presents: Tuesday Night Wrestling
Tues July 3 2012 Doors Open 7:30pm Belltime 9:00pm
Gasoline Alley, 14042 66th Street, Largo, Florida, 33771


Anything Goes Match
Alex Decay and Lucielle defeated Marc Mandrake & Ferrari when he made Ferarri pass out from having barbed wire wrapped around her neck.

Submissions Match
Michael Tarver Defeated Fidel Sierra With Shannon Rose when Shannon threw in the white towel ( Scarf )

Ron Niemi came out to introduce the NEW FUW champion Kahagas. Kahagas was interupted by Chasyn Rance who demanded that his first match in FUW be Vs Kahagas. After a great back and fortch match Kahagas defeated Rance with a Michinoku Driver type manouver

FUW Tag Team Championship: Cowbell banned From Ringside
The James Boys Defeated 1st Degree by DQ when Luke James got the hidden cowbell from under the ring and went to use it on Wayne Wonder, but Wayne reveresed it and used it on Luke causeing a DQ.

Maxwell Chicago defeated Sideshow & Mike Sydal when he pinnded Sydal with his feet on the ropes

Santana Garrett defeated Mercedes Justine ith a backflip moonsault

Rafi rex came out for his match vs Deimos, but Deimos was no where to be found. Rafi demanded that the ref count to ten and declare with the winner. Once the referee gotto 7 Damien Angel returned to FUW and laid a beating the man who laid him out over 4 months ago. Next week we have Rafi Rex Vs Damien Angel

James Alexander Defeated All Pro Leo Gold with a top riope elbow

FUW Returns to gas alley next tuesday July 10 with the following matches already signed.

Rafi Rex Vs Damien Angel

Many More matches to be announced as the week goes on.

Thursday June 28 FUW Results From Ybor City Florida. NEW WORLD CHAMPION CROWNED

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Special Thanks to Richard Trionfo from www.pwinsider.com for his report..

Welcome to the live coverage of Evolve 14 from the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida. This show is available on iPPV by clicking the poster above.

In a dark match before the iPPV started, Steel Horse Vachon and Rafi Rex versus Threat and Kory Chavis: Chavis and Threat win when Chavis pinned Rex after a Yakuza Kick.

On the FUW portion of the iPPV:

Match Number One: FUW Flash Title Match. Rocky Santiago versus Lince Dorado for the Flash Title. Dorado defeated Santiago with a rana to retain the title.

Match Number Two: Maxwell Chicago versus Dakota Darsow. Darsow defeated Chicago with a neck breaker.

Match Number Three: Kennedy Kendrick and Johnny Armani versus The James Boys. The James Boys pinned Armani after the Demolition Decapitation.

Fidel Sierra comes to the ring. Sierra mentions the Legends of the Bayfront that will take place on Friday night in St. Petersburg. Sierra calls out Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan wonders why they have to wait until Saturday night in Jacksonville and he attacks Sierra. They fight to the back.

Match Number Four: Cuban Heavyweight Title Match. Sam Shaw versus Wes Brisco. Brisco retains with a rollup.

Match Number Five: Bruiserweight Title Match: Michael Tarver versus Deimos. Tarver retains with the 1.9 Punch.

Match Number Six: Championship versus Championship (FUW Heavyweight Title versus NWA National Title): Bruce Santee versus Kahagas (with Bill Alfonso). Kahagas pinned Santee with a choke slam after Ron Niemi and Navy Seal came to ringside.

After the match, Bruce Santee gets on the mic and says that Kahagas was the better man tonight, but he will have to think about Ron Niemi and Navy Seal. Bruce talks about their match on Friday night in St. Petersburg.

This concludes the FUW portion of the show.

There is a brief intermission to change the ring for Evolve.

FUW June 12 Results. New FUW Owners Ron Niemi, Fantasy, Navy Seal and more !

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FUW June 12 Results. New FUW Owners Ron Niemi, Fantasy, Navy Seal and more !

FUW Presents: Tuesday Night Wrestling
Tues June 12 2012 Doors Open 7:30pm Belltime 9:00pm
Gasoline Alley, 14042 66th Street, Largo, Florida, 33771


James Alexander Defeated Michael Zaki with a top rope elbow.

“The greek god” Deimos came out to address the crowd, but was beat down by Rafi Rex. Deimos challenged Rafi to a match next tuesday

Threat Defeated Batuka via chokeslam. These 2 will meet again next week at Gasoline Alley

Shannon Rose and Fidel Sierra did an in ring promo, but were interupted by former nexus member Michael Tarver. In the end it was determined that in 2 weeks, Fidel Sierra & Tarver will wrestle each other in a submissions match.

Lince Dorado defeated Maxwell Chicago with a shooting Star Press to retain the FUW Flash Title

The James Boys Defeated Los Ben Dejos to retain the FUW Tag Team Titles

Fantasy ( Fidel Sierras lovely wife and valet ) came out to let the crown know she and a partner were the new owner of FUW. Fidel Sierra was excited and giddy, but Fantasy was all about business and introduced former IPW Owner Ron Niemi ( With The Masked Black Machine ) as her business partner, NOT her own husband Fidel Sierra. Ron Niemi first sent Fidel to the back and brought out FUW Champion Bruce Santee. After a few minutes of back and forth banter, the Masked Black Machine layed a beating to Santee and revealed himself to be the teacher of Bruce Santee, none other then Navy Seal ! These two will wrestle each other at FUWs June 29 I PPV Show in St Petersburg, Florida

NWA National Champion Kahagas defeated Steelhorse Vachon

In the first blood main event

Alex Decay defeated Marc Mandrake after Mandrake was busted open with a shot to the head with the barbed wire bat. Ferarri challenged Decay to a intergender tag match in 2 weeks time at Gasoline Alley

Signed for Next Week are:

Rafi Rex Vs Deimos

Batuka Vs Threat

Plus more matches to be announced in the days to come

March 6th Results

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Florida Underground Wrestling

Tuesday March 6 2012
Doors Open 7:30pm, Belltime 9:00pm FIRM
Gasoline Alley
14042 66th Street
Largo, Florida


Johnny Armani Defeated T Bone Funk

Michael Zaki pinned Ryan Howe after distraction from Zaki’s partner Francisco Ciatso

The returning Titan defeated Kyle Blizzard via a vicious chokeslam

Sam Elias left the ring intentionally for the second week in a row and lost via countout to Marcus Owens. Next week these two are set to have a LUMBERJACK MATCH

Kory Chavis defeated Francisco Ciatso when Michael Zakis outside interference backfired and Ciatso hit Zaki and turned around into a Mafia Kick from Chavis for the 1,2,3

Kahagas defeated the debuting All Pro Leo Gold

JD Maverick and Kennedy Kendrick defeated Wes Brisco and Dakota Darsow in a no holds barred FUW Street Fight to become the #1 contenders for the FUW Tag Team Titles

Already Signed For Next Week Is

Marcus Owens Vs Sam Elias

More matches to be announced as the week goes on

FUW Results

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Florida Underground Wrestling

Tuesday February 28 2012
Doors Open 7:30pm, Belltime 9:00pm FIRM
Gasoline Alley
14042 66th Street
Largo, Florida


Damien Angel won the FUW Flash Title by defeating Maxwell Chicago and Wayne Wonder in a 3 way bout.

The James Boys open challenge was answered by Romeo. The James boysdidnt want any part of it byt said if Romeo could beat Rafi Rex, they could get a future tag shot.

Romeo defeated Rafi Rexi by submission

JD Maverick defeated Dakota Darsow.

Nick Fame Defeated Lince Dorado by Piledriver.

Marcus Owens Defeated Sam Elias by countout.

In what was arguably one of the most bizzare matches in FUW history, Biff Slater & Fidel Sierra Vs Sideshow & CJ Odyle ended in a no contest when New Jack entered the ring with a giant knife and everyone left the ring.

FUW Results – October 25th

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Each and Every Tuesday night at GASOLINE ALLEY in Largo,FL

Quick Results

Maxwell Chicago Defeated Nick Fame

Eddie Taurus Defeated 1/2 of the FUW Tag Team Champions Rich James

1st Degree Defeated the NuYoRicanz

Wes Brisco came out to Gasoline Alley to put the Heavyweight Champion Bruce Santee on notice that he was coming for the gold, when out came JD Maverick!! Maverick told Brisco should get in the back of the line if he wants his shot cause NEXT WEEk at the FUW RuMblE he is going to WIN and beat Bruce Santee!!

FUW Flash Championship Fatal Four Way
Gus Money(c) Defeated Damien Angel, James Anthony & Wayne Van Dyke

1/2 FUW Tag Team Champions Luke James Defeated Romeo Razal
**After the Match** Eddie Taurus/Romeo Razal challenged the James boys at the 1 year anniversary show tuesday November 8th for the FUW Tag Team Championship in a LADDER MATCH!!!

“Tokyo Monster” Kahagas w/Dontay Brown & Raquel Savage vs “The Great” Kennedy Kendrick w/Camey Kendrick went to a no contest when the Cuban Assassin and Former WWE Superstar Tyrone Evans (Michael Tarver) hit the ring.

The match was set in two weeks at the FUW 1 year anniversary show Tyrone Evans vs Kahagas!!

Check out FUWrestling.com for more info.

November 1st is the FUW RuMbLe!!!

November 8th is the FUW ONE Year anniversary show


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Florida underground wrestling every Tuesday night at Gasoline Alley in Largo

Quick results

The show opened with Pain Management wanting a match with Hunks in Trunks not NVUS. Ryan Sorensen came out told them and everyone that tonight they were taking home the gold. Which brought out NVUS.
Dakota Darsow told Shawn Spears that he wasn’t in NVUS. He still needs to prove himself. Until then he was no longer needed.

The debuting JD Maverick defeated James Alexander

#1 contenders match for the FUW Flash Championship
D’lo Jordan defeated Damien Angel & Maxwell chicago

Cuban Assassin defeated Romeo Razaal

FUW Flash Championship match
Wayne Wonder (c) defeated Preston Caine

Deimos defeated Kyle Blizzard
*After the match,Former WWE superstar Michael Tarver called out Deimos.

Kahagas with Dontay Brown & RaquelDakota Savage defeated Dirty White Boy

Sideshow came to the ring and announced that this Thursday night at benchwarmers in new port richey he will beat Ralph Mosca to a bloody pulp.

MAIN EVENT for the FUW Tag Team Championship
Hunks in Trunks (Nick Fame & Ryan Sorensen) defeated NVUS (C) (Kennedy Kendrick & Dakota Darsow) with Camey Kendrick & Pain Management (Ralph Mosca & Biff Slater)
*Shawn Spears came out, hit Ryan Sorensen with his death valley driver. Only to hit Dakota Darsow with it as well. Then Spears pulled Sorensen on top of Darsow for the win.

Roster Expansions for FUW

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Florida Underground Wrestling just updated the roster page to include all of the performers that have wrestled recently for the promotion.  Although it should come as no surprise to FUW loyalists, there are in excess of 60 performers on the roster!

“I was impressed with the quality of the names that FUW puts in the ring,” said SnowMan Jones.  “Kyle Matthews, Ralph Mosca, Jay Lethal, Shawn Spears, and a host of other highly regarded wrestlers.

Make sure to check out the FUW roster page for regular updates and changes.  http://wrestling911.com/fuw/roster-new/

CvC 2.0. Who Was the Real First WWE Diva: Sable or Sunny?

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Red Division

Tim Nguyen vs. Ryan Frye

The Real First WWE Diva: Sable or Sunny?

Well my friends, the first question posed to me in the opening round of the CvC 2.0 competition is, who was the real first WWE Diva: Sable or Sunny?

To answer this question, I look back at which one had the greatest overall influence, most memorable moments and lasting legacy during their run(s) in the WWE.

That diva would be Sable.

To start off, I provide some history and backdrop.

When I was a younger lad immersed in the wrestling industry, there were many stars that I looked up to. Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Sycho Sid, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Undertaker.

Owned all the action figures, read the magazine, memorized the moves. Everything. Wrestling nerd at its finest.


It was pre-WWF Attitude era, a post-Hulk Hogan era with no one huge definitive star but more of a collection of high-level stars, all fighting one another on a pretty even playing field for wrestling supremacy. It was more direct competition with one another and “who could outshine who” for dominance in the business rather than reliance on the one huge star or the mercy of those backstage pulling the strings that determined “the man”.

WrestleMania 12 was the first WrestleMania that I got my dad to get for me for my birthday. I was eight years old and wanted to see the Iron Man Match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart.

While watching the event, a lesser match on the card caught my attention. It was the Ultimate Warrior vs. then supreme jobber Hunter Hearst HelmsleyOh how quickly times change. Though it was a squash match, the female valet accompanying HHH to the ring caught my attention. Here and then the wrestling world was introduced to the woman they called “Sable.”

After the events of that night unfolded, we were left wondering who was this woman and what role would she play in the WWF.

Almost with that introduction, it was as if a changing of the guard was taking place.


We wanted to know more about that beautiful woman. More questions, more mystery.

The WWF was slowly transforming itself from the family-friendly show to a more TV-14, mature audience one.


Sable in her classic look during her first WWE run

Rocky Maivia turned from baby-face Samoan good guy to the cocky, villainous Rock.

Hunter Hearst Helmsey went from Greenwich snob to HBK’s bad boy sidekick. 

Almost as if the audience dictated the content of the show with their concurrent and projected adolescent (and hormonal) desires.

Hence, the Attitude Era was born which would shape everything we know and love about pro wrestling.

For the male wrestlers, it meant violent bloody matches, weapons used from ringside and swearing like it was nobody’s business. It was Montreal Screw-job, Stone Cold Steve Austin just whooped your ass and the People’s Elbow at its finest.

For the girls, it meant sex, sex and more sex. We wanted to see more of the women in a sexual way, more than just a good daddy’s little girl.


But what prompted it all this change? For that answer, we take a look at Sable.

Diva? What’s a Diva?

In fact, Sable coined this term for herself and subsequently all the women in the WWE at a RAW in 1999.

Thus christened an era.

She embodied everything the first Diva would: Wrestling ability and supreme looks. She was truly the total package.

And in my view, she wasn’t just good looking, she was the BEST looking.

Sable was first introduced to the WWE as Marc Mero’s valet. When the fans (and I’m referring specifically to the male ones), began to take notice of her..ahem assets, her popularity grew and her role changed to fit the demand. People were watching RAW not only for the wrestling drama but to see what she would do (or wear). It was the start of using female sex appeal to draw fans.

She turned from gorgeous female valet who never spoke to providing some of the most shocking in ring moments that we know today from women in the WWE.


Who can forget Fully Loaded 1998, when she wore a potato sack into the ring before taking it off to reveal her entry into the first-ever bikini contest against Jaqueline—two handprints Hollywood Walk of Fame-Style imprinted on her breasts.

Exposing her bare breasts live on a WWF pay-per-view?


First Playboy Cover

Yup, definitely a first at the time.

She was also a formidable female wrestler for her time, winning the WWF Women’s Championship during her first run, becoming only the second Women’s Champion of the the re-introduction of the belt. Her finisher was a power bomb, a very strong move for a female to perform, and she called her version’s The Sable Bomb.

Her presence created a demand for women competitors again in the WWE, more as duel package of wrestling and looks rather than looks alone. This drove the demand for the re-introduction of the Women’s belt.

She also appeared in four WrestleManias, competing in three of them. She successfully defended her Women’s title against Tori in WrestleMania XV.

Her ability to reinvent herself multiple times during her two stints in the WWE speaks volume to her talents as well.


She bravely came back to the WWE for a second stint after a messy fallout with Vince McMahon the first time around. Yet, she was still popular as ever and it was if she never left in the first place. She was in the top feuds against Stephanie McMahon, Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson in her part deux.


Sable and Torrie Wilson

Among her many firsts, one of her most notable feats (and to the delight of many male fans), Sable was first WWE diva to appear on the cover of Playboy.

She appeared in popular men’s magazine three times. Twice in 1999 and in 2004 when she shared a spread with other WWE hottie Torrie Wilson, another first. When she appeared in the magazine the first time in April 1999, sales were so high in some places that they had to redistribute copies from other areas to meet demand. That issue was one of the most popular of all time in Playboy’s history.

In addition, Sable has shown her talents to the world outside the ring into movies and TV, with roles in productions like Pacific Blue, Relic Hunter and Corky Romano.

Sable was a pioneer. She defined an era in the WWF. Easily in the most popular era of the WWE and when the WWE was at its peak, Its star female was Sable. Arugably the most lusted WWE Diva of her time. The winner and first real WWE Diva is Sable.

Thank you for reading.

You can check out my competition’s piece here.

Article source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/751812-cvc-20-who-was-the-real-first-wwe-diva-sable-or-sunny