CVC 2.0: Barry Horowitz Is the Greatest Jobber in WWE History

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Red Division: Rize vs. Alex Baker

Subject: Greatest Jobber in WWE History

In the world of professional wrestling, there must be a winner and there must be a loser. The winner goes on to receive the praise and recognition of the live audience/IWC, while the loser has partaken in one of the most comment acts in pro wrestling history.

A job

Known simply as a losing performance in a match, a job comes routinely in the career of every professional wrestler. When observing jobbers of this day and age (Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder, Trent Barretta), possess the potential that their counterparts from previous eras of pro wrestling lacked.

On the other hand, if one were to analyze jobbers from 80s and 90s, they’re probable to share the same view Marc Mattaliano stated they would.

They are solely there to lose, get paid, and go home.In other words, they’re seen as doing bare minimum, like many do at a dead end job”.  “They’re seen as treating entertaining, a business that is defined by passion and charisma and desire, as a grind and feel that losing will still pay their bills” 

In the end, the sole purpose of every jobber is to make your opponent look good.

At this point, I know you’re asking yourself; “With so many jobbers in pro wrestling history, how do you choose just one?” “Wait a minute, I know who it is!” “Woo Woo Woo, you know it’s Zack Ryder!”

I could’ve chosen numerous Superstars. From modern day favorites like Zack Ryder, Chavo Guerrero, or Colin Delaney to classics like Buddy Rose, Barry O, and the Brooklyn Brawler, the potential for this subject is never ending.

When it comes to writing about a topic as delicate as the Greatest Jobber in WWE History, the subject must’ve made a career out of jobbing. This certain Superstar must have revolutionized the term coined by Bobby Heenan decades ago.

In this particular category, no man did it better Barry “The Winner” Horowitz.

Why is Barry the Greatest Jobber in WWE History? THE QUANTITY OF LOSSES!

Arguably the best athlete of his era, Barry Horowitz personified the word jobber. With a losing streak as long as Mississippi, Horowitz infamous self congratulatory pat on the back before his matches. Self described as an enhancer, Barry worked for numerous wrestling promotions before joining the WWE.

During his time in those promotions, Barry took the role as a jobber. In the late eighties, Horowitz became the WWF’s most prominent jobber.  Horowitz faced the likes of Randy Savage, Bam Bam Bigalow, and Mr. Wonderful himself, Paul Orndorff.



However, Horowitz time with the WWF was often short. Horowitz finally struck gold in 1995, appearing with the WWF on a regular basis. This time around, Horowitz’s pat on the back became a routine before each loss. The Winner continued losing matches in 1995, falling to the likes of Undertaker and Rad Radford.

It’s safe to say Barry appeared on WWE programming in 80s and 90s more than the top WWF superstars from those eras.

In 1998, Horowitz joined World Championship Wrestling. After a short time, Horowitz resumed his position as a jobber, falling to Bill Goldberg, Disco Inferno, and a plethora of WCW’s prominent talent.

Simply put, Horowitz spent most of his career lying down.

Horowitz Wins, Horowitz wins, Horowitz wins!

One thing that cements Horowitz status as the Greatest Jobber in WWE History is the reaction of a win. Barry shocked the world when he defeated Skip (Chris Candido) in 1995. The reaction of Jim Ross and the live audience told the story.

“Horowitz beat em! Can you believe it? Horowitz has defeated Skip! Barry Horowitz has just won his first match here in the WWF!” “This crowd is shocked, the people are standing!”

“How are they going to explain this in the record books?”

The WWF pushed the angle by having Horowitz defeat Skip at Summerslam. Horowitz was also placed in a tag team with Hakushi after Horowitz pulled off another shocking win. The success was short lived as the WWF released Barry in 1997.

In the years that followed, WCW attempted to reuse it on their on programming. The company even went as far as to have Horowitz used the same rollup his used to defeated Skip.

Fulfilling his purpose

Like I stated above, the purpose of a jobber is to make the opponent look good.

For example, take John Cena’s matches with Shawn Michaels and The Great Khali for example. Which set of matches will you discuss?

The obvious answer would be the set with Michaels.

Simply put, you’re only as good as your opponent makes you.

The fact that Horowitz was a great athlete also contributed to his status as a jobber. The WWF placed him in matches with the likes of Savage and Undertaker to better them in the eyes of the fans.

In the end, Horowitz was spontaneously successful at his purpose.

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The Impaler enters the Republican Presidential fray

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Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey

As the U.S. news outlets focus upon Tea Party-backed candidate Michele Bachmann entering the fray to become the Republican Party Presidential Nominee on Monday, June 27th, most of her fellow Republican challengers are quivering with fear, and not just because she might have accidentally compared herself to John Wayne Gacy. As Bachmann overtakes her rivals in states like Iowa, one of her Republican challengers is not afraid of her: professional wrestler Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey.

Sharkey hopes to give Bachmann, Mitt Romney, and the other Republican front runners a run for their money. While the 47 year old might be a recent entrant into the G.O.P. Presidential mix, he has been wrestling since 1988. Getting his start with Larry Sharpe’s WWA promotion in a boxer vs. wrestler match, he faced former Can-Am Wrestling Champion “Diamond” Jim Brady. Since then, he has worked for a number of local promotions throughout the U.S., including with The Rock‘s father, Rocky Johnson. While he currently wrestles as a Vampire, his greatest influences could not be more different than his wrestling persona.: “Ric Flair and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. I used to train with Ricky at his old gym in North Carolina.”

While wrestling is his passion, he has always been interested in politics. Like most Republicans, he says his favorite President is Ronald Reagan. “Ronnie was the best President in modern history.” In fact, Reagan was the first President he ever voted for. There are myriad reasons as to why Sharkey wants to become President. “I am tired of seeing Americans, especially veterans and the elderly, sold out by the political establishment,” Sharkey told SLAM! Wrestling via an email interview. “Congress and those in power are getting yearly cost of living increases, but not disabled veterans and those on SSI and Social Security.”

Sharkey’s political zeal has sometimes got the better of him, such as when the Secret Service paid him a visit for allegedly making a veiled threat against then-President George W. Bush. But Sharkey is no fan of the current U.S. President, either. “Obama is even worse than Bush, and I never thought anyone could be worse than Bush. He has no idea how to run a country, nor should he be running a country,” Sharkey exclaimed.

Unlike some other candidates who dodge political history questions or answer them incorrectly, Sharkey is ready for any so-called “gotcha” journalism. The Impaler will not be “got.” Born and raised in New Jersey, he mentions with pride that it was “the 3rd State to ratify the Constitution. My Jersey ancestors fought to make this country great, but, their deaths are in vain, given the actions of the last 20-plus years of the politicians in DC.”

He is not one to shy away from controversy, either. If he becomes President of the U.S., he also hopes to become its High Executioner. “As President, I will execute via Impalement those who commit acts of terrorism against America and/or Americans, as well as those convicted of rape, murder, animal abuse … child abuse and/or child molestation, abusing or taking advantage of the elderly, DWI/DUI on the third conviction or upon causing bodily injury or death,” and other offences.

Sharkey took the time to answer questions on various policy issues for SLAM! Wrestling. While some of his responses place himself in the very conservative right wing of the Republican Party, such as opposing abortion and wanting evolution to be banned from being taught in public schools, he is very much to the left of candidates like Michele Bachmann (and possible future candidates like Sarah Palin). He is a libertarian when it comes to many other issues.

For example, when asked about President Obama’s health care reforms, he is against them, but does not wish to go back to the health care system the way it was before the reforms. For those who can not afford health care, Sharkey proposes a unique solution where not only the poor would have free health care, but free dental care, as well. “As President, I will legalize marijuana and prostitution,” he said, though he stresses that he himself does not smoke pot, or pays for sex. Sharkey would authorize the states to run both, “and the money made from these two businesses would be used for health, prescription, and dental insurance for those who can’t afford it.”

When questioned about using the U.S. military to invade other countries, he seems to channel Ron Paul when he said, “I would bring all of our troops home from hostile places and war zones.”

Indeed, the man who would personally execute criminals by impaling reveals himself to be more moderate than Bachmann and Palin in yet another way. Just days after New York State allowed same-sex marriages to be performed, he told SLAM! Wrestling, if elected President, he “will perform same-sex marriage at least twice a month at The White House. I believe everyone who is in love should have the right to marry their heart’s desire.”

While this might not endear him to some social conservatives within his party, his religious beliefs won’t win him followers from that same camp either. That camp won’t even accept a Mormon leader, such as Mitt Romney, so it should be no surprise if they were to be biased against Sharkey, an avowed “Luciferian [who] also follows the Goddess Hecate.” Describing his religion further, he says, “Lucifer was right rebelling against God. For had he not, man would never had the thought to do so. The best example of following Lucifer’s act of rebellion is our Founding Fathers. If you think about it, they rebelled against King George and the British Government. Had they not, we would not be the nation we are today.”

Sharkey continues by saying that “I also believe in the ways of the Goddess Hecate. And like her, I will unleash my vengeance upon my enemies. I believe in protecting Mother Earth. I will be a very environmentally caring President. Al Gore will love me for that!”

Someone who won’t love him would be Mitt Romney. Sharkey declared, “The Republican Party is doing stupid things that will allow Obama to win. And Mitt is one of those stupid things.” Sharkey primarily dislikes Romney for his inability to defend himself against critics within his own party. “In 2008, he spoke about being a Mormon….now he is staying away from it. Why? Did he forget about the 1st Amendment?” Sharkey asks rhetorically. “I am not ashamed of my beliefs. Why should he be?”

Not all current Republican leaders annoy him, however. When asked who his dream running mate would be, The Impaler replied, “If I get the nomination, I have to go with a Jersey Girl… Former NJ Governor Christie Todd Whitman.”

As there is still a long way to go before the Presidential Nomination is decided for the Republican Party, Sharkey is keeping himself busy with filmmaking, much like his hero, Ronald Reagan did before running for public office. “I am finishing post-production on The True Impaler: REDEMPTION! And the short film I did last summer — The Comeback Fighter — is now available on DVD. I also did a movie called — A Cat’s Life. It will be for sale on DVD in July,” Sharkey said. In addition to some films being made in Romania, he is also working on a pro wrestling film entitled PowerSlam, which will film in 2012, before the Presidential Elections, one assumes.

While some may describe Jonathon Sharkey as a fringe candidate, his opinions reveal him to be far more mainstream than some of the other front-runners in the G.O.P. Perhaps a future Republican Presidential Debate could include him next time. As one of America’s top political comedians, Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time pointed out about the first Republican debate this year, it was all about showing how many children one had. Sharkey has three children (a fourth sadly passed away), which places him higher in the (baby) rankings than Newt Gingrich.

The pro wrestler in Sharkey makes him unafraid to take on both the establishment G.O.P and the Tea Party. When pressed on his opinion of Michelle Bachmann, The Impaler concluded, “She’s too flakey for me!”


  • Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey in the Internet Movie Database

    Ranjan Chhibber is a former WWE TV Writer with a Ph.D. in Film History who has taught at various universities in both the U.S. and Canada, and is the founder of SLAM! Wrestling’s “Minority Mat Report.” He can be reached through his publicist, Ms. Jaclyn Allmon, at

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    WWE Smackdown and All Wheels Wrestling tapings (correspondents needed), former …

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    By Jason Powell

    -WWE is taping the July 8 Smackdown television show tonight in Tucson, Arizona at the Tucson Convention Center. The show will likely feature the usual Randy Orton vs. Christian street fight as the dark match main event. We are looking for correspondents for tonight’s show. If you are going to the Smackdown taping and want to help, contact me immediately at

    -The TNA offshoot promotion All Wheels Wrestling will be taping their pilot for Speed Channel tonight at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Fla. The team captains for the teams are characters played by Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Aaron Aguilera, and Shawn Daivari. The company is using a NASCAR-like point system with the teams competing for a cup. If you are going to the taping, please contact me using the email address listed above.

    -Dot Net Members will be listening to Chris Shore’s QA audio later today, and the Dot Net Weekly audio show on Thursday. Join us on the ad-free version of the website by signing up now via the Dot Net Members’ Signup Page.

    -Former WWE Diva Serena Deeb is celebrating her 25th birthday. She was born on June 29, 1986.

    -Legendary musician and former WCW creative team member Bob Mould spoke about pro wrestling in a New York Magazine interview. “Up until about five years ago, they catered to all sectors,” Mould said regarding pro wrestling. “They tried to get teenage kids, because they’re looking for superheroes, really impressionable, looking for good versus evil.

    “But now, in the last five years, pro-wrestling exposed that it was choreographed, just a show. So now you’ve got Ultimate Fighting Champion, where the old wrestling fans from 18 to 55 went to that, because it’s the same thing, but it’s real.” Mould also spoke about his time with WCW, pro wrestling being homoerotic, and non-wrestling topics in the interview, which can be read at

    -The following matches are listed for the 11:00 p.m. CT airing of the AWA on ESPN Classic: Tommy Jammer vs. Gust, Jonnie Stewart vs. Spike Jones, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Tom Burton, The Destruction Crew vs. Carlson and Bennett, The Trooper vs. WT Jones, Candi Devine vs. Magnificent Mimi for the AWA Women’s Title.





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    Hulk Hogan Labels Ex-Wife ‘Delusional’ for Domestic Violence Allegations

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    After Linda said on the ‘Today’ show she feared for her life around him, pro wrestling icon Hulk made a call to the ‘Bubba the Love Sponge’ radio show to claim his innocence.

    Photo credit: David Livingston/WENN

    Hulk Hogan is firing back at his ex-wife’s allegations that he was violent during their marriage. After Linda Hogan opened up on the “Today” show that she was often physically abused by him, the wrestling legend phoned in to the “Bubba the Love Sponge Show” radio show to share his side of the story and claim his innocence.

    On Tuesday, June 28, Hulk told the radio host that Linda’s domestic violence claims are nothing but “delusional”. Branding the abuse talk as a “total, blatant lie”, he stressed, “Dude, I never laid a hand on her.” The 57-year-old continued to say that there is “no reason” to defend himself against his ex, and blasted her for trying to exploit him.

    Hulk explained, “If you step back and take a really good look at this – if you take the Hulk Hogan name out of her situation, her life, her career, the air she breathes… she’s out of gas.” He added, “She’s still riding on the Hulk Hogan name. Just take her and put her in the same category with the Iron Sheik and the Ultimate Warrior. They all belong together.”

    Earlier on Tuesday, Linda sat down with Matt Lauer on “Today” to talk about her new book, “Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes”, in which she details Hulk’s alleged violent behavior.
    Asked by the anchor if he would apologize afterward, she replied, “He did not feel remorse, and to this day he’s never apologized for any of actions.”

    “That is something that scared me. I did not want to be a statistic like Nicole Simpson,” Linda admitted further. On why she never contacted the authorities, she explained, “I was afraid to say anything. Had I said something, the carpet would have been pulled up underneath his career. I don’t know what my kids would have done. They were little at the time. It’s a very scary position.”


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    CvC 2.0: CMLL or AAA, Which Is the Best Mexican Pro Wrestling Promotion?

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    Blue Division

    Jon Sainz vs C-Cool

    Best Major Mexican Promotion


    There are many wrestling promotions in Mexico, but only two can be considered major promotions: Asistencia, Asesoria y Administracion (AAA—Asistance, Advice and Administration) and Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL—World Lucha Libre (Wrestling) Council).

    I’m going to compare the two in various aspects to decide which one is the better promotion.


    Name Logo

    AAA’s full name sounds like a law firm both in Spanish and in English. Triple A is also a kind of battery and the acronym for the American Automobile Association, which can be a little confusing.

    On the other hand, CMLL is unique in its acronym and it’s full name is reminiscent of the World Boxing Council (WBC—which in Spanish translates as: Consejo Mundial de Boxeo).


    AAA Logo

    The logos are also quite different. AAA’s logo has a simple design with three lines crossing through three upside down V’s, giving the impression of three A’s.

    CMLL’s logo is more complex. It has a world map in the background with the letters “CMLL” over it and “Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre” written in a circle around the image.

    This one goes to CMLL without a doubt.



    Founded on September 21, 1933, under the name “Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre,” the CMLL is the oldest promotion in the world that is still in business. 

    In recent history, two promotions have flourished from CMLL promoters, bookers and talent. The first one was the Universal Wrestling Association (UWA), which was a tremendous force for 15 years, opposing the (until then) lone promotion CMLL, but it went out of business in the early 1990s.

    The other one broke off in 1992 and took the name Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion. CMLL bookers Antonio Peña and Konnan broke off from the company and took some young talent with them. They founded AAA on May 15, 1992.


    CMLL Logo

    CMLL gets this one for its long history and for being the pioneers. 



    As an older promotion, CMLL is bound to have more legends than AAA, but both promotions have some legends. Here are the best known from both companies.

    CMLL: Salvador Lutteroth (founder), El Santo, Gory Guerrero and Perro Aguayo.

    AAA: Antonio Peña (founder), Konnan, Pepe Casas and Octagon.

    Third one in a row for CMLL, again because of its long history.


    Current Wrestlers

    Among the best well known current wrestlers from each promotion, we can find the following:

    Averno, Negro Casas, Hector Garza, Ultimo Guerrero, Jushin Liger and others in CMLL.

    El hijo del Perro Aguayo, Konnan, Jeff Jarret, L.A. Parka, Psicosis, Octagon, Super Crazy and others in AAA.


    Both promotions have a lot of young talent and some recognizable stars, so this one is a tie.



    This one is going to be very interesting as both promotions have been used as jumping grounds to bigger promotions, mainly in the US. 

    Some you know by the same name they used in Mexico, others have changed their name (in which case I will put the name they are currently using in parentheses after the name they used in Mexico).

    Here are some of the best known alumni from each promotion:

    CMLL: El Hijo del Santo, Mistico (Sin Cara), Dos Caras Jr. (Alberto del Rio), Yoshihiro Tajiri, Psicosis, La Parka, Alexander Koslov (Peter Orlov, currently in FCW), Ultimo Dragon, Kenzo Suzuki and others.

    AAA: Rey Mysterio Jr., Eddie Guerrero, Juventud Guerrera, X-Pac, Love Machine (Art Barr), Dos Caras Jr. (Alberto del Rio), El Hijo del Santo and others.

    As you can see, this is Mexico’s version of the Monday Night Wars, with talent going from one promotion to the other.


    I’m going to give this one to AAA because it’s a relatively young promotion, and yet has developed a lot of successful wrestlers who have had great careers. 

    It’s true that CMLL has done the same, but they’ve been an established company for way longer than AAA.



    Both promotions have a lot of different championships. AAA has a total of nine (they had 18 at one point) and CMLL has a total of 28.

    Since explaining it would be a bit confusing and would take a lot of time, here is the list of championships and current champions for each promotion:



    AAA gets this one on the basis of simplicity. While CMLL has more championships (some of which have a lot of history), AAA has fewer championships, but they are very well defined. 




    Both promotions have tournaments apart from the championships. These tournaments are usually for low- and mid-carders.


    Rey de Reyes: (literally, King of Kings) A tournament like WWE’s King of the Ring.

    Alas de Oro: (Wings of Gold) Usually features young high flyers.

    Copa Antonio Peña: (Antonio Peña Cup) Mid-carders to main-eventers, the tournament has had various styles, but is usually a Gauntlet Match with around 13 participants.

    Lucha Libre Premier: A wrestling league would be the best comparison.


    Torneo Gran Alternativa: (Great Alternative Tournament) Elimination tournament for Tag Teams. Those Tag Teams are formed by a newcomer and an established star.

    Campeonato Universal: (Universal Champion) A tournament involving all champions to determine the best of the best. 

    Reyes del Aire: (Kings of the Air) A tournament for High Flyers.

    Pequeños Reyes del Aire: (Little Kings of the Air) Same as the previous one, but for Mini-Estrellas.

    Copa Jr.: (Junior Cup) Second-generation (or more) superstars; real or kayfabe are the only ones allowed to enter this tournament.

    I’m giving this category a draw. Both promotions have interesting concepts as tournaments (some are even exactly the same), neither has too many tournaments and both promotions focus mainly on low- and mid-carders giving them some air time and a push if they end up winning the tournament in question. 

    The WWE could copy some of their ideas.



    Due to its longer history, CMLL wins this battle; but both promotions are pretty much equal in quality and either one of them is worth watching. 

    If you’ve never seen any of them, I would recommend you check either (or both) of them out. Lucha Libre style is different from the things we’re used to seeing in the WWE or TNA, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

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    6/28 All Access Podcast: WWE Raw recap – Jason Powell and …

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    THEN AND NOW: Rings were once a big draw – Pasadena Star

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    What in the world did Valleyites do for entertainment in the pre-electronic age?

    Simple. They stepped out.

    There was an abundance of activities in the area before World War II, including weekly boxing and wrestling cards.

    From Pasadena to San Bernardino, with stops in Monrovia, Pomona and Ontario, there was a circuit for both pro boxing and wrestling. El Monte Legion Stadium, the subject of last week’s column, actually was a late-comer to this circuit.

    A boxer could make a decent living fighting in Southland clubs even if they rarely fought at the Hollywood Legion Stadium, at the time the state’s premier boxing venue. Rare was the fighter who made it out of the club circuit to bigger things, though it did happen. Max Baer, future world heavyweight champion, started on the local circuit.

    A couple other notables on the circuit, circa 1925, were John Huston and John Lester Johnson. Huston, a welterweight, went on to much greater success as a screenwriter and director. Huston drew on his experience for his 1972 movie, “Fat City,” one of the best depictions of a club fighter’s hard life.

    So who is John Lester Johnson? A heavyweight, his fistic claim to fame was having gone 10 rounds with Jack Dempsey in 1916. By the 1920s, Johnson was reduced to club fighter status.

    Retiring from boxing in 1930, Johnson caught on as an extra in the movies. His big year in the flickers was 1933, when he had a small role in “King Kong”

    and the title role in Hal Roach’s “The Kid From Borneo.” An Our Gang short, “Borneo” was revived along with the rest of the Roach library in the early days of television. Eventually, it was deemed offensive for audiences of the 1960s and removed from the TV package.

    However, if you murmur the words “Yum! Yum! Eat ‘em up!” to a Baby Boomer, chances are they will remember “The Kid From Borneo” and John Lester’s convincing performance.

    Perhaps the best film on boxing is “The Set-Up,” filmed in 1949 and starring Robert Ryan.

    Ryan, an aging fighter, is asked to take a dive. He refuses. It’s a plot line that was used many times before, and a few times afterward. But “The Set-Up” accurately captures the world of club boxing, and benefits from a convincing performance by Ryan, himself a former collegiate boxing champion at Dartmouth.

    So, in the real world, did club fighters throw fights? In all likelihood, yes. An exciting fight was great. Even greater, from the matchmaker’s viewpoint, was if an exciting fight led to a rematch.

    “Fixed” is not a term to use around stray dogs or wrestling promoters. However, pro wrestling was off-the-level long before Vince McMahon arrived on the scene.

    The most famous wrestler of the pre-Gorgeous George era was Ed “Strangler” Lewis. In his prime, Lewis was easily the greatest wrestler in the world. Since he was virtually unpinnable, there wasn’t a lot of suspense when he entered the ring – unless he created it.

    Thus it was that a sport turned into sports entertainment.

    By the 1920s, most pro wrestling matches were basically exhibitions. Showmanship became as important as athletic ability, maybe more important. As wrestlers’ acting abilities improved, so did the fan base.

    Wrestling proved popular in Los Angeles, especially among the movie colony. One fan of the grapplers, W.C. Fields, had the plot of his film “Man on a Flying Trapeze” (1935) hinge on a wrestling match.

    The filmed match in “Trapeze” used real wrestlers. One of them, Tor Johnson (aka The Swedish Angel) later became something of a movie star himself, appearing in several films directed by the legendary Edward D. Wood. That Johnson could barely speak English didn’t deter Wood from casting him in speaking parts. Then again, the fact that Bela Lugosi had been dead for two years didn’t stop Wood from starring him in “Plan 9 From Outer Space.”

    Reportedly, Wood, a one-time resident of Alhambra, was a huge wrestling fan. That figures.

    By the 1950s, El Monte Legion Stadium had replaced other area arenas as a wrestling venue, especially after Pomona’s Rainbow Gardens burned down in the 1960s.

    Many notable wrestlers performed at El Monte. Terry Cannon, a longtime fan, called in to say the greatest match he witnessed at El Monte involved “Classy” Freddie Blassie and John “The Golden Greek” Tolos. That talented twosome wrestled for more than an hour, eventually leaving the ring and trading blows out in the audience.

    Now, that’s confidence. To take your act right into the midst of the spectators and still sell it, you have to be both brave and proficient – and a little crazy. Blassie and Tolos qualified on all three counts.

    626-962-8811, ext. 2306

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    From Wrestling to Porn

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    But in 2001, when Levesque left Laurer to take up with Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of the WWF’s chief executive, Laurer quit the federation and all but left the sport. From there, her celebrity quotient—as well as a run of well-publicized self-destructive behavior—superseded Chyna’s athleticism. She appeared on VH1’s The Surreal Life in 2005 and logged a season on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew in 2008, shot two bestselling nude pictorials for Playboy and babbled her way, seeming dazed and incoherent, through more than a few TV and radio interviews. More infamously, Laurer was hospitalized for what she describes as a “mental breakdown” and arrested for domestic assault after allegedly beating up her on-again-off-again boyfriend, pro wrestler Sean “X-Pac” Waltman.

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    Video: Pro Wrestler Goes On Anti-WWE Rant, Has Mic Cut

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    john cena while you lay there hopefully as uncomfortable as you possibly can be, i want you to listen to me. i want you to digest this because before i leave in three weeks with your wwe championship, i have a lot of things i want to get off my chest.

    i don’t hate you, john. i don’t even dislike you. i like you. i like a hell of a lot more than i like most people in the back. i hate this idea that you’re the best. because you’re not. i’m the best. i’m the best in the world. there’s one thing you’re better at than i am. and that’s kissing vince mcmahon’s ass. you’re as good as kissing vince’s ass as hulk hogan was. i don’t know if you’re as good as duane though. he’s a pretty good ass kisser. always was and still is.

    oops, i’m breaking the fourth wall. i am the best wrestler in the world. i’ve been the best ever since day one when i walked into this company and i’ve been vilified and hated since that day because paul heyman saw something in me that no one wanted toed a my. that’s right i’m a paul heyman guy. who know who else was a paul heyman guy? brock lesnar. he slip. and i’m splitting. but the difference is i’m going to leave with the wwe championship.

    i’ve grabbed so much of vincent k. mcmahon’s imaginary brass rings that it just dawned on me that they’re just that, they’re completely imaginary. the only thing that’s real is me. and the fact for almost day in and day out i’ve proved to everybody in the world that i’m this best on this microphone in that ring even at commentary, nobody can touch me. and yet, nobody how many times i prove it, i’m not on your lovely little collector cups. i’m not on the cover on the program. i’m barely promoted. i don’t get to be in movies. i’m certainly not on any crappy show on the u.s.a. network. i’m not on the poster of wrestlemania. i’m not on the signature that’s produced at the start of the show. i’m not on conan o’brien or jimmy fallon but i should be.

    this isn’t sour grapes but the fact that duane is at wrestlemania and i’m not makes me sick! oh, hey, let me get something straight. those who are cheering me right now, you are just the biggest part of me leaving as anything else because you’re the ones that buy those collector cups, you’re the ones that buy those programs and then at 5:00 in the morning, you try to shove it in my face so you can get an autograph and sell it on ebay because you’re too lazy to go get a real job.

    i’m leaving with the wwe championship on july 17th and, who knows? maybe i’ll go defend it in new japan pro wrestling. maybe i’ll go back to ring of honor. hey, cole cabana, how are you doing? that’s the reason i’m leaving because after i leave you’re going to keep coming. i’m just a spoke on the wheel. i understand that.

    vince mcmahon is going to make money despite himself. he’s a millionaire who should be a billionaire. you know why he’s a billionaire because he surrounds himself with nonsense yes men like john laronistis. i would like to think that this company would be better after vince mcmahon’s dead. but the fact is it’s going to be taken over by his idiotic daughter and his dufus son. let me tell you something about vince mcmahon. can we do this whole bully

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    Rick Story to weigh 190lbs against Marquardt

    Posted by Joe Wrestling on under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

    Rick Story has dismissed fears that he will suffer against the bigger man at UFC Live, revealing he will be about 190lbs when he steps into the Octagon.

    Story puts his six-fight win streak on the line against welterweight debutant Nate Marquardt, who has spent the majority of his career as a contender in the middleweight division.

    The fear for Story is that he will struggle to implement his wrestling game against a natural 185-pounder like Marquardt, but the 26-year-old insists power will not be a problem come Sunday evening in Pittsburgh.

    “I fought [at 185lbs] in my first fight and in some of my amateur fights,” Story explained to Pro MMA Radio. “I’m pretty big. The highest weight I’ve ever been walking around at was 217lbs.

    “I fought at 205 at some of my amateur fights and my first professional fight I was still coming down from a high weight and then I fought Mario Miranda at 185 for my first professional fight.

    “On fight night, I’m usually walking around anywhere between 187 and 191 pounds, depending on how much liquid I drink.”

    Marquardt has struggled against wrestlers in the past, losing recently to Yushin Okami and Chael Sonnen, and Story believes he has seen plenty of holes to exploit.

    “Watching that fight, Chael has a lot of the same style that I do or I have the same style as Chael. It shows some tendencies that Marquardt has and what happens when the pace is pushed against him and it’s something that I can build confidence from.”

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