Florida Underground Wrestling June 2 NPR Results

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QUICK RESULTS from our June 2nd NPR show.

Saturday June 2 2012, Doors 6:15 pm Belltime 7:30pm
All Sports Arena 7716 Rutilio Court, NPR, 34653

Cage For The FUW Tag Team Titles
The James Boys (Champs) Defeated Kennedy Kendrick & JD Maverick

Bruiserweight Title Match
Michael Tarver (Champ) Defeated Deimos

CJ Odoyle Defeated Batuka

Francisco Ciatso Defeated James Alexander

Steelhorse Vachon defeated Threat

Deimos Defeated Rafi Rex

Sideshow defeated Fidel Sierra with Shannon Rose

FUW Flash Title Match
Lince Dorado (Champ) defeated Maxwell Chicago

Upcoming Events: June Upcoming Events have now been posted

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FUW Presents: Tuesday Night Wrestling
Tues June 5 2012 Doors Open 7:30pm Belltime 9:00pm
Gasoline Alley, 14042 66th Street, Largo, Florida, 33771
All tickets are just $10. Come early for prime seats.
$2 drink specials all night long.


Cuban Heavyweight Title Match
Wes Brisco (Champ) Vs Nick Fame Vs Dakota Darsow

Non Title FUW Tag Team Match
Los Ben Dejos will Challenge The Winner Of This Saturdays FUW Tag Team Cage Match

Cuban Assassin Fidel Sierra With Shannon Rose Vs Michael Tarver

Rafi Rex Vs Steelhorse Vachon

Threat Vs Batuka

Flash Title Match
Lince Dorado (Champ) Vs Maxwell Chicago Vs James Alexander


FUW Presents: Thursday Night Wrestling
Thursday June 7 2012 Doors Open 7:00pm Belltime 8:00pm
The Mixx Nightclub, 723 N Ridgewood Dr, Sebring, FL, 33870-7216
All tickets are just $10, $5 for Children under 10, Come early for prime seats.

Cuban Heavyweight Title Match
Champion Wes Brisco Vs Fidel Sierra

FUW Flash Title Match
Champion Lince Dorado Vs Aron Epic Vs Rocky Santiago

1/2 Of the NWA World Tag Team Champions Kory Chavis Vs 1/2 of the FUW Tag Team Champions Luke James

Bruiserweight Title Match
Champion Michael Tarver Vs The Dirty Whiteboy

Jessica Haze Vs Mercedes Justine

Rafi Rex Vs JD Maverick

JB Cool Vs Francisco Ciatso

Also appearing:

Rich James
and Many More FUW Stars

FUW Presents: Tuesday Night Wrestling
Tues June 12 2012 Doors Open 7:30pm Belltime 9:00pm
Gasoline Alley, 14042 66th Street, Largo, Florida, 33771
All tickets are just $10. Come early for prime seats.
$2 drink specials all night long.


FUW Presents: Tuesday Night Wrestling
Tues June 19 2012 Doors Open 7:30pm Belltime 9:00pm
Gasoline Alley, 14042 66th Street, Largo, Florida, 33771
All tickets are just $10. Come early for prime seats.
$2 drink specials all night long.


FUW Presents: Tuesday Night Wrestling
Tues June 26 2012 Doors Open 7:30pm Belltime 9:00pm
Gasoline Alley, 14042 66th Street, Largo, Florida, 33771
All tickets are just $10. Come early for prime seats.
$2 drink specials all night long.


EVOLVE 14 + Florida Underground Wrestling
Thursday, June 28th
The Orpheum
1915 East 7th Avenue
Ybor City, FL 33605
Doors Open: 6pm
FUW Belltime: 7pm
EVOLVE Will Follow FUW Show


Friday, June 29th
The Wildwood Recreation Center
1000 28th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33712
Doors: 6pm
FUW Belltime: 7pm
EVOLVE Will Follow FUW Show


Saturday, June 30th
Potter’s House Gym
1150 Lane Avenue South
Jacksonville, FL 32205
Doors: 6pm
FUW Belltime: 7pm
EVOLVE Will Follow FUW Show


REMINDER… No show Next Tues May 29

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Just a friendly reminder that there will be no show next Tuesday May 29 in Largo, Fla.. We will return to Gass Alley in Largo, Fla June 5 with another great show, but feel free to check out our show June 2 in NPR, Fla !

FUW May 22 Barbed Wire Results

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FUW Presents: Tuesday Night Wrestling
Tues May 22 2012 Doors Open 7:30pm Belltime 9:00pm
Gasoline Alley, 14042 66th Street, Largo, Florida, 33771
All tickets are just $10. Come early for prime seats.
$2 drink specials all night long.

Alex Decay Defeated Marc Mandrake after a vicious shot to the head with the Barbed Wire Board.. After the match Decay also beat

Fidel Sierra ( With Shannon Rose ) defeated Michael Tarver after Shannon gave the referee a spray behind the ref’s back, While distracting the ref Fidel used teh spray on Tarvers eyes and blinded him.. The ref turned around and counted the 1,2,3

Dakota Darsow defeated Wes Brisco via DQ when Nick Fame interfeird. There will be a 3 way dance at our next Tuesday Event on June 5

Michael Zaki & Francisco Ciatso Defeated Kory Chavis and Threat

Deimos Defeated Rafi Rex, but after he match Rafi gave Deimos a vicious beating

Steelhorse Vachon defeated the debuting Samoan Batooka


Please note, that there will be NO SHOW next Tuesday May 29. We will return to action Tuesday June 5, but be sure to check out our other events which can be found at www.fuwrestling.com

Historic Champions Information

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Please use the following text to document a list of previous champions. However, note that we need to update it.

Florida Underground Heavyweight Champion: Bruce Santee-(Def Cuban Assassin on July 23,2011 at the JCC Arena)

Previous Champion

1) Cuban Assassin-(Won Florida Rumble to become the heavyweight champion on May 17th,2011)




Florida Underground Flash Champion: Romeo Razel Quevedo-(Def Wayne Wonder on 8/9/11 at Gasoline Alley)

Previous Champions…

8) Wayne Wonder-(Def Prestin Caine on July 8,2011 at Gasoline Alley)

7) Prestin Cane-(Def. Romeo Razal & Damien Angel in a triple threat match on May 31st,2011)

6.)Romeo Razal-(Def. Ryan Sorensen on May 24th,2011)

5.)Ryan Sorensen-(Def. Damien Angel for vacant title on May 17th,2011)

4.)Lince Darado-(Def. Maxwell Chicago for vacant title on April 26th,2011)

3.)Jimmy Whiplash-(Def. Maxwell Chicago on March 15th,2011)

2.)Maxwell Chicago-(Def. Damien Angel on December 28th,2010)

1.)Damien Angel-(Carried over from ACW-Official August 3rd,2010)

Florida Underground Tag Team Champions: Tag Team Champs Hunks in Trunks, Nick Fame and Ryan Sorenson-(Def NVUS, Kennedy Kenndrick and Dakota Darsow and Pain Management, Ralph Mosca and Biff Slater on July 22,2011 in Gasoline Alley)

Previous Champions…

7) NVUS (3) (Kennedy Kendrick,Shawn Spears & Dakota Darsow Defeated 1st Degree on June 28th,2011)

6.) 1st Degree (Dlo Jordan/Wayne Wonder Def. James Boys, Heartbreak Express, Latin Assassins on May 31st,2011)

5.) NVUS (2) (Kennedy Kendrick/Dakota Darsow Def. Hearbreak Express on April 3rd,2011)

4.)HeartBreak Express (2) (Sean Davis/Phil Davis Def. NVUS on Feb 15th,2011)

3.)NVUS (Kennedy Kendrick/Dakota Darsow were handed titles by Dontay Borwn on November 30,2010)

2.)HeartBreak Express (Sean Davis/Phil Davis Def. Highway Men on September 26th,2010)

1.)Highway Men (Butch Long/Marc Mandrake Def HeartBreak Express on August 3rd,2010)

Cuban Assassin Bio Info

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Wrestler: David Sierra
Real Name: Fidel Sierra David Cannell
Birthday: July 27
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Marital Status: Married: Fantasy
Height & Weight: 6’2″ – 265lbs
Trained by: Hiro Matsuda
Debut: June 1978
Previous Gimmicks: The Destroyer (Portland)
The Assassin (Portland)
Top Gun (Portland)
Cuba’s Top Gun
The Saint (Florida)
Cuban Assassin (FL/WCW/JP/PR)
The Punisher
Fidel Barrio (WCW)
Espelicitos II
The Terrorist
El Sierra
El Cubano
Fidel Sierra
David Sierra
Finishing Move: Castro Sleeper
Favorite Moves: Pile Driver
Notable Feuds:

# Pacific Northwest Heavyweight title (2)
# Pacific Northwest Television title (2)
# Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles (8)
# IPW – Hardcore Heavyweight
# WWC Tag Team titles w/Mexican Angel defeating Al Perez & Joe Savoldi (April 6, 1985);
# WWC Caribbean Tag Team titles w/Jerry Morrow defeating Miguelito Perez & Huracan Castillo (October 7, 1989);
# WWC Tag Team titles w/Ron Starr defeating Mark & Chris Youngblood (February 4, 1990);
# WWC Caribbean Tag Team titles defeating Invaders #1 & #4 w/Ron Starr (May 24, 1990);
# WWC Caribbean Heavyweight title defeating Super Medic # 3 (August 3, 1991);
# WWC Television title defeating TNT (Savio Vega) (October 19, 1991);
# WWC Tag Team titles w/Muhammad Hussein defeating Invader #1 & Rey Gonzales (1994);
# WWC Caribbean Heavyweight title defeating Bronco #1 & Super Gladiador in a 3-WAY (December 15, 2001);
# WWC Caribbean Heavyweight title defeating Super Gladiador (March 23, 2002);
# WWC Tag Team titles w/Ricky Santana defeating Broncos #2 & #3 (July 19, 2003);

1970s & 1980s & 1990s:
# June 1978: David Sierra debuted in Dallas, losing to Buddy Valentine (Buddy Roberts) when Johnny Valentine interfered..
# 1980: David Sierra debuted in Portland under a mask as The Destroyer, and then later as The Assassin..
# ~~~David Sierra was eventually unmasked and he started wrestling as “Top Gun” or “Cuba’s Top Gun”..
# David Sierra is a long time tag partner of Ricky Santana as Espelicitos (aka Barrio Brothers in WCW)..
# David Sierra’s valet, Fantasy, is also his real life wife..

# February 17, 2003: Fidel Sierra appeared on the Judge Mathis show, suing a Florida promoter for pay..
# ~~~He came out in his wrestling outfit and wearing a supposed Cuban championship belt and somehow won his case..
# ~~~The show saw the promoter claim that the people bought tickets to see Horace Hogan as the main eventer..
# ~~~The promotor said the only reason Sierra headlined is because Hogan no-showed, and sulked through a 5 minute main event..
# September 3, 2004–Portland Wrestling: Roddy Piper (sub for Jim Duggan) beat Fidel Sierra (bled buckets) in a flag on a pole match..
# April 28, 2006–Elite Wrestling Entertainment: Kahagas & Fidel Sierra w/Fantasy defeated Alex Porteau & Tom Lawler..
# May 20, 2006–FPWA: The Cuban Assassin w/Fantasy defeated Seal in a Respect match….
# July 22, 2006–Florida Pro Wrestling Association: Navy Seal defeated Cuban Assassin w/Fantasy in a No Holds Barred match.
# July 29, 2006–IWC: Rico Suave (WWC) defeated Super Gladiador and Fidel Sierra in a 3-WAY…

Hulk Hogan Labels Ex-Wife ‘Delusional’ for Domestic Violence Allegations

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After Linda said on the ‘Today’ show she feared for her life around him, pro wrestling icon Hulk made a call to the ‘Bubba the Love Sponge’ radio show to claim his innocence.

Photo credit: David Livingston/WENN

Hulk Hogan is firing back at his ex-wife’s allegations that he was violent during their marriage. After Linda Hogan opened up on the “Today” show that she was often physically abused by him, the wrestling legend phoned in to the “Bubba the Love Sponge Show” radio show to share his side of the story and claim his innocence.

On Tuesday, June 28, Hulk told the radio host that Linda’s domestic violence claims are nothing but “delusional”. Branding the abuse talk as a “total, blatant lie”, he stressed, “Dude, I never laid a hand on her.” The 57-year-old continued to say that there is “no reason” to defend himself against his ex, and blasted her for trying to exploit him.

Hulk explained, “If you step back and take a really good look at this – if you take the Hulk Hogan name out of her situation, her life, her career, the air she breathes… she’s out of gas.” He added, “She’s still riding on the Hulk Hogan name. Just take her and put her in the same category with the Iron Sheik and the Ultimate Warrior. They all belong together.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Linda sat down with Matt Lauer on “Today” to talk about her new book, “Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes”, in which she details Hulk’s alleged violent behavior.
Asked by the anchor if he would apologize afterward, she replied, “He did not feel remorse, and to this day he’s never apologized for any of actions.”

“That is something that scared me. I did not want to be a statistic like Nicole Simpson,” Linda admitted further. On why she never contacted the authorities, she explained, “I was afraid to say anything. Had I said something, the carpet would have been pulled up underneath his career. I don’t know what my kids would have done. They were little at the time. It’s a very scary position.”

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WWE RAW Results (6/27)

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Rumble Mag
The Wrestling Game

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WWE RAW Results (6/27)

Posted by: Farook Razak on Jun 27 2011
Source: Farook Razak reporting for WrestlingNewsSource.com

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This past Friday night the Wolfpac came under a lot of punishment from the British Invasion. Alberto Del-Rio went one-on-one with ‘The Pope’ D’Angelo Dinero and in a huge main event we had The Icon Sting take on the World’s Largest Athlete the Big Show! Click HERE to read an awesome episode of June 24th’s KWF Impact SmackDown!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Monday Night RAW! Tonight the WWE promises you a number of surprises as we leave the show to the hands of fate and the return of the RAW Roulette. Yes we’re in Las Vegas, Navada and RAW begins with Booker T. spinning the RAW Roulette backstage. Booker’s all suited and booted, smartly dressed to oversee proceeding’s here tonight.

Live in the main arena we have the entrance of the Heart-Break Kid Shawn Michaels! Michaels comes to the ring under a huge ovation from the fans. Mr WrestleMania and more importantly, Mr Hall-Of-Fame says that he’s tried his hardest, but it’s just too gosh darn hard to stay away. Michaels says that he’s missed being in the ring and of course we ol’ HBK misses the spotlight. Shawn jokes about shameless plugs (MacMillan River Adventures) and points out his Twitter on the screen – @ShawnMichaels_ – and don’t forget his great pal @farook112. Michaels is interrupted by the entrance of CM Punk and the New Nexus. Punk wonders why Michaels is here and he tells him that in just a few weeks he intends to do what Michaels didn’t and leave the WWE, on a win, and take with him the WWE Championship. Punk questions the audience and wonders why they cheer a has-been like Michaels, yet don’t beg the ‘future’ in CM Punk to stay in the WWE. Michaels says that the reason that the fans cheer him over Punk is that they know he’s better than Punk is. An arguement ensues where Punk questions the man that Michaels has become, but HBK then answers with Sweet Chin Music to David Otunga! The fans cheer at the top of their lungs as Punk declares that this is the biggest mistake of Shawn Michaels life. *BLEEP* *BLEEP* the annonymous RAW GM chimes in and (through Cole) says that the final three weeks of Punk’s WWE career are going to count for something on Monday night RAW and Punk’s going to wrestle in the first RAW Roulette match tonight. We cut to Booker T. backstage who shows us some of the matches available tonight for RAW Roulette – including a Special Referee’s match and a Pillow Fight match! Book spins the RAW Roulette and the needle lands on ‘?’ Booker says that means that Punk faces a mystery opponent and that opponent is the Big Red Machine Kane! Punk can’t believe it and he’s left on his own because Shawn Michaels Sweet Chins Michael McGillicutty before exiting. It’s Punk vs. Kane Live, next!

CM Punk vs. Kane

RAW Roulette Mystery Opponent match (Kane).

Kane dominates from the outset, but after booing him moments ago against HBK, the fans now chant Punk’s name. Kane decks the leader of teh New Nexus and gets Two on the cover before cornering Punk and taking it to him fist with a number of corner clotheslines and then a nice Side-walk Slam and that gets Two on the cover. Kane stes for an early chokeslam, but Punk kicks right upside Kane’s head and this gains him control of the match. Punk goes at Kane as much as he can, but the Big Red Monster is strong in uppercutting Punk back down to the canvas. Michael Cole and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler talk us through why Punk would want to leave WWE. Cole says that perhaps he feels underapreciated by his peers and the WWE Universe. King says that this is his own fault. As the discussion goes on, Punk decides to exit the ring and walk out of the match. He exits up the ramp and to the back. Kane wins via Count-out.

Winner by way of Count-out: Kane.

Tonight we will have Big Show vs. Alberto Del-Rio and John Cena vs. R-Truth – both matches are to be stiplulated by RAW Roulette!

Sin Cara vs. Evan Bourne

RAW Roulette stipulation as decided by Eve Torres’ spin alongside Booker T. backstage: a No Count-out match.

The comms discuss the popularity of both these superstars as Bourne and Cara exchange on the canvas early on. They drop to the outside and under mutual respect come back in to amp up the velocity and gets this airial game going. Bourne is befalled to ringside and Cara suicide dives all the way to ringside. Cara’s in control, but Bourne comes back with an awesome headscissors and that leads to Bourne getting some control and getting Two on a crucifix pin in the ring. Bourne continues with the covers, but he cannot put Sin Cara away. This leads to a slip-up and Sin Cara comes off the ropes to perform a springboard backsplash on Bourne and that also gets him Two. Bourne comes back to deck Cara and land a standing splash. This leads to an attempted 450 Splash from off the top ropes, but Cara moves and comes back with an amazing headscissor face-splat (there’s no name stated for the move by the comms) and that gets Sin Cara the One, Two, Three.

Winner: Sin Cara.

Sin Cara celebrates a great match-up as the comms review the action.

Backstage Booker is with Kofi Kingston. This here will determine what kind of match Kofi will have next with Dolph Ziggler. Vickie Guerrero comes onto the scene and she spins the wheel. It lands on ‘Players choice’ and so Kofi is allowed to name the stipulation for the match. He says he wants what he should have had at Capitol Punishment, a match with Dolph Ziggler one-on-one – Kofi stipulates that Vickie is banned from ringside!

RAW Money  In The Bank ladder match at WWE’s next Pay-Per-View, Money In The Bank, competitors are announced: Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne, Alberto Del-Rio, R-Truth, Jack Swagger, Alex Riley The Miz will fight it out for the Money In The Bank briefcase.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

RAW Roulette Player’s Choice match: Kofi Stipulates ‘No Vickie at ringside!’

Vickie enters to introduce her client, but she’s guided away by referee’s because she’s not even allowed to do that. It’s finally one on one between Ziggler and Kingston. The bout opens pretty even, but Kingston gets control to clobber Ziggler to ringside and then body slam him on the protective mat. Kofi’s sets to send Dolph into the ring-post, but Ziggler reverses it and Kingston takes the punishment as we go in and out of commercials. Ziggler’s in control as we come back and the comms tell us that Kofi barely made it back into the ring during the break. Kofi fights back as much as he can in the ring, but Dolph performs the fame-asser only to get Two on the cover. Ziggler continues pressure on Kofi’s discombobulated head, but Kingston fights back. This only leads to further animosity by Dolph and he neckbreakers Kofi down for Two on the count. Dolph gets Kingston to his feet, but this turns out to be a mistake because Kofi counters his attack into a pinning predicament. Kofi gets Two, but Dolph remains in control, and he tries to throw Kofi out of the ring but Kingston just rebounds off the ropes only to clobber the United States Champion down with Trouble In Paradise!

Winner: Kofi Kingston.

Backstage Booker T. is with Maryse by the Roulette wheel, reliving the rollercoaster that we’ve been on so far tonight. Alberto Del-Rio comes onto the scene asking why he has to face Big Show again seen as he already beat him at Capitol Punishment. Book says he doesn’t make the matches, only who makes the spins and Book intends to spin for this on, but then Del-Rio flirts with Maryse and gets her to spin the wheel… Steel Cage match! Booker laughs as Del-Rio fumes at Maryse. Del-Rio vs. Big Show in a Steel Cage next!


This past Sunday night the Keystone Wrestling Federation put on a spectacle in the pay-per-view Great American Bash. We had Sin Cara in action, Harlem Heat went at it for Tag Team Gold, Chris Jericho faced Kevin Nash for the WCW Title and we had two huge main events that lead to all hell fire and brimstone! All Shawn Michaels, Sting, Triple H, UnderTaker and Masked Kane fans – heck all wrestling fans – should click HERE and read KWF’s Great American Bash!

Alberto Del-Rio vs Big Show

RAW Roulette: Steel Cage match.

The comms wonder about Big Show’s health after his latest quite literal run-ins with the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry. He may not be 100% fit, but he’s making up for it in confidence as he gets in the ring fully pumped up to get his hands on Alberto Del-Rio. Show begins the match predictably on top, slaughtering Del-Rio into the steel structure. Del-Rio is quicker than Show though and he dropkicks Show’s knee to send him head first into the middle turnbuckle. Del-Rio then sets to grind away at Big Show’s previously injured leg, the same leg that he ran over last month. Del-Rio continues the pressure as Mark Henry makes his way down toward ringside. Del-Rio is impressive in keeping Big Show grounded as Show glances toward Mark Henry. Del-Rio sets himself to escape the cage, but Show grabs him and he climbs to the middle turnbuckle to land an excellent superplex on his opponent. Both men are down as Mark Henry decides to rip the cage door off it’s hinges! Henry takes the door into the ring. Henry attacks Show while Del-Rio escapes the cage through the gap of the former door to win the match.

Winner: Alberto Del-Rio.

After the match Mark Henry picks his spot to run at Show with the cage door in hand. Show’s by the ring apron and Henry’s brute force sends Big Show through the cage structure and Big Show lands crashing at ringside! Goodness what impact, the fans cry ‘Holy Sh*t’ as Henry bad-mouths the fallen Show. Medics and security come to help the World’s Largest Athlete. 

Kelly Kelly vs. Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella

RAW Roulette via Booker’s spin stipulates that this will be a Submission match.

The comms tell us that the annonymous RAW General Manager has granted Brie Bella a rematch for the Diva’s Title at WWE’s next pay-per-view Money In The Bank. Brie Bella thwarts Kelly down early, locking her arm to grind her into the canvas, but Kelly soon comes back to get Nikki in a Boston (or Jacksonville) Crab and Nikki taps out.

Winner by way of Submission: Kelly Kelly.

After the match there’s no time for celebration as Nikki and Brie both attack the new Diva’s Champ. Eve Torres comes down to even the numbers and the Bella’s retreat up the ramp. Great victory in a submission match by Kelly Kelly.

We’re shown a video package focussing on Andy Leavine’s winning of WWE Tough Enough. We hear from trainer’s etc that talk of Leavine’s potential, but now it’s time to get to some real work. The hard road begins here, now that he’s signed to the WWE.

Booker T.’s backstage with Rey Mysterio and the wheel’s spinned to reveal Tornado match. Rey Riley vs. Swagger The Miz all four guys in the ring at one time! Rey exits to go get ready and oh snap, Diamond Dallas Page is in the house! Page promo’s WWE’s new DVD, The Very Best of Nitro! Booker and Page reminice a little, but Drew McIntyre comes onto the scene to threaten Book and Page. Shawn Michaels comes in to Sweet Chin Drew Mc! Shawn says that he’s never seen any of Nitro, he was kinda busy on Monday night’s. Shawn exits as Booker and Dallas stand insulted.

The Miz Jack Swagger vs. Alex Riley Rey Mysterio

RAW Roulette stipulation: Tornado Tag match.

This contest is all over the place as Miz and Riley fight at ringside and Swagger and Rey go at it in the ring. Swagger performs a backbreaker and sets up to connect with an early Swagger-bomb. Out on the floor Miz boots Riley down, but back in the ring there’s a mis-cue and Swagger and Miz bump one another. Riley and Mysterio work well together to keep up the pressure as Rey then decks Swagger to ringside before diving off the ring apron at him and Riley performs a hip-toss on Miz right off the top turnbuckle as we go in and out of commercials. Jack Swagger and Miz have control of the match, dumping Rey Mysterio out of the ring and concentrating on Alex Riley. Rey comes back in to fly at Swagger, but the All-American American catches him and dumps him torso first across Miz’s knee, but they only get Two on the cover. The domination continues as the fans chant ’6-1-9′, but Rey and Riley find it difficult to get any momentum. Miz takes Mysterio up for a superplex, but no dice as Rey flings him off to eventually go flying back in the ring at both Miz and Jack Swagger. The action goes on as Rey gets within a split-second of pinning Miz. He then sets Miz up for a 6-1-9, but Swagger pulls Rey to ringside with an interception. Alex Riley spinebusts Swagger as Swagger gets back in the ring, but that leads to further chaos as Miz breaks the pin attempt. The contest continues back and forth with Miz and Riley befallsing to ringside. Rey Mysterio is back in the action against Swagger and Rey dials it up, but Swagger catches him to put on an ankle lock. Miz continues the pressure, but Riley makes the save and Rey then does manage to get a 6-1-9  on Swagger. Then comes a DDT by Riley and a splash by Mysterio for the One, Two, Three.

Winners: Rey Mysterio Alex Riley.

Backstage we see R-Truth talking to himself by Booker T. and the RAW Roulette wheel. Truth spins the wheel and it lands on ‘Tables’! Truth says that tonight John Cena is gon’ get got! Truth talks to an imaginary little Jimmy and Book gets a little scared so he leaves the scene.

R-Truth vs. John Cena

RAW Roulette Tables match.

Truth is on top from the outset much like he was at Capitol Punishment. The fans are devided as per usual on their views of Cena. The WWE Champ fisherman suplex’s Truth over in the ring and he then goes to ringside to try for a table. Before he can even get one set, Truth’s right on Cena’s heels at ringside and he takes the Champ back into the ring. The contest continues with plenty of tables at ringside, but the action stays in the ring. Truth evades an attempted Attitude Adjustment and he thwarts Cena in the ring to allow himself time to go get a table. He brings it into the ring and sets it in the corner. This gives Cena time to recover though and Cena reverses a suplex to make sure he’s not the one that goes through a table. Once back up, Truth runs at Cena by the ropes only for John to tilt the rope down and Truth falls to ringside. The action continues as Cena decks Truth into the steel steps before going to get himself another table. Cena sets it up in the ring and AA’s R-Truth, but rushing comes CM Punk to move the wood and all Truth gets is canvas. Cena is fuming and he goes at Punk to drag him into the ring, but by now Truth’s back up and he spears Cena through the table that he’d set up in the corner earlier.

Winner: R-Truth.

CM Punk is wearring a Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirt by the way and after the match, he gets on mic to sit cross-legged atop the stage. He says that in the last few weeks he has remaining, Punk’s going to get a few things off his chest. Punk says that he doesn’t hate Cena, he just hates the idea that Cena is ‘the best’. Punk says that he’s the best wrestler in the world. Not ‘kiss-asses’ like Hulk Hogan, John Cena or The Rock. Punk says that he’s a wrestler, the best one in the world and Punk states that on the mic, in the ring, even on commentary he’s the best in the world. Punk talks about how he’s not the face of anything, but the fact of the matter is that he should be. Punk says that the fact that Dwayne (The Rock) is in the main event of WrestleMania next year makes him sick. He says that the fans are a much a part of it as anyone else. The fans buy the programs, they buy the t-shirts, but none of them are CM Punk’s. He says that this is not sour grapes and he’s just laying down some facts here. He says that he’s going to leave with the WWE Championship on July 17th. Maybe he’ll go to New Japan Pro Wrestling, maybe he’ll go back to Ring Of Honor. Punk says that he’d like to think that WWE will be better after Vince McMahon’s dead, but it won’t happen because WWE’s going to get taken over by Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Punk goes on to say some more, insulting the McMahon family, but his mic is cut off and RAW closes out.


“Hey brothers and sister’s it’s the Hulkster here to urge you all to read KWF Blogs! Last night we had the Great American Bash and tonight we got TNA RAW and it’s got an amazing main event for all of you to enjoy. We have the fallout from The Bash and so much more! It’s time to get to it, click HERE and go Read KWF’s TNA RAW now!” – HH.

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WWE & TNA House Show Rundown: Results from June 25th-26th, 2011

Posted by Kari on June 27, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

Having trouble keeping up with all of the mainstream women’s wrestling that takes place off TV? Well fear no more! Diva Dirt has got your back with the House Show Roundown! Without any further ado, let’s kick things off!

This weekend, Raw, SmackDown, and Impact Wrestling were all working the live event scene. Over on Raw, we had a mix of matches involving some form of Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly, Eve, and Beth Phoenix against Maryse, Brie, and Nikki Bella.

Around the SmackDown parts, Natalya and AJ teamed up to take on Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes.

Finally, Impact Wrestling gave us Mickie James against Madison Rayne just one more time.

This past weekend’s house show results below:

Saturday June 25th

WWE RAW in Dallas, Texas
Beth Phoenix Eve def. The Bellas Maryse in a handicap match (Source)

WWE Smackdown in Hidalgo, Texas
Natalya AJ def. Alicia Fox Rosa Mendes (Source)

TNA Impact Wrestling in Troy, Ohio
Mickie James def. Madison Rayne to retain the TNA Knockouts Title

“Rayne comes out to alot heat. Mickie gets a ton pop. they both put on a great match. By far better than any Womens match I’ve seen from any company in awhile. Mickie is was in control for most match. At end of match Hebner catches Rayne and Gives her a kiss. Mickie wins with jumping DDT. Mickie the kisses Hebner after match” (Source)

Sunday June 26th

WWE Raw in Houston, Texas
Divas champion Kelly Kelly Eve Beth Phoenix def. the Bella Twins Maryse

“Slow Clap #3 of the night as the heels isolated Eve. Kelly eventually took the hot tag and picked up the win.” (Source)

WWE Smackdown in Laredo, Texas
A.J. Natalya beat Alicia Fox Rosa Mendes.

“Rosa got major heat, surprisingly, in what was a pretty good tag match.” (Source)

Thoughts: Some interesting things going on. The handicap match interests me because Kelly Kelly later made an appearance at the show with Dusty Rhodes, so it’s not as if she wasn’t there. I’m glad to see a lot of the matches are getting solid reviews from fans in attendance, and specifically happy myself to see everyone’s favorite freakin’ Costa Rican, Rosa Mendes, getting a strong reception.

Tags AJ Alicia Fox Beth Phoenix Brie Bella Eve Torres Kelly Kelly Madison Rayne Maryse Mickie James Natalya Nikki Bella Rosa Mendes

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Annual Pro Wrestling Tribute To Captain Lou Albano Planned

Posted by Joe Wrestling on under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

DUNELLEN — Two years ago, the pro wrestling world lost one of its biggest personalities ever, the late great WWE Hall-of-Fame manager, star of TV, movies, and of course music videos, the one and only Captain Lou Albano.

After retiring from the WWE, Captain Lou made many appearances at pro wrestling shows and conventions around the country, but one of his favorite and most frequent stops in the tri-state area was at popular northeast promotion National Pro Wrestling Superstars.

So, when the great Captain Lou passed away, NWS immediately renamed their annual tag-team classic tournament in his memory, the Captain Lou Albano Memorial J-Cup Tag-Team Tournament. Captain Lou made a career in the WWE of managing over a dozen tag-teams to the WWE Tag-Team Titles, and we know he would be pleased to see NWS honoring his memory this way.

This year, the 2011 Captain Lou Albano Memorial J-Cup Tag-Team Tournament will take place on Saturday night July 16 at 7:35 p.m. at the Dunellen Knights of Columbus Hall (647 Grove Street, just off Washington Avenue Route 28), with proceeds benefiting The Crohns and Colitis Foundation of New Jersey

On this stellar night, eight of the best tag-teams on the circuit today will compete for the coveted J-Cup trophy in a one-night single elimination tournament. In addition to the already announced NWS Tag-Team Champions The Jersey Shore Jocks (Mike Dennis Chris D’Andrea) and previous winners Team Supreme (Corvis Fear Nicky Oceans), NWS is pleased to announce two more teams that are scheduled to compete. NWS Heavyweight Champion “Rampage” Rogers and NWS Hardcore Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc will join forces as Team Champion. And a new tag-team will debut with NWS on this special night, a duo known only as The New Kids On The Block.

In addition to the tournament, there will also be a special appearance by a former WWE Tag-Team Champion and Hall-of-Famer Nikolai Volkoff, and northeast wresting standout Steve “Monsta” Mack.

Tickets are only $19 for adults and $17 for kids and seniors, and are available at the following local outlets:

  • Brown’s Stationary, 111 North Washington Avenue
  • In Out Convenience Store, 187 North Avenue (Route 28 in the Station Plaza)
  • Knights Of Columbus Hall, 647 Grove Street (see bar-keep when Knights are open)


  • Quick Stop Convenience Store, 518 Route 28

Tickets are also available by calling the NWS box office at 1-732-888-1704. All major charge cards are accepted, and group rates are available for groups of ten or more.

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