Hulk Hogan Labels Ex-Wife ‘Delusional’ for Domestic Violence Allegations

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After Linda said on the ‘Today’ show she feared for her life around him, pro wrestling icon Hulk made a call to the ‘Bubba the Love Sponge’ radio show to claim his innocence.

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Hulk Hogan is firing back at his ex-wife’s allegations that he was violent during their marriage. After Linda Hogan opened up on the “Today” show that she was often physically abused by him, the wrestling legend phoned in to the “Bubba the Love Sponge Show” radio show to share his side of the story and claim his innocence.

On Tuesday, June 28, Hulk told the radio host that Linda’s domestic violence claims are nothing but “delusional”. Branding the abuse talk as a “total, blatant lie”, he stressed, “Dude, I never laid a hand on her.” The 57-year-old continued to say that there is “no reason” to defend himself against his ex, and blasted her for trying to exploit him.

Hulk explained, “If you step back and take a really good look at this – if you take the Hulk Hogan name out of her situation, her life, her career, the air she breathes… she’s out of gas.” He added, “She’s still riding on the Hulk Hogan name. Just take her and put her in the same category with the Iron Sheik and the Ultimate Warrior. They all belong together.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Linda sat down with Matt Lauer on “Today” to talk about her new book, “Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes”, in which she details Hulk’s alleged violent behavior.
Asked by the anchor if he would apologize afterward, she replied, “He did not feel remorse, and to this day he’s never apologized for any of actions.”

“That is something that scared me. I did not want to be a statistic like Nicole Simpson,” Linda admitted further. On why she never contacted the authorities, she explained, “I was afraid to say anything. Had I said something, the carpet would have been pulled up underneath his career. I don’t know what my kids would have done. They were little at the time. It’s a very scary position.”


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Video: Pro Wrestler Goes On Anti-WWE Rant, Has Mic Cut

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john cena while you lay there hopefully as uncomfortable as you possibly can be, i want you to listen to me. i want you to digest this because before i leave in three weeks with your wwe championship, i have a lot of things i want to get off my chest.

i don’t hate you, john. i don’t even dislike you. i like you. i like a hell of a lot more than i like most people in the back. i hate this idea that you’re the best. because you’re not. i’m the best. i’m the best in the world. there’s one thing you’re better at than i am. and that’s kissing vince mcmahon’s ass. you’re as good as kissing vince’s ass as hulk hogan was. i don’t know if you’re as good as duane though. he’s a pretty good ass kisser. always was and still is.

oops, i’m breaking the fourth wall. i am the best wrestler in the world. i’ve been the best ever since day one when i walked into this company and i’ve been vilified and hated since that day because paul heyman saw something in me that no one wanted toed a my. that’s right i’m a paul heyman guy. who know who else was a paul heyman guy? brock lesnar. he slip. and i’m splitting. but the difference is i’m going to leave with the wwe championship.

i’ve grabbed so much of vincent k. mcmahon’s imaginary brass rings that it just dawned on me that they’re just that, they’re completely imaginary. the only thing that’s real is me. and the fact for almost day in and day out i’ve proved to everybody in the world that i’m this best on this microphone in that ring even at commentary, nobody can touch me. and yet, nobody how many times i prove it, i’m not on your lovely little collector cups. i’m not on the cover on the program. i’m barely promoted. i don’t get to be in movies. i’m certainly not on any crappy show on the u.s.a. network. i’m not on the poster of wrestlemania. i’m not on the signature that’s produced at the start of the show. i’m not on conan o’brien or jimmy fallon but i should be.

this isn’t sour grapes but the fact that duane is at wrestlemania and i’m not makes me sick! oh, hey, let me get something straight. those who are cheering me right now, you are just the biggest part of me leaving as anything else because you’re the ones that buy those collector cups, you’re the ones that buy those programs and then at 5:00 in the morning, you try to shove it in my face so you can get an autograph and sell it on ebay because you’re too lazy to go get a real job.

i’m leaving with the wwe championship on july 17th and, who knows? maybe i’ll go defend it in new japan pro wrestling. maybe i’ll go back to ring of honor. hey, cole cabana, how are you doing? that’s the reason i’m leaving because after i leave you’re going to keep coming. i’m just a spoke on the wheel. i understand that.

vince mcmahon is going to make money despite himself. he’s a millionaire who should be a billionaire. you know why he’s a billionaire because he surrounds himself with nonsense yes men like john laronistis. i would like to think that this company would be better after vince mcmahon’s dead. but the fact is it’s going to be taken over by his idiotic daughter and his dufus son. let me tell you something about vince mcmahon. can we do this whole bully

– No Audio! —

[No Audio]

Audience: Boo!

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CvC 2.0 Play-In: The Greatest WWE Superstar to Never Hold a WWE World Title

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I know what you’re thinking.

“Ah man this dude is going to say Roddy Piper is the greatest talent to never hold a WWE Championship. How predictable and cliché.”

Am I right? Well get that thought out of your head—now.  Read what I have here objectively and with a clear mind. I know you’ve probably heard that Piper was the most deserving talent to become WWE Champion before, but hear my argument.  I promise that I will bring up things that you haven’t thought of before. I hope you enjoy.

There are two ways to get noticed in the World of professional wrestling.

The first is by using one’s natural ability to wrestle, and having entertaining and engaging matches that help tell a story.

The other—and more difficult—way is by grabbing a hold of the audience’s attention. You never let them not pay attention to what you do and say, just by being your character.

The latter of these two is by far the more difficult. You see, to be able to do this you have to have something called charisma.

Charisma is not simply learned in the independent wrestling promotions after years of “paying dues” or “perfecting your craft.” This takes a natural ability, and either you have it or you don’t.


Sure, plenty of wrestlers have gotten by without this natural ability. But some of the greatest performers in WWE history are remembered not because they were the most technically brilliant mat wrestlers, but because of their ability to captivate the audience.

This man pictured above is the epitome of charisma and passion in the wrestling business. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you one of the most entertaining, talented, hardworking and unique individuals to ever step foot into a wrestling ring—the “Hot Rod” himself, Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Strangely enough my first name is Rowdy, so this is sort of an honor for me to write about him.

Piper, along with fellow WWE Hall of Famer inductees Mr. Perfect and Ricky Steamboat, has been the poster child for WWE’s greatest talents to never win “the big one.” There is a very good reason for this, too.

Piper has, over the years, become one of the most beloved legends in WWE history.  He is one of the most fondly remembered personalities from the “Golden Era” of the WWE by fans all over the World.

A trail blazer, Piper was the first wrestler to be so good on the microphone that he got his very own talk show. The now infamous Piper’s Pit is where Rowdy’s ability to captivate the crowd with his words and his sheer comedic timing was best displayed.

Over the years dozens of wrestlers have tried to duplicate his success with their own talk show, but none have ever come close to the legendary Piper’s Pit.

The “Hot Rod” came along at a time in wrestling where the focus was on personalities, and not on one’s ability to have a 30-minute blockbuster of a match.

For the first time ever professional wrestling had integrated itself into the pop culture of America. People tuned in not looking for a 5 star wrestling match, but to see all of the colorful personalities on Vince McMahon’s wrestling show. There weren’t many more colorful than The Rowdy One.

Based upon all of this, you would think that Piper would have been an easy pick to be a heel WWE Champion for any baby face to chase after.

However, a problem arises from time to time in pro wrestling. It is in some ways a good problem, as this is often good for the business, but not so good in the long run for guys like Piper.

Something stood in Piper’s way of becoming one of the few men to hold the WWE Championship. It was the same thing that stood in the way of many great talents during this time period in the WWE.

His name was Hulk Hogan.

Hogan was and still is the biggest name pro wrestling has ever seen. While making Hulk Hogan the WWE Champion was good overall for the company because of his popularity, it meant that other popular talents like Rowdy Roddy Piper had to take a back seat to the mega star.

I’m sure no one on the roster minded working on the same card as the Hulkster because of how many fans came to see him. But it made it very difficult for other talents to get noticed.

Piper was one of the lucky ones. While he never got to hold the coveted WWE Championship, his name has survived—and is still very recognizable amongst all generations of wrestling fans.

However, you would think that because of his fantastic ability to entertain and draw heat he would have been the perfect person for Hulk Hogan to feud with, right? Well, as a matter of fact,he did.

In the first ever Wrestlemania, Piper was in the main event against Hulk Hogan in a tag team match. Piper and several other popular talents were pivotal in the success of the WWE during the mid-1980s, but he was never considered as vital to the company’s success as Hogan—no one was.

This, I believe, was what kept Roddy Piper from becoming the champion of the company he helped revolutionize.

He was viewed as a fantastic talent and one of the greatest heels of the era. But unlike Hogan, Piper was thought to be replaceable. To McMahon, or possibly others working backstage, he was just another talent for Hogan to run through on his nearly endless reign as WWE Champion.

There was no way McMahon was about to take the title off of the money making machine, Hulkamania. Piper was fantastic at drawing heat, getting the crowd into whatever he was doing and having entertaining matches—but there was nothing Piper could have done to make himself more over than Hogan at this time.

Hogan was current and Piper was ahead of his time. Sometimes fans look at something and don’t immediately appreciate it as much as they should. The work Roddy Piper did in the WWE has become some of the most important examples of what a superstar should be.

“The Scot” set the blueprint for the future of the WWE. If you want to succeed you need more than a good set of in-ring moves. You have to be able to connect to the crowd and get a reaction out of them—and make them remember you by any means necessary. No one has ever done those three things better than “The Hot Rod,” Rowdy Roddy Piper.

All of these are necessary to become a good world champion in the WWE now.

The thing is Hulk Hogan did this too. Hogan connected with the audience better than any other superstar at the time. The difference is—and this is really a crime if you ask me—that Piper was the total package, and way better than Hogan in many ways. Sure, Hogan kept the fans coming back, but Piper did everything Hogan did—and did almost all of it better.

Piper was far more entertaining to watch. He was a thousand times better from an in-ring perspective and was far more charismatic and engaging.  His character was dynamic, while Hogan’s act began to wear thin.

I’m sure plenty of people within WWE wanted to see Rowdy Roddy Piper as the WWE Champion, but when you see something that works—in this instance Hogan—you would have to be hard pressed to take the title off of him.

Why take a chance on Piper when they were sure Hogan was selling tickets? From a business standpoint that worked for a while, but I’m sure McMahon now sees the missed opportunity that he had with Piper.

You see, I look at like this. There has never been another talent like Rowdy Roddy Piper. His ability to entertain, engage and enthrall fans with what he did and said made him a natural choice to become a World champion.

While Piper was popular during his era and is still remembered as one of the greatest talents from the time, he was the unfortunate victim of circumstance. Many talents were pushed aside to allow room for Hogan to shine. But I guarantee you that if Piper had shown up on the scene today he would have been an instant success, and would have won the WWE Champion multiple times over.


Every superstar that has stepped into a WWE ring has a deep passion for what they do.

However, there are only several individuals that know how to convey these deep emotions back to the audience. The men and women who do this go on to become some of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. There are few other men in the world who had more of a passion for what they did than Rowdy Roddy Piper.

His passion for this industry was written all over his face every time he walked to the ring. His love for what he was a part of was seen in that sly smirk he wore as he entered the ring with his bagpipe filled entrance music playing behind him.

The only thing that could have made it better was if his name was linked to the WWE Championship.

Many great pro wrestlers have held the title and Piper’s name certainly deserves to be among them, but some things are lost to time. The Scot will never become a WWE Champion and I think he has come to terms with that. The only solace we have is knowing that Piper will never be forgotten. His ability to do what he loved will forever captivate whoever finds his work.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what makes Piper stand head and shoulders above the rest. He is remembered among the best—without ever holding that title. His name and his talent have persevered through time, while so many others have faded away…

“Old School is (and always will be)…Cool.”

Thanks for reading. Be sure to visit my profile for my Pro Wrestling Countdowns and other insightful wrestling articles: Ross Rutherford’s Profile

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The following is the “set list” for the two-hour Dot Net Weekly audio show that was just posted exclusively for Dot Net Members. This week’s show is hosted by Jason Powell and Chris Shore. You can access this weekly show and all the perks of membership on the ad-free version of the website by signing via the Dot Net Members’ Signup Page.

-Why things are looking up for pro wrestling fans starting this weekend.

-C.M. Punk announces he’s leaving WWE after Money in the Bank. Update on his contractual status, potential finishes for his match with John Cena at the MITB pay-per-view.

-WWE Power to the People voting issues.

-Another theme show edition of Raw coming up on Monday.

-What if John Cena needed time off? Who would be the top babyface on Raw?

-The incredible shrinking Dave Batista, new DVD movie.

-Jeff Hardy back in court on Monday.

-Matt Hardy and TNA.

-Desmond Wolfe released by TNA.

-Sting on his WWE talks, and the Jeff Hardy incident.

-Scott Hall sentenced to jail time, will serve in a medical ward.

-Bound For Glory Series. Thoughts on the concept and early red flags.

-Ultimate Warrior releases full video on Hulk Hogan, Sean Waltman responds.

-Shane McMahon talks life after WWE, shown on-camera during NBC’s U.S. Open coverage.

-All Wheels Wrestling taping next week, details slowly emerging on the concept and talent.

-Homicide note.

-ROH press conference on Friday in Baltimore to announce the Sinclair deal, TV details, etc.

-ROH Best in the World preview and predictions.





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The Latest on Warrior & Hulk Hogan’s Internet War

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Hulk HoganOver this past weekend, a fan asked Hulk Hogan, via Twitter, if the rumors of Ultimate Warrior working as a male escort back in the 80′s, prior to his pro wrestling debut, were true. Hogan responded by saying,

“he was more than a male escort. You guys figure it out. HH”

Warrior then fired back on Twitter, and responded to Hogan’s statement by posting the following on his Twitter account:

“Warrior God for ULTIMATE time. Demand is HIGH. Escort limited to pro-wrestlers wives. Reserve right to refuse service. No, HH. Linda, no.”

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The Latest on Warrior & Hulk Hogan’s Internet War

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Hulk HoganOver this past weekend, a fan asked Hulk Hogan, via Twitter, if the rumors of Ultimate Warrior working as a male escort back in the 80′s, prior to his pro wrestling debut, were true. Hogan responded by saying,

“he was more than a male escort. You guys figure it out. HH”

Warrior then fired back on Twitter, and responded to Hogan’s statement by posting the following on his Twitter account:

“Warrior God for ULTIMATE time. Demand is HIGH. Escort limited to pro-wrestlers wives. Reserve right to refuse service. No, HH. Linda, no.”

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Professional Wrestling: What Happened to Giving Fans What They Wanted?

Posted by Joe Wrestling on June 10, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

Growing up I was a huge wrestling fan.  I knew all the wrestlers, read all the dirt-sheets, watched every PPV, never missed a show and even trained a little to become a professional wrestler.

You could call me a ‘mark,’ and I would probably agree with you. Wrestling was my passion until I finally said enough is enough.  Five or six years ago, my love for wrestling transferred over to MMA. A lot of people point to the success of the UFC for the recent slide in professional wrestling’s ratings over the years, but that really isn’t fair.

Yes, the UFC is real and puts on a great product, but that isn’t why I stopped watching wrestling. Wrestling stopped giving the fans what they wanted, so I stopped supporting their product.

Enter a young, brass, bald UFC president named Dana White. 

He learned from boxing’s mistakes and gave the fans what they wanted. Each PPV, my love grew for the sport and before you knew it, I replaced my passion for wrestling with my passion for MMA.

Now there’s a new PPV king on the block, and boxing and pro wrestling have only themselves to blame. It’s been two years and we still haven’t seen Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao, and what’s sad is we probably never will.

I flip on Monday Night Raw or Impact on rare occasions, and I can’t remember why I used to love this sport as much as I did. Dumb story-lines, bad matchmaking and can we please get through one match without a run-in?

People blame John Cena for the current predicament wrestling is in now, but it’s not his fault. He didn’t book himself to look invincible and become the second coming of Hulk Hogan, WWE did.

It’s not like they don’t have talent on that roster. Look at Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, CM Punk, Christian, Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Justin Gabriel and John Morrison. 

There’s enough talent there to have feuds that will produce memorable matches for years, but instead we get Cena vs. R-Truth? Like most hardcore wrestling fans, I could never just walk away completely from the sport. I still read about what’s going on and over time I shake my head thinking “Do these guys have the slightest clue?”

Don’t even get me started on TNA. Excuse me, I mean Impact Wrestling. You want to know how to run an unsuccessful company, just watch their programming for five minutes. 

The person I feel the most sorry for is A.J. Styles. This guy could have been the next Shawn Michaels. Talk about all the talent in the world, and what will he be remembered for?  You could argue he’ll be remembered as the greatest X division champion of all time, but what does that mean now?  The X division is just another belt that means absolutely nothing, but that’s not uncommon for wrestling nowadays.

Also TNA has made all these changes to it’s product for ratings, and it hasn’t worked. Correct me if I’m wrong, but one of their largest PPV buys is still Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle at Genesis 2006. They managed to get 30,000 PPV buys only once last year, and that was their biggest PPV. Yikes.

Wrestling better get a clue, and it better get one quick.  Wrestling, MMA and boxing can all co-exist if they give the fans what they want. MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, and with the potential fights of 2011 and 2012, they’re just about ready to blow this thing out of the water.

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WWE Stock Plummets, FOX News Covers Warrior-Hulk Hogan Feud

Posted by Ivan Zhukoff on June 9, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

Shares of WWE stock closed at $9.70 per share on Wednesday after hitting a 52-week low of $9.69 per share. WWE’s stock price closed at $10.01 per share Tuesday before dropping 3.1 percent. At the time of this post, the stock is at $9.69 per share after hitting another 52-week low of $9.44 this morning. WWE’s stock price has continuously plummeted since the organization announced in April that their dividend price would be slashed. One year ago, WWE stock was valued at approximately $16 per share.

Ultimate Warrior’s inflammatory online video in which he accused longtime rival Hulk Hogan of being a cocaine-using, wife-swapping “dope head” as well as a “malicious, back-stabbing operator” has garnered mainstream coverage. has posted an article on the story. The matter was also discussed some morning radio talk shows. Meanwhile, Hogan explained to a fan yesterday on Twitter why he plans on filing a lawsuit against the master of the Gorilla Press Slam. He wrote, “Deformation of character hurts business and lives and let’s people like you doubt, then follow and believe in the hate and lies.”

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The Ultimate Warrior Releases Another Anti-Hogan Rant

Posted by Joe Wrestling on June 8, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

The Ultimate Warrior has accused fellow former professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan, of drug use and wife-swapping. In the latest of his recently released anti-Hulkster web videos, Warrior called Hogan a cocaine-abusing “dope head” who tried to get Warrior to have sex with Hogan’s ex-wife.

While some may view this as the type of trash-talking the two wrestling icons may have participated in before, say, an Intercontinental Championship title bout back in the early ’90s, many of The Ultimate Warrior’s statements now seem to go below the belt. Warrior released the rant yesterday to promote a 55 minute anti-Hogan video he plans to release later this month … the latest attack in a bitter personal feud that’s been going on between the wrestlers for years.

Warrior offers no hard evidence to back his claims — but gives specific details about Hulk’s alleged drug use and sex life in this video.

What’s this — professional wrestlers abused drugs and had weird sex during their decadent, No Holds Barred heyday, when people still cared about pro wrestling? You have got to be kidding!

The truth is, as Hulk said in so many words via his Twitter account, no one really cares about these washed-up, steroid-abused wrecks any more.

* But answer me this, Warrior? What are you gonna do when me and my [ever-dwindling number of] Hulkamaniacs run wild on you?

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Hot Topics With Murph & Andy: Randy "Macho Man" Savage

Posted by Joe Wrestling on June 4, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

WHO-TV’s sports personalities Keith Murphy and Andy Fales give their take on the latest news in the sporting world:


Murph: No. I never watched a minute of pro wrestling, though there was a ring with ropes in the studio of the first television station where I worked. When I saw “Rocky III,” a friend had to tell me Thunderlips, The Ultimate Male, wasn’t really a pro wrestler. It was Hulk Hogan, in what remains his finest role.

Andy: Absolutely. Pro wrestling is always over the top, but it seems like it was at its best when it was way, WAY over the top in the ‘80s with characters like Macho Man and “Nature Boy” Rick Flair.


Murph: Golf. It was a different culture when I was a kid, and not for the better. Golf was viewed as a sport for rich kids, and my friends and I had never got to try. Now, thanks to great programs like First Tee, all kids can golf.

Andy: I’ll go with golf. There were no public courses near my house as a kid and I never tried it. Now, there’s always an invitation to play and I feel like I have to turn them down.

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