The Impaler enters the Republican Presidential fray

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Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey

As the U.S. news outlets focus upon Tea Party-backed candidate Michele Bachmann entering the fray to become the Republican Party Presidential Nominee on Monday, June 27th, most of her fellow Republican challengers are quivering with fear, and not just because she might have accidentally compared herself to John Wayne Gacy. As Bachmann overtakes her rivals in states like Iowa, one of her Republican challengers is not afraid of her: professional wrestler Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey.

Sharkey hopes to give Bachmann, Mitt Romney, and the other Republican front runners a run for their money. While the 47 year old might be a recent entrant into the G.O.P. Presidential mix, he has been wrestling since 1988. Getting his start with Larry Sharpe’s WWA promotion in a boxer vs. wrestler match, he faced former Can-Am Wrestling Champion “Diamond” Jim Brady. Since then, he has worked for a number of local promotions throughout the U.S., including with The Rock‘s father, Rocky Johnson. While he currently wrestles as a Vampire, his greatest influences could not be more different than his wrestling persona.: “Ric Flair and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. I used to train with Ricky at his old gym in North Carolina.”

While wrestling is his passion, he has always been interested in politics. Like most Republicans, he says his favorite President is Ronald Reagan. “Ronnie was the best President in modern history.” In fact, Reagan was the first President he ever voted for. There are myriad reasons as to why Sharkey wants to become President. “I am tired of seeing Americans, especially veterans and the elderly, sold out by the political establishment,” Sharkey told SLAM! Wrestling via an email interview. “Congress and those in power are getting yearly cost of living increases, but not disabled veterans and those on SSI and Social Security.”

Sharkey’s political zeal has sometimes got the better of him, such as when the Secret Service paid him a visit for allegedly making a veiled threat against then-President George W. Bush. But Sharkey is no fan of the current U.S. President, either. “Obama is even worse than Bush, and I never thought anyone could be worse than Bush. He has no idea how to run a country, nor should he be running a country,” Sharkey exclaimed.

Unlike some other candidates who dodge political history questions or answer them incorrectly, Sharkey is ready for any so-called “gotcha” journalism. The Impaler will not be “got.” Born and raised in New Jersey, he mentions with pride that it was “the 3rd State to ratify the Constitution. My Jersey ancestors fought to make this country great, but, their deaths are in vain, given the actions of the last 20-plus years of the politicians in DC.”

He is not one to shy away from controversy, either. If he becomes President of the U.S., he also hopes to become its High Executioner. “As President, I will execute via Impalement those who commit acts of terrorism against America and/or Americans, as well as those convicted of rape, murder, animal abuse … child abuse and/or child molestation, abusing or taking advantage of the elderly, DWI/DUI on the third conviction or upon causing bodily injury or death,” and other offences.

Sharkey took the time to answer questions on various policy issues for SLAM! Wrestling. While some of his responses place himself in the very conservative right wing of the Republican Party, such as opposing abortion and wanting evolution to be banned from being taught in public schools, he is very much to the left of candidates like Michele Bachmann (and possible future candidates like Sarah Palin). He is a libertarian when it comes to many other issues.

For example, when asked about President Obama’s health care reforms, he is against them, but does not wish to go back to the health care system the way it was before the reforms. For those who can not afford health care, Sharkey proposes a unique solution where not only the poor would have free health care, but free dental care, as well. “As President, I will legalize marijuana and prostitution,” he said, though he stresses that he himself does not smoke pot, or pays for sex. Sharkey would authorize the states to run both, “and the money made from these two businesses would be used for health, prescription, and dental insurance for those who can’t afford it.”

When questioned about using the U.S. military to invade other countries, he seems to channel Ron Paul when he said, “I would bring all of our troops home from hostile places and war zones.”

Indeed, the man who would personally execute criminals by impaling reveals himself to be more moderate than Bachmann and Palin in yet another way. Just days after New York State allowed same-sex marriages to be performed, he told SLAM! Wrestling, if elected President, he “will perform same-sex marriage at least twice a month at The White House. I believe everyone who is in love should have the right to marry their heart’s desire.”

While this might not endear him to some social conservatives within his party, his religious beliefs won’t win him followers from that same camp either. That camp won’t even accept a Mormon leader, such as Mitt Romney, so it should be no surprise if they were to be biased against Sharkey, an avowed “Luciferian [who] also follows the Goddess Hecate.” Describing his religion further, he says, “Lucifer was right rebelling against God. For had he not, man would never had the thought to do so. The best example of following Lucifer’s act of rebellion is our Founding Fathers. If you think about it, they rebelled against King George and the British Government. Had they not, we would not be the nation we are today.”

Sharkey continues by saying that “I also believe in the ways of the Goddess Hecate. And like her, I will unleash my vengeance upon my enemies. I believe in protecting Mother Earth. I will be a very environmentally caring President. Al Gore will love me for that!”

Someone who won’t love him would be Mitt Romney. Sharkey declared, “The Republican Party is doing stupid things that will allow Obama to win. And Mitt is one of those stupid things.” Sharkey primarily dislikes Romney for his inability to defend himself against critics within his own party. “In 2008, he spoke about being a Mormon….now he is staying away from it. Why? Did he forget about the 1st Amendment?” Sharkey asks rhetorically. “I am not ashamed of my beliefs. Why should he be?”

Not all current Republican leaders annoy him, however. When asked who his dream running mate would be, The Impaler replied, “If I get the nomination, I have to go with a Jersey Girl… Former NJ Governor Christie Todd Whitman.”

As there is still a long way to go before the Presidential Nomination is decided for the Republican Party, Sharkey is keeping himself busy with filmmaking, much like his hero, Ronald Reagan did before running for public office. “I am finishing post-production on The True Impaler: REDEMPTION! And the short film I did last summer — The Comeback Fighter — is now available on DVD. I also did a movie called — A Cat’s Life. It will be for sale on DVD in July,” Sharkey said. In addition to some films being made in Romania, he is also working on a pro wrestling film entitled PowerSlam, which will film in 2012, before the Presidential Elections, one assumes.

While some may describe Jonathon Sharkey as a fringe candidate, his opinions reveal him to be far more mainstream than some of the other front-runners in the G.O.P. Perhaps a future Republican Presidential Debate could include him next time. As one of America’s top political comedians, Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time pointed out about the first Republican debate this year, it was all about showing how many children one had. Sharkey has three children (a fourth sadly passed away), which places him higher in the (baby) rankings than Newt Gingrich.

The pro wrestler in Sharkey makes him unafraid to take on both the establishment G.O.P and the Tea Party. When pressed on his opinion of Michelle Bachmann, The Impaler concluded, “She’s too flakey for me!”


  • Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey in the Internet Movie Database

    Ranjan Chhibber is a former WWE TV Writer with a Ph.D. in Film History who has taught at various universities in both the U.S. and Canada, and is the founder of SLAM! Wrestling’s “Minority Mat Report.” He can be reached through his publicist, Ms. Jaclyn Allmon, at

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    Former champion Dave Batista tells current WWE Diva to get out of the WWE

    Posted by Kari on June 28, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

     It hasn’t taken long for the former WWE superstar Dave Batista to bring his in-ring intensity to Twitter. On Tuesday, Batista continued his criticism of the WWE when giving advice to a current WWE Diva. Batista made the following comments toward Melina earlier this morning: “beautiful, talented, hope she gets out of wrestling asap.”

    This shouldn’t be taken as a shot at Melina but more toward the WWE. Batista is boycotting the WWE PG product and refuses to go back until they change their ways. However, he also refuses to wrestle anywhere else. Batista is currently involved in various film projects and just opened an MMA gym. The former pro-wrestler is looking to get his first pro-MMA fight.

    Prior to his comments toward Melina, Batista also took a shot at the WWE for releasing Fit Finlay a while back.

     Mark Henry continues his ‘path of destruction’, Treats Big Show like a rag doll

    “I only know what I’ve been told about Fit Finlay’s release and I dont know exactly what happened…but no one in this world could convince me that Fit, the honorable man that he is, did anything that would warrant him losing his livelihood. I wouldn’t have made it to the top without fit, and I wouldn’t have made it through alot of the longass unbearable tours either. I seriously think that there’s a huge void in the WWE without him. He isn’t replaceable.”


    Batista’s opinions are refreshing as he provides a strong oppositional voice against the WWE. Batista used to be one of the top stars of the company and left on his own terms. He’s not viewed as a bitter ex employee because the WWE has been rumored for most of 2011 as being interesting in bringing Batista back due to their lack of star power.

    Batista’s candid comments are reflective of the man as he’s a straight shooter who holds nothing back for better or for worse. It will be interesting to see if he catches and flack over these comments.

     John Cena threatens to quit the WWE over CM Punk’s suspension

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    Teenage pro wrestling fan from Florida becomes Ring of Honor YouTube sensation

    Posted by Joe Wrestling on June 22, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

    The name Alexander O’Keefe may not ring a bell to most pro wrestling fans, but to Ring of Honor fans the 16-year-old Floridian is a YouTube sensation.

                His latest video package was done in anticipation of the battle of the American Wolves with Eddie Edwards defending the ROH championship against Davey Richards at the “Best in the World” internet pay-per-view Sunday. GoFightLive will air this event will air on iPPV.

                O’Keefe’s work has even caught the eye of many within the promotion as well. Below is a little QA with the teen fan who is passionate about ROH and generate interest for the company through his videos.

    What motivated you to start making the videos?
    I began editing by happenstance about three years ago, downloading video editing software to fend off the boredom of a long summer. I never received any training or instruction. I simply practiced over and over again, learning as I went. I probably made somewhere  between 50 and 70 videos using the mass of wrestling clips available on YouTube before doing anything Ring of Honor related.

    Why did you choose Ring of Honor to spotlight?
    As ROH began its run with HDNet I really wanted to draw eyes to the new show in any small way I could. I started to make weekly music video-styled recaps of each new episode to show off to a casual fan who just might happen upon the video. After a few months of this I received an email from Dave Lagana (producer ROH on HDNet) telling me how much the crew enjoyed and appreciated the videos. He said sometimes they made the show look better than it actually was (laughs). Dave then would graciously offer me critiques on each new recap, he really helped me develop a better mind for storytelling.

    What was the first ROH video you did?
    As ROH presented its first iPPV (Final Battle 2009) I created a video chronicling the storyline between Austin Aries and Tyler Black. That was the first video package I produced that sort of grabbed the attention of pro wrestling’s small corner of the internet. A lot of people were surprised to see something so professional looking come from a company many had written off as “the minor leagues”.

    How many have you made since?
    I’ve probably have made around 30 ROH videos in total.

    Have you been offered a job with the company?
    I’ve never been offered payroll with Ring of Honor but I don’t do this as a petition for a job with ROH, WWE, TNA or otherwise. There is so much negativity in the wrestling community. I wanted to positively contribute to something I enjoy. I never even felt an entitlement that I should be paid. Money deserves to be in the pockets of the men highlighted in the video packages rather than mine.  I happily toil away for hours meticulously editing videos because I simply enjoy doing it. And it’s wonderful to know that hard work will be appreciated. Can cash create a better feeling? I am doing something I love to do for a company I love, one that I want to see succeed and I have been lucky enough to play a small part in ROH’s success.


    Are you surprised by the response?
    I’m definitely surprised by the response from the wrestling community, of course three years ago I wouldn’t have imagined something I’ve made would be seen by thousands of people or would air on national television as the hype video for Kevin Steen vs. El Generico did on HDNet. I have never seen ROH as the fortunate one; I have been given the great opportunity to present my work for the rabid and fantastic fans of ROH. It warms my heart to read each compliment sent my way (Hopefully it’s the compliments and not an awful disease).

    Have any of the ROH roster met you at shows and mentioned your work?
    Living in Orlando, far away from ROH’s stronghold markets in the Northeast, I haven’t been fortunate enough to attend an ROH event to meet any of the wrestlers but I know that the crew appreciates the work. I believe Kevin Steen wrote on his Twitter that he was watching the Final Battle 2010 promo over and over again to get himself pumped up for his match. It’s nice to know that the hype for these events may in some way inspire their success.

    Do you plan to parlay your experience into a career?
    I plan on attending school for film production. I have always had a love for film, as a kid I wanted to be a traditional animator and that naturally matured into an admiration for the technical aspects of film. I’m hoping to study film editing as well as cinematography and screenwriting. I don’t have grandiose delusions of success but I hope to do same thing I do with Ring of Honor, contributing something unique to something I love.

    Anything else you want fans to know?
    I’m motivated to help Ring of Honor because the spirit of the company actually mirrors my own motivation to help them, a bit paradoxical. The wrestlers sacrifice so much of themselves to entertain others, looking not to take potshots or compete with WWE but instead looking only to provide the best and most innovative product they can for fans. That’s a rare vision for a company in the sharkpit business world, it’s a vision I want to thrive. ROH is the small mom and pop shop with the best pizza in town, they are a fraction of the size of WWE but that’s something to be admired not demeaning. Even the greatest musicians, from The Beatles to Jimi Hendrix, began in dingy bars, just as CM Punk humbly began in the small gyms that served as ROH’s earlier venues. People dismiss ROH to fail yet they continue to succeed, it’s a commendable and valiant attitude. I want everyone to feel my own excitement for the company; I want to do something unique and creative as they always do. I want to give people the same goose bumps I felt as a kid watching wrestling on television with my makeshift aluminum foil antennas.

    Check out O’Keefe’s amazing work at on YouTube.

    Follow me on Twitter: smFISHMAN

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    Wrestling movie ‘Memphis Heat’ recalls glory days

    Posted by Joe Wrestling on June 17, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

    Some former Nashville professional wrestling stars will be honored at the Belcourt Theatre tonight at the red carpet opening of Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin.’

    Len Rossi and Jerry Jarrett are among those featured in the film that takes a glimpse into wrestling in the Southeast from the 1950s-80s.

    “We were stars,” Rossi said. “My wife and I couldn’t go out to eat or we would be mobbed by fans on the street.”

    Producer Sherman Willmott said he tries to convey the magnitude of wrestling in the movie.

    “We show an era of an exceptional time,” Willmott said. “This film is for those who weren’t around and didn’t get to experience it, and for others it is a reminder of the good ol’ days.”

    The movie premiered in Memphis in March. This will be the second time is it shown.

    “They actually had a red carpet and TV cameras,” Rossi said. “Even the Memphis mayor came. I was amazed at the enthusiasm.”

    Rossi, Willmott and the rest of the cast and crew are hopeful that the premiere at the Belcourt as successful as the one held in Memphis. That opening was sold out.

    “We are excited about coming to Nashville,” Willmott said. “This is a primary location to hold this opening.”

    Willmott said most wrestling films come out straight to DVD, but he wanted viewers to get the feeling of seeing the movie on a big screen.

    “I want them to feel the stories coming out of their skin,” Willmott said. “Memphis and Nashville wrestlers were the best, and we show that.”

    Memphis Heat will be playing at the Belcourt through Thursday.

    Call 846-3150 or go to

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    Exclusive: ‘Mamachas del Ring’ Director Betty M Park Talks About the Film’s …

    Posted by Kari on June 15, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

    Next week sees the DVD release of Mamachas del Ring, a poignant documentary following the journey of four female wrestlers as they challenge the male-dominated industry in Bolivia. As well as their professional struggles, the documentary depicts the personal struggles of Carmen Rosa as she juggles her love of wrestling with her life as a wife and mother.

    Ahead of the DVD release, we talk to the film’s director, Betty M Park, about how she discovered the mamachas, how the film came about the process of producing the film, playing it at festivals and the DVD release. Diva Dirt is proud to support this documentary and hope our visitors will too!
    Listen to the interview below:

    Download the interview by right-clicking here and selecting ‘Save Target As’ or stream the interview below:

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Please Note: This audio is the exclusive content of Diva Dirt (, for which we hold copyright. By downloading our audio you agree not to repost the content elsewhere including but not limited to other websites, blogs or message boards. Failure to respect copyright may result in legal action.

    Mamachas del Ring is out on DVD on June 21st. Click here to purchase.

    For more information about the film visit the official website and follow the Twitter page.

    Watch the trailer below:

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    WWE/TNA News: Chyna to Vivid Enterntainment; "I Want a Multi-Movie Deal"

    Posted by Kari on June 6, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

    Ever since Chyna’s big adult film announcement, she has managed to keep her name in the press.

    Day after day, TMZ has been all over Chyna’s experience, which means day after day I have been here to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

    Chyna, as you all know by now, is a former WWE Intercontinental and Women’s champ. She broke the mold when it came to Divas and their images. Recently, there were rumors that Vince McMahon wanted to induct her into WWE’s Hall of Fame.

    Those plans were quickly derailed, when Chyna made a one-off appearance for TNA at their last pay-per-view. A week or two later she announced that she wanted to film her second adult movie. Apparently, Chyna approached one of the biggest adult filmmakers, Vivid Entertainment, about getting her XXX career back on track.

    Chyna also let TNA know her plans and they were none too pleased. TMZ reports that TNA will make Chyna choose between TNA and adult films. She chose adult films, which may have been the better choice.

    Now that her film has officially wrapped, TMZ is reporting that ”Chyna has already approached Vivid Entertainment honcho Steven Hirsch and informed him that she’s interested in a multi-tape deal.”

    In a statement to the gossip site, Chyna said, “I would definitely like to do more [...] It gives me motivation again. I want to be better and happier than ever … that’s the point, right?”

    This is an interesting move, especially considering her age. Given her physique at age 41, she will need to work in very niche adult movies if she plans to develop a career that isn’t totally based on her celebrity status.

    As a fan of TNA, I fear their business decisions of late. Along with the sexual harassment, and workman’s comp lawsuit’s pending things are kind of gray there. So to me, Chyna’s decision was the best move for her even if it means her wrestling career and Hall of Fame nod are now gone.

    Article source:

    Chyna Wants To Do More Adult Films, TNA Wrestling Looking To Cut Talent

    Posted by Kari on under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

    According to a source close to TNA, the company is looking to continue to cut several talent. The company is looking up and down the talent, looking at who does and doesn’t “fit in” within their vision of the company. A report states that the wrestlers backstage have been told to “sit tight” as necessary cuts are made in the near future.

    Chyna recently spoke out to celebrity website TMZ once again, after her reps denied claims that the former WWE Diva was going to participate in yet another porn film, also to TMZ. Instead, Joanie Laurer claims that the porn flick will not be her last.”I would definitely like to do more,” she said. “It gives me motivation again. I want to be better and happier than ever… that’s the point, right?” TNA decided not to work Chyna again after she was reportedly warned that if the film was released, she wouldn’t be able to work with the company.

    Article source:

    TNA bans Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer from company, Threatened her over adult film

    Posted by Joe Wrestling on June 3, 2011 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

     Despite a massively successful return to pro-wrestling a few weeks ago, Joanie “Chyna” Laurer will not be returning to TNA as the pro-wrestling company effectively ended all negotiations and desire of hiring her over Laure’s soon to be released adult film. Chyna publicly stated that TNA threatened her over her x-rated aspirations. According to a Thursday report by, Chyna made the following comments:

     ”The whole thing has been constant drama … it’s all good in the end … [TNA Wrestling] is missing the boat. FREEDOOOM!”

    Chyna also told that TNA head officials told her that if her adult film titled “Backdoor to Chyna” is released then she will never have another chance with the company. On Wednesday, Vivid Entertainment released a trailer of Chyna’s new film with pictures, video clips, and comments from Chyna; effectively killing all chances of Laurer’s return to TNA.

    Laurer also alluded to the fact that it was TNA who was going to miss out. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with Joanie. If a company is changing focus to a more family oriented wrestling program, I can’t see how having a high-profiled porn actress would be helpful.


    Joanie’s return on the May 12th episode of Impact Wrestling was a huge success as the wrestling world was buzzing over it. Her PPV appearance at the May 15th TNA Sacrifice event was also a huge success. Unfortunately, those were the only two appearances she will be making with the company. I believe that WWE will have no part with her due to a long list of reasons. Sadly, Laurer’s pursuit of an adult-film career has crushed her pro-wrestling career.

    Chyna was also in the news yesterday as one of her former wrestling partners spoke about her abuse with steroids.

    .….Continue Reading on Next Page

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