FUW Updates

Posted by Florida Underground Wrestling News and Information on November 8, 2012 under FUW News | Comments are off for this article

Florida Underground Wrestling just joined the NWA.  FUW’s champion for several months has been Kahagas, and Kahagas is now the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.  FUW is also the sister company to Shine Women’s Wrestling.

There have been a handful of updates to the FUW website recently: http://www.fuwrestling.com/

The champions page now includes NWA champions: http://www.fuwrestling.com/champions-2/

There is a new Shine roster page: http://www.fuwrestling.com/shine-roster/

You can get your Shine updates there: http://www.fuwrestling.com/category/shi … wrestling/

There have been new event posts: http://www.fuwrestling.com/category/fuwevents/

A few minor graphics and things have also changed:


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